Laser Kittenz signs two Overwatch players released from Lunatic-Hai

It's been a busy week for Overwatch roster changes.
Nicole Carpenter - Invalid dateOverwatch

Former EnVyUs player INTERNETHULK will coach Rogue in OGN Overwatch APEX

He's ready to come up against his old team and win.
Nicole Carpenter - 7 hours agoOverwatch

Top 32 countries participating in the Overwatch World Cup have been finalized

Players have been competing on the ladder for a month to secure their countries' spots.
Nicole Carpenter - 7 hours agoOverwatch

Soon you’ll need to own 20 champions to play ranked games in League of Legends

The change comes alongside the introduction of 10 bans to non-professional games on Summoner’s Rift.
Aaron Mickunas - 8 hours agoLoL

Here's the MSI English broadcast team

Meet your 2017 MSI English on-air talent
Malcolm Abbas - 8 hours agoLoL

Overwatch's D.Va and Genji battle Diablo in this awesome Heroes of the Storm cinematic

D.Va will be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster soon.
Scott Duwe - 9 hours agoGeneral

An Overwatch short film won a Webby

The people have spoken.
Nicole Carpenter - 10 hours agoOverwatch

Top 4 FGC crossovers that need to happen

We asked the FGC community what crossovers they’d like to see.
Adam Newell - 10 hours agoFGC

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite release date revealed

New characters join the fray.
Adam Newell - 10 hours agoFGC