Two more adorable Overwatch Nendoroid figures are coming

It looks like the ladies of Overwatch are the first in line for Good Smile's Nendoroid treatment.
Nicole Carpenter - 3 hours agoOverwatch

League of Legends player breaks 72-hour streaming world record

All that's left is for Guinness World Records to approve it.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 hours agoLoL

Top Danish players ineligible to compete in Danish CS:GO championship

The event is enforcing an extremely stringent anti-cheating policy.
Sam Nordmark - 5 hours agoCS:GO

This artist is transforming Overwatch heroes into Pokémon

Winston—Professor Banana—introduces us to the world of Watchemon.
Nicole Carpenter - 8 hours agoOverwatch

Aatrox has finally been confirmed for an update

Details on a smaller-scale champion update have been released by Riot.
Aaron Mickunas - 10 hours agoLoL

Virtus Pro triumph at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

The Polish squad looked reinvigorated throughout the entire event.
Sam Nordmark - 10 hours agoCS:GO

Mayhem at the top: Cloud9 and FlyQuest go down

TSM and Phoenix1 took out the top two teams in the NA LCS.
Xing Li - 16 hours agoLoL

SK Gaming defeats North to move onto DH Masters Vegas finals

With a 2-0 win, SK Gaming will take on Virtus Pro for the $200,000 grand prize.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoCS:GO

Virtus Pro through to DH Masters Vegas finals after dominant semis win

The team stomped tournament favorites Astralis in the best-of-three.
Saira Mueller - a day agoCS:GO