Belgian Gaming Commission could ban Overwatch, CS:GO, and FIFA 18 over loot boxes

The country has ruled loot boxes do count as gambling.

Sam Nordmark  -  5 hours ago

Get a triple kill, win the game, get free Riot Points

Overwolf’s latest competition gives U.S. League players the chance to win 650 RP and a $2,500 Alienware computer bundle.
James Mattone - 15 minutes ago - LoL

Massive Garen and Mundo buffs are on the way

We live in a world where Garen might be meta.
Aaron Mickunas - 4 hours ago - LoL

This Overwatch vs. Team Fortress 2 crossover is the coolest thing we've seen all day

It's a perfect—and hilarious—representation of both games.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 hours ago - Overwatch

Lúcio's Wall Ride buffed on the Overwatch test server

Another PTR patch went live yesterday.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 hours ago - Overwatch

Torbjörn will eventually get a rework

It'll be a while, though.
Nicole Carpenter - 6 hours ago - Overwatch

Paladin is dominating the early Witchwood meta

Most of the top decks are from the Paladin class.
Callum Leslie - 7 hours ago - Hearthstone

Shudderwock battlecry effect will be sped up and capped

It hasn't dominated the game like some predicted, but it's still pretty annoying.
Callum Leslie - 9 hours ago - Hearthstone