Splyce steamroll ROCCAT and advance to the semifinals of the EU LCS playoffs

Splyce looked stronger than they have all season.

Aaron Mickunas  -  17 hours ago

Nadeshot: "100 Thieves is going to have a Call of Duty team"

The former professional player plans to return to the esport where it all started for him.
Preston Byers - 10 hours ago - CoD

Seoul Dynasty survive against Florida Mayhem to remain in the OWL stage 2 playoff race

The 3-1 win was a close one, as Mayhem nearly took each of the first two maps.
Samuel Lingle - 12 hours ago - Overwatch

The EU LCS 2018 Spring Split All-Pro team is locked in

There were a few upsets, but not an Upset.
Aaron Mickunas - 16 hours ago - LoL

A Chinese Hearthstone player won 3,000 Hearthstone card packs

He even got to open the packs with some of his favorite streamers.
Nicole Carpenter - 17 hours ago - Hearthstone

Ninja and Esports Arena are partnering for a Fortnite charity event in Las Vegas

It's a grudge match against one of Fortnite's best.
Scott Duwe - 17 hours ago - General

PGL's PUBG Spring Invitational has the esport's best presentation yet

Individual team streams and a war room highlight the action.
Scott Duwe - 20 hours ago - PUBG

H2k's season has been a mess, but they might have what it takes to steal Vitality's win

It's all about convincing Vitality to throw. And by Vitality, we really mean Gilius.
Aaron Mickunas - 20 hours ago - LoL