Job Simulator developer hacked their game to add in Overwatch

An Owlchemy Labs dev got creative using Job Simulator assets to put Overwatch in their game.
Nicole Carpenter - 13 hours agoOverwatch

Revamped points system, simpler qualification highlight 2017 Capcom Pro Tour changes

The tournament prize pool has also been increased.
Steve Jurek - 14 hours agoFGC

These are the 16 teams that will be competing in the ECS Development League

Some of the best teams in the world have been invited to compete.
Sam Nordmark - 14 hours agoCS:GO

Overwatch's Efi Oladele seems to be building a robot

Blizzard's released a bit of new information, but it's still unclear exactly what it means.
Nicole Carpenter - 17 hours agoOverwatch

Journey to Un'Goro is Hearthstone's next expansion, first cards revealed

Step aside murlocs—dinosaurs are coming to Hearthstone.
Callum Leslie - 20 hours agoHearthstone

Rogue thrives in DPS meta, wins Overwatch Monthly Melee

Blizzard's looming Overwatch patch could change things, however.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoOverwatch

Twitch adding game purchase links to broadcasts this spring

Streamers will be able to earn money from viewers who buy games on their channels.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoBusiness

Flash Wolves win IEM Katowice League championship

Flash Wolves finally win an international championship by dominating at IEM.
Xing Li - 2 days agoLoL