League champion and skin sales: March 28-31

Will you take hold of the darkin blade while you can?
Adam Newell - 5 hours agoLoL

Undefeated Zac heads this week’s free LoL champion rotation

Check out this week's free League of Legends champions.
Adam Newell - 6 hours agoLoL

The dates for the International 7 have been announced

Dota fanatics, mark your calendars!
Sam Nordmark - 7 hours agoDota 2

New weapons and voiceovers available in latest Infinite Warfare patch

Method Man is coming to a Call of Duty server near you.
Justin Binkowski - 8 hours agoCoD

Orisa is ready to go in Overwatch competitive play

One week after her release on live servers, Orisa is now available to play in Competitive.
Scott Duwe - 8 hours agoOverwatch

Blizzard's $150 Overwatch Widowmaker statue looks fierce

You've got Tracer and Reaper: Now get Widowmaker.
Nicole Carpenter - 9 hours agoOverwatch

More than 50 games will go on sale on Twitch "soon"

It's unclear when, exactly, the new feature will go live, however.
Nicole Carpenter - 9 hours agoCulture

If FlyQuest’s journey were an anime, we’d be nearing the final, epic showdown

Fly’s victory over Team Liquid on Sunday secured their spot in the Spring Split playoffs.
Aaron Mickunas - 10 hours agoLoL

Three Oceanic League players suspended days before competing in grand finals

Oceanic League of Legends looks like it's in a precarious spot.
Sam Nordmark - 10 hours agoLoL