RNG and KINGZONE have always been desperately close to greatness

Will it be Uzi or the GorillA-PraY duo who finally go home with a title?

Aaron Mickunas  -  18 hours ago

New York Excelsior showcase Brigitte in win over London Spitfire

Excelsior are showing the strength of Overwatch's new hero.
Samuel Lingle - 10 hours ago - Overwatch

Overwatch's new map, Petra, is set in an underground, cavernous city

Blizzard officially debuted Petra during the Overwatch League's Saturday matches.
Nicole Carpenter - 11 hours ago - Overwatch

Blizzard's Overwatch toys come to life in this new stop-motion video

The video debuted during the Overwatch League tonight.
Nicole Carpenter - 11 hours ago - Overwatch

Liquid and Astralis will face off in the grand final at the EPL Season 7 Finals

The finale of the $750,000 event will take place tomorrow at 1pm CT.
Jamie Villanueva - 14 hours ago - CS:GO

PSG-LGD defeat Newbee to mathematically secure a TI8 invite

They're the fourth team to clinch a direct invite.
Patrick Bonifacio - 18 hours ago - Dota 2

Treyarch studio head explains why there won't be a campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Campaign is out and Blackout is in come Oct. 12.
Preston Byers - 18 hours ago - CoD

KINGZONE show up in the MSI semifinals to beat Flash Wolves

The LCK will face off against the LPL in the finals.
Adam Newell - 21 hours ago - LoL

Sydney Drop Bears take inaugural Overwatch Contenders Australia title

Drop Bears absolutely dominated the finals with a commanding performance.
Samuel Lingle - a day ago - Overwatch