ESL and DreamHack's parent company earned $45 million from esports this year

Gaming continues to be a big driving force for the company.

Sam Nordmark  -  10 hours ago

How to watch KEEMSTAR's $100,000 Realm Royale tournament

The broadcast channel, participating teams, format, and more.
Preston Byers - an hour ago - General

A viewer's guide to the 2018 ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier

FaZe will be defending their ELEAGUE Premier title next week.
Jamie Villanueva - an hour ago - CS:GO

Cloud9's CS:GO team enters into year-long partnership with US Air Force

The military division's insignia will be emblazoned on the team's official apparel.
Sam Nordmark - 2 hours ago - CS:GO

Cloud9's hopes of making playoffs this split are slim, even with Sneaky back in the lineup

It's going to be hard to come back from a 2-6 start, even for Cloud9.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours ago - LoL

Key support items to be nerfed in League Patch 8.15

Will this close the door on some high-damage bot lanes?
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours ago - LoL

Substantial Widowmaker and Zarya changes are coming to the Overwatch PTR

Support class alterations are also featured in this PTR patch.
Justin Binkowski - 3 hours ago - Overwatch

Team Rogue adds 7 new players to its Fortnite roster to join DrLupo

DrLupo will be leading Rogue's Fortnite team into battle.
Preston Byers - 3 hours ago - Fortnite

The Overwatch Contenders finals will be held during the Overwatch World Cup group stages

Two top teams will travel to the World Cup group stages to compete.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 hours ago - Overwatch

Crit ADCs might be back on the menu in League's Patch 8.15

Huge reductions in gold costs on key crit items might bring them back to form.
Aaron Mickunas - 5 hours ago - LoL

Epic Games explains why the first Summer Skirmish tournament failed

The first week's event was cut short, but why didn't it work out?
Preston Byers - 5 hours ago - Fortnite