Report: TSM, Cloud9, CLG, and Team Liquid claim spots in the NA LCS

After a couple of endemic teams were rumored to be out, some of NA's most prominent brands are returning.
Xing Li - 4 hours agoLoL

Jungle Ezreal: An in-depth guide to the game’s cheesiest pick

In 2017, ADCs don’t belong in the bot lane.
Aaron Mickunas - 8 hours agoLoL

Mercy gets a Resurrect cooldown nerf in Overwatch's latest update

There should be less Resurrections now.
Scott Duwe - 9 hours agoOverwatch

Buffalo Wild Wings has partnered up with Team Dignitas

The partnership begins with livestreamed events.
Nicole Carpenter - 9 hours agoBusiness

Seized steps down from active Na’Vi roster

The CIS-region roster will need to find a replacement.
Jamie Villanueva - 9 hours agoCS:GO

Three more PUBG teams confirmed for IEM Oakland

Cloud9, Alliance, and Gorilla Core squad up.
Scott Duwe - 10 hours agoPUBG

The Seoul-based Overwatch League team could be called Seoul Dynasty

The trademark filing appears to be linked to KSV Esports.
Nicole Carpenter - 11 hours agoOverwatch

Ninjas in Pyjamas has released its entire League roster

The players and coaches have been sent packing.
Adam Newell - 11 hours agoLoL

SK Gaming dominates the second week of ECS season four

Week two of the ECS League went by quickly for the North American region.
Jamie Villanueva - 11 hours agoCS:GO