Team WE and Cloud9 top their groups in the Worlds play-in stage

Who would have thought we'd see Yasuo and Vayne at Worlds?
Malcolm Abbas - 2 hours agoLoL

Team WE just locked in jungle Ezreal at Worlds—and they won

Despite a rather terrible start, the oddball Ezreal ended up being a decent pick.
Aaron Mickunas - 7 hours agoLoL

Rallied joins Dedo and Havok on eRa Eternity for Call of Duty: WWII

The third player to join this organization has been revealed.
Justin Binkowski - 15 hours agoCoD

Cloud9 are the clear favorites for day two of Worlds, but Team WE aren't far behind

Cloud9's redemption run at Worlds is off to a great start.
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours agoLoL

Seagull joins Team Envy's Overwatch League roster

One of Overwatch's biggest names has joined one of its best teams.
Scott Duwe - 18 hours agoOverwatch

Evelynn's new abilities have been revealed, and they're just as scary as you'd expect

Teleporting, disappearing, and pretty much anything else scary headline her set.
Aaron Mickunas - 19 hours agoLoL

PSG enters Rocket League

Will this team continue their winning form?
Adam Newell - 20 hours agoRL

Vega Squadron disallowed from entering Dota Pit EU qualifier, other teams unsure of invites

A few issues are already plaguing the official Valve minor.
Patrick Bonifacio - 21 hours agoDota 2

Cloud9 destroy Group C at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

The North Americans are bound for the playoffs.
Jamie Villanueva - a day agoCS:GO

Cloud9 Overwatch manager steps down over alleged "contractual dispute"

Ali "Alicus" Saba is no longer with the Cloud9 Overwatch team.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoOverwatch