Another TSM post-mortem: What the hell is going on?

New year, new team, same problems.

Xing Li  -  21 hours ago

OpTic Gaming defeat Team Kaliber to kick off Stage One of the CWL Pro League

The Green Wall handed tK their second series loss on LAN in WWII.
Justin Binkowski - 7 hours ago - CoD

These were the biggest winners and losers in the NA LCS this week

Team Liquid dominated and TSM faltered.
Malcolm Abbas - 14 hours ago - LoL

Some Overwatch players are stuck in endless log-in queues

Just like a real amusement park, right?
Nicole Carpenter - 15 hours ago - Overwatch

Swain's brand new rework updates all of his skins, and he's suddenly a lot sexier

Oh, hey there, Bilgewater Swain. Do you come here often?
Aaron Mickunas - 16 hours ago - LoL

Big nerfs to Vayne, Ezreal, Evelynn, and much more in Patch 8.2 tomorrow

Few OP champions will come out unscathed
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours ago - LoL

Ekko might finally be able to jungle again after Patch 8.2

The mage-assassin saw a brief glimmer of hope before the preseason, but it didn't last.
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours ago - LoL