SK Telecom T1 signs Pirean and Leo

SKT has completed its 10-man roster.

Malcolm Abbas  -  2 hours ago

KiLLa, Sharp, MiRx, and Neslo sign with Ascendant Gaming

A team of veterans have found a new organization to call home.
Preston Byers - 5 hours ago - CoD

Na'Vi and FaZe easily advance to the undefeated pool at StarSeries Season 4

Day two of StarSeries had some surprising results.
Jamie Villanueva - 6 hours ago - CS:GO

Lourlo and Matt get revenge against their former team as Golden Guardians defeat Team Liquid

We probably won't see Team Liquid try out Sion again any time soon.
Malcolm Abbas - 7 hours ago - LoL

Splyce defeat OpTic Gaming to win MLG Orlando 2018

The first Halo tournament of 2018 ended with the Green Wall in second place.
Justin Binkowski - 7 hours ago - Halo

TSM's Spring Split continues to spiral out of control following a second loss to Clutch Gaming

The reality of TSM dropping out of playoff contention inches ever closer.
Aaron Mickunas - 8 hours ago - LoL

Broly and Bardock are the first DLC characters joining Dragon Ball FighterZ

Will the rest of the leaked list become true as well?
Adam Newell - 15 hours ago - FGC

Overwatch is having a "Puppy Rumble" to celebrate the Year of the Dog

Cute puppies in costumes... what's not to love?
Scott Duwe - 15 hours ago - Overwatch

C9 Svenskeren shows up big in his revenge win over TSM

Cloud9 crushed their rivals in TSM, and they advance to an almost-perfect 8-1 record.
Aaron Mickunas - a day ago - LoL