The NA LCS Summer Split All-Pro team is out—and Bjergsen didn't make the cut

How on earth did voters leave off the most accomplished player in the league?
Xing Li - 29 minutes agoLoL

Tempo Storm joins the battle with new PUBG squad

Another esports org is on the battleground.
Scott Duwe - 14 hours agoPUBG

Cloud9’s latest change could help Stewie2k reach new heights

C9’s jack-of-all-trades may be on track to being even greater.
Jamie Villanueva - 15 hours agoCS:GO

Here are our final grades for each team at TI7

TI7 report cards for everyone.
Patrick Bonifacio - 15 hours agoDota 2

T-Mobile sponsors TSM and Cloud9

It's the first time the telecommunications giant has sponsored an esports organization.
Adam Newell - 16 hours agoBusiness

Big Draven nerfs in store for Patch 7.17

Draven snowballs harder than most ADCs in the game. Maybe it's time for a change.
Aaron Mickunas - 16 hours agoLoL

Mineski brings in new players for upcoming Dota season

The Filipino squad is getting a fresh new look.
Patrick Bonifacio - 17 hours agoDota 2

Blizzard will now notify you if the player you reported in Overwatch was punished

It's another step forward for Overwatch's report feature.
Nicole Carpenter - 17 hours agoOverwatch

Malphite is getting a small rework next patch—here's what to expect

Tons of tweaks to his Q and a brand new feature for Brutal Strikes are coming.
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours agoLoL