Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open postponed due to natural disasters

Hurricanes and earthquakes have led to the event being pushed back until early 2018.
Justin Binkowski - an hour agoGears

Riot thinks Jungle Ezreal is a perfectly healthy pick, and it absolutely is

Ezreal Jungle is quickly taking over as the next ADC in a meta oddball role.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours agoLoL

Two Overwatch skins have been disabled for causing trouble after the latest patch

Winged Victory Mercy and Oni Genji aren't working right.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 hours agoOverwatch

LUCAS1 and HEN1 reportedly asked to leave Immortals

The Teles twins may be on their way out soon.
Jamie Villanueva - 2 hours agoCS:GO

MSG hires industry vet and Riot alum Nick Allen to head its esports division

The former vice president of esports at Twitch makes his way to the Madison Square Garden Company and CLG.
Malcolm Abbas - 4 hours agoBusiness

Bettors peg SKT as easy favorites to win Worlds, while TSM are a 20:1 longshot

The Koreans are heavily favored, the Chinese come in second, and TSM are a 20:1 long shot.
Xing Li - 4 hours agoLoL

Team Envy will expand its Overwatch roster past six players

Team Envy owner Mike Rufail teased new additions to the Overwatch roster.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 hours agoOverwatch

SKT take a break from Summoner's Rift to be shopping channel hosts

Is Faker eyeing his future profession?
Adam Newell - 5 hours agoLoL

"Meet the Allies" videos reveal supporting characters in the Call of Duty: WWII campaign

These characters will try to help the protagonists complete their objectives.
Justin Binkowski - 6 hours agoCoD