Dardoch leaves CLG to rejoin Team Liquid

Dardoch joins Team Liquid with only four weeks remaining in the regular season.
Malcolm Abbas - 4 hours agoLoL

A new Roadhog defense buff will be on Overwatch's PTR soon

More hero changes will hit the PTR "as soon as possible."
Nicole Carpenter - 10 hours agoOverwatch

TI7 team preview: LFY, worthy sidekicks

LGD's B-team has quite a lot going for it in Seattle.
Patrick Bonifacio - 11 hours agoDota 2

Destiny 2 is getting another new PvP mode called Survival

It's all about limited respawns.
Scott Duwe - 12 hours agoGeneral

The awesome new Omega Squad skins are coming with tomorrow's LoL patch

Fizz, Tristana, Veigar, and Twitch join Teemo's adorably traumatizing band of murderous Yordles.
Aaron Mickunas - 12 hours agoLoL

The Duskblade of Draktharr is being nerfed tomorrow

Last patch's buffs turned the Duskblade into one of the cheesiest items in the game.
Aaron Mickunas - 13 hours agoLoL

There are a whopping 24 champions being changed in tomorrow's patch

Patch 7.15 is kicking down the door and delivering some sweet, sweet balance.
Aaron Mickunas - 13 hours agoLoL

The 5 biggest champion changes in Patch 7.15

There's a ton of balance changes coming.
Aaron Mickunas - 13 hours agoLoL

Urgot's update goes live tomorrow—here's everything you need to know

We might be losing Urgot as the "worst champion ever" meme, but at least we get a badass new juggernaut.
Aaron Mickunas - 13 hours agoLoL

First person-only mode and new customization items coming to PUBG next week

The Aug. 3 update is going to be a big one.
Scott Duwe - 13 hours agoPUBG