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How to find and unlock all Fortbytes in Fortnite’s season 9

They're hiding a secret.

Screengrab via Epic Games

A new collectible item has been introduced for Fortnite’s season nine: Fortbytes. They are items that players can unlock, and once they collect them all, an image that’s hidden in the game’s Challenges tab will be revealed and unlock an item.

Only players who own the season nine premium Battle Pass can see and collect Fortbytes. There are 100 of them to collect in total, and players who collect 90 of them will unlock the Utopia skin, which is exclusive to season nine like the Ruin skin was in season eight.

Fortbytes aren’t available all at once, though. Only 18 were available on the first day of season nine, and Epic Games will release more of them every day—at least one a day.

Each Fortbyte requires players to do something different to be unlocked. Check out all the requirements to unlock each of them.

Environmental Fortbytes

These Fortbytes appear in specific areas of the Fortnite island, as if they were challenges. Players have to navigate the map looking for them and interact with each to unlock them.

Our guides on how to find each of them are linked in the table below.

Fortbyte NumberChallenge
13Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen two
24Found within Fatal Fields
36Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island
47Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed battlebus
55Found within Haunted Hills
92Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lavafall
82Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block
81Accessible in the daytime near a mountain top cactus wedge
17Found inside a wooden fish building
64Accessible by Rox on top of a stunt mountain
8Found within Junk Junction
22Accessible by using Rox Spray in an underpass
7Accessible by using the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a rocky umbrella
72Found in Salty Springs
6Accessible with Yay! emote at an ice cream shop in the desert
16Found in a desert house with too many chairs
41Accessible by using Tomatohead Emoticon inside the DurrrBurger restaurant
77Found within a track side taco shop
32Accessible by wearing Kyo Pet Back Bling at the northernmost point
50Accessible at night time inside mountain top castle ruins
31Found at a meteor crate overlook
74Found in a filing cabinet inside an assassin’s basement on the desert coast
79Found within an arcade
88Found somewhere within map location J3
26Accessible with the Bunker Jonesy outfit near a snowy bunker
91Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen four
80Accessible by using the Bunker Basher Pickaxe to smash the rock at the highest point of the Volcano Rim
68Found within a snowy town book shop
76Found behind a historical diorama in an insurance building
69Found inside a Stone Pig Building
61Accessible by using Sunbird Spray on a Frozen Waterfall
70Accessible by skydiving through the rings above Lazy Lagoon with the Vibrant Contrails equipped
51Accessible by using the Cluck Strut to cross the road in front of Peely’s Banana Stand
65Found in a basement budget movie set
95Found at a Solar Panel Array in the Jungle
78Found within a Ranger Tower overlooking a drained lake
19Accessible with the Vega Outfit inside a Spaceship Building
89Accessible by flying the Scarlet Strike Glider through the rings east of Snobby Shores
49Found in Trog’s Ice Cave
14Found within an RV Park
2Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen six
30Found somewhere between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park
58Accessible by using the Sad Trombone Emote at the North End of Snobby Shores
59Accessible with Durrr! Emote Inside Pizza Pit Restaurant
48Accessible by Using the Vox Pickaxe to Smash the Gnome beside a Mountain Top Throne
12Accessible by using the Nana Spray in a Molten Tunnel
3Accessible by using the Skull Trooper Emoji at the western most point
98Found within a Viking Longhouse
20Found at the center of any of the first three Storm Circles
43Accessible by Wearing the Nana Cape Back Bling inside a Banana Stand
11Found beneath a circling jungle parrot
60Accessible with Sign Spinner Emote in front of the Happy Oink restaurant
100Found on the highest floor of the tallest building in Neo Tilted
62Accessible with the Stratus outfit within an abandoned mansion
53Accessible by helping to raise the disco ball at an abandoned mountain top villain lair
97Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen 8
67Accessible by flying the Retaliator Glider through the rings under the southern most Sky Platform
63Found somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields
75Found within an airport hangar
52Accessible with a Bot Spray inside a Robot Factory
18Found somewhere between Mega Mall and Dusty Divot
4Accessible by skydiving through the rings above Loot Lake with the Plasma Contrail
83Found in a rock garden near the coast
40Accessible with the Demi outfit on a sundial in the desert
37Found inside a disaster bunker basement in Pleasant Park
34Found between a Fork and Knife
5Accessible by using the Laid Back Shuffle Emote inside a Dance Club
28Accessible by solving the pattern match puzzle outside a desert junkyard
23Found between an RV campsite, a gas station, and a monstrous footprint
94Accessible by using the Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to smash a blue canoe under a frozen lake
33Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #10
27Found somewhere within map location A4
29Found underneath the tree in Crackshot’s Cabin
21Found inside a metal llama building
38Accessible with the Vendetta outfit at the northernmost Sky Platform

Experience Fortbytes

These Fortbytes are automatically added to a player’s collection once they reach a certain amount of XP gained in the season.

Fortbyte NumberExperience needed

Placement Fortbytes

Players receive these Fortbytes instantly after finishing in certain placements a few times throughout the season.

Fortbyte NumberPlacement achieved
57Top 10 in squads, duos, or solo (5 times)
66Top 10 in squads, duos, or solo (30 times)
87Top 10 in squads, duos, or solo (15 times)
90Top 10 in squads, duos, or solo (50 times)

Battle Pass progression Fortbytes

Players unlock these Fortbytes upon reaching certain tiers of their premium Battle Pass.

Fortbyte NumberBattle Pass Tier

Weekly challenge Fortbytes

These Fortbytes are unlocked once players complete a certain number of weekly challenges from a specific set in the season.

Fortbyte NumberWeekly challenges
71Six challenges, week one
39Six challenges, week two
42Six challenges, week three
54Six challenges, week four
9Six challenges, week five
73Six challenges, week six
93Six challenges, week seven
86Six challenges, week eight
15Six challenges, week nine
56Six challenges, week 10
45Awarded for completing all Season 9 Weekly Challenges

We'll update this story once more Fortbytes become available.