How Misfits became the best team in the West

After a down split, Misfits are back on top of the EU LCS and only getting better.

Xing Li  -  12 hours ago

OpTic Gaming sweep Lightning Pandas to win this season's final CWL Pro League Challenge

The Canadian National Circuit champions were no match for the Green Wall.
Preston Byers - 9 hours ago - CoD

Cloud9 confirms Golden's arrival as a stand-in

The North American organization officially has a new fifth, but he's not from NA.
Jamie Villanueva - 9 hours ago - CS:GO

Riot has shut down League's NA servers in preparation for Patch 8.14

They should be back up in about two hours.
Brian Chang - 12 hours ago - LoL

There's a golden pachimari up for grabs at San Diego Comic-Con

Here are the merch exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con.
Nicole Carpenter - 13 hours ago - Overwatch

First impressions: The new Akali is more fun, engaging, and satisfying to play—but at a cost

League's simpler champions are getting knocked out, one at a time.
Aaron Mickunas - 13 hours ago - LoL

Here's where you can find Overwatch at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con begins on July 19.
Nicole Carpenter - 14 hours ago - Overwatch

Mixwell, loWel, and SOKER expected to join forces on Movistar Riders

The trio are apparently moving away from joining international teams to try out an all-Spanish lineup.
Jamie Villanueva - 15 hours ago - CS:GO

Riot Ghostcrawler responds to Doublelift's criticism video: "We agree with a lot of what he says"

League is spiraling through one of the most turbulent times in the game's history.
Aaron Mickunas - 15 hours ago - LoL