Capcom to stage its first major Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite tournament

Seven past Evo champions will take part.
Adam Newell - 29 minutes agoFGC

PUBG update adds a long-requested keybind while taking away another popular one

The changes seem minor, but they could have big implications.
Scott Duwe - 2 hours agoPUBG

Sharp and Neslo introduce their team heading into Call of Duty: WWII

These players will surround themselves with other veterans in an attempt to make a comeback.
Justin Binkowski - 11 hours agoCoD

Luminosity picks up a second PUBG team

An all-Brazilian roster will now play for LG, too.
Scott Duwe - 14 hours agoPUBG

Riot will match 25 percent of Championship Ashe sales and donate it to charity

Buying this skin will support the teams attending Worlds as well as three charity organizations.
Aaron Mickunas - 16 hours agoLoL

Pokken Tournament DX for Switch is a great game that builds on the original

The technical fighter bursts onto Nintendo's new home console.
Adam Newell - 16 hours agoFGC

Pick up Miss Fortune, Ekko, and other strong champs in this week's sale starting Sept. 19

Order of the Banana Soraka is on sale, too. No one expects the banana.
Aaron Mickunas - 16 hours agoLoL

Watch this PUBG player win a game while AFK and eating dinner

Winner winner, away from keyboard and eating dinner?
Scott Duwe - 17 hours agoPUBG

Havok joins Dedo on eRa Eternity for Call of Duty: WWII

These former teammates are back together almost two years later.
Justin Binkowski - 17 hours agoCoD

Amazing leaves Mysterious Monkeys

The veteran player might be looking to dive into coaching.
Adam Newell - 17 hours agoLoL