Returning legends highlight Quake Champions qualifiers

Some of the biggest names in Quake are making a comeback.
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Why DaZeD could be the key to killing the “NA CS” meme

Don't let your dreams be memes, DaZeD.
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NA LCS musical chairs: What if every jungler switched teams?

Dardoch's recent move got us thinking.
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Summoner’s Rift is going 8-bit with a new, Arcade-themed map

The new map looks just as stellar as the new Battle Boss skins.
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Dragon Ball FighterZ's beta will go live September

Sign-ups are delayed until next month.
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Here’s what you need to know about the CWL North American Last Chance Qualifier

Sixteen teams will battle it out in Columbus for eight spots in the $1.5 million tournament.
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Should Riot re-think region locking? Immortals' CEO Noah Whinston doesn't think the current rules go far enough

North American teams, in particular, are importing more than ever.
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