The Kiev Major’s group stage is already off to a crazy start

Mousesports look to be in trouble as Invictus Gaming keeps looking remarkable.
Sam Nordmark - 8 hours agoDota 2

BurNIng’s legendary Anti-Mage had a massive impact on the first day of the Kiev Major

Nine years into his Dota 2 career, and BurNIng’s still got it.
Sam Nordmark - 8 hours agoDota 2

These gamer-themed drinks further solidify South Korea's gaming dominance over North America

Korean culture is vastly different when it comes to gaming.
Scott Duwe - 10 hours agoCulture

Rogue and EnVyUs prove they’re the West’s strongest Overwatch teams

Both international teams will head to South Korea to compete against the country's top talent.
Nicole Carpenter - 11 hours agoOverwatch

Phoenix1's Zig: If not for Coach Fly, we would not be where we are today

We spoke with P1's top laner after their five-set victory in the NA LCS third place game.
Xing Li - 12 hours agoLoL

Overwatch seasonal events might be permanently available some day

A "technical challenge" prevents it from happening right now.
Scott Duwe - 12 hours agoOverwatch

Blizzard could release three Overwatch maps this year

Six maps, in total, are in development.
Nicole Carpenter - 14 hours agoOverwatch

Most Wanted wins latest North American 2K series

Now that professional teams can’t compete in the 2Ks, it’s time for the amateur squads to shine.
Justin Binkowski - 14 hours agoCoD

Professional Overwatch player gets fired after racist rant

It's a lesson the community can learn from: Racism won't be tolerated.
Nicole Carpenter - 15 hours agoOverwatch