Rise Nation beat Red Reserve to win the 2018 CWL Anaheim Open

Gunless and crew are your back-to-back champs.

Preston Byers  -  5 hours ago

Los Angeles Valiant prove New York Excelsior can bleed by taking the stage 4 OWL title

Valiant prevented Excelsior from winning their third-straight stage.
Samuel Lingle - 7 hours ago - Overwatch

FaZe take down Mouz in 5 maps to win ESL One Belo Horizonte

The European juggernauts have won their second title in 2018.
Jamie Villanueva - 7 hours ago - CS:GO

Echo Fox are given the win over Clutch Gaming following a technical issue

Riot officials ruled Clutch had no "reasonable chance" to come back.
Brian Chang - 10 hours ago - LoL

Seither dominates the field at WCS OCE-SEA Valencia qualifier

The Australian Terran didn't drop his map on the way to earning a berth at Valencia.
Samuel Lingle - 11 hours ago - StarCraft

CLG defeat 100 Thieves to earn their first win of the Summer Split

Darshan is now the first player to play in 400 NA LCS matches.
Malcolm Abbas - 11 hours ago - LoL

UNILAD eliminate OpTic Gaming from the 2018 CWL Anaheim Open

The Green Wall's new lineup will head home with a top six placing.
Justin Binkowski - 12 hours ago - CoD

Rise Nation will take on Red Reserve in the winners bracket finals at the 2018 CWL Anaheim Open

It'll be a rematch of the grand finals from CWL Atlanta.
Justin Binkowski - 14 hours ago - CoD

Red Bull sponsors Ninja and reveals a unique Fortnite tournament coming in July

Want to play Fortnite all night against Ninja? Here's your chance.
Preston Byers - 16 hours ago - Fortnite