TSM break the curse and beat Clutch Gaming

The former kings have regained some lost glory.

Brian Chang  -  7 hours ago

Team Liquid continue their up-and-down season with a win over CLG

Doublelift getting Kai'Sa and Stixxay relegated to Vladimir is a formula for defeat for CLG.
Brian Chang - 8 hours ago - LoL

How to watch the 2018 CWL LCQ

Sixteen spots are up for grabs in this year's biggest tournament.
Justin Binkowski - 12 hours ago - CoD

The 24 teams competing at the FACEIT London Major

Who's playing at the upcoming CS:GO Major?
Preston Byers - 12 hours ago - CS:GO

NiP qualify for the FACEIT London Major—their first Major since 2016

The Swedes didn't come up short this time.
Preston Byers - 13 hours ago - CS:GO

Live streamer or competitive gamer—which career makes the most sense?

The two phenomena are growing quickly, but is there a group that wins out in comparison to the other?
Sam Nordmark - 13 hours ago - General

Ninja's Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite tournament combined great gameplay with fan interaction

People came from around the globe for the chance to try to eliminate Ninja.
Justin Binkowski - 14 hours ago - Fortnite

Gen.G take down Afreeca Freecs to tie first-place Griffin's match record in the LCK

Can Gen.G overtake Griffin in the LCK Summer Split's upcoming sixth week?
Malcolm Abbas - 14 hours ago - LoL

OpTic Gaming punch their ticket to the FACEIT London Major

The Green Wall are finally going back to a Major.
Preston Byers - 15 hours ago - CS:GO