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How to find and unlock Fortbyte 79 in an arcade in Fortnite season 9

Does anyone have a spare quarter?

Screengrab via Epic Games

After many weeks of collecting Fortbytes for the Fortnite: Battle Royale season nine Battle Pass, we think it’s time for players to take a break by going to the arcade.

Well, who knew a Fortbyte would be there? It looks like our break is over.

Fortbytes are collectible items that players can find by completing in-game missions. There are 100 Fortbytes in total.

One of the new challenges that spawned today asks players to find Fortbyte 79, which is “found within an arcade.” But which arcade in particular?

Image via Epic Games | Remix by Adam Newell

The arcade for this Fortbyte is located in the main structure of Mega Mall on the second floor (or first floor if you consider the bottom the ground floor). There’s a small area with an “Arcade” sign above it.

The Fortbyte will be located inside the area just behind the counter. All you need to do is run up to it and pick it up before some crazed maniac takes you out with a shotgun.