Fnatic and 1907 Fenerbahçe top their play-in groups at Worlds

Several upsets and a tiebreaker later, the two favorites scrape by on top.
Aaron Mickunas - 24 minutes agoLoL

The Sept. 26 skin sale delivers some fan favorites

With Jinx on sale, it might be time to get a little crazy with your wallet.
Adam Newell - an hour agoLoL

Fnatic and 1907 Fenerbahçe need to step up tomorrow to prove that they deserve to qualify for the group stage

They came out of day three on top of their groups, but it was a close call.
Aaron Mickunas - 11 hours agoLoL

There were 5 total pauses due to technical issues at day 3 of Worlds

Games were set back by a total of about an hour.
Aaron Mickunas - 12 hours agoLoL

Overwatch Contenders playoffs to be held on an old patch

New Mercy won't be usable in the playoffs.
Nicole Carpenter - 17 hours agoOverwatch

The ups-and-downs of Afreeca Blue

One of the old guard of Korean Overwatch, Afreeca Blue has now fallen into decline
Joshua 'Elbion' Tuffs - 18 hours agoOverwatch

The new Overwatch PTR patch will change ultimate usage

You're going to want to make sure you're safe before hitting Q.
Nicole Carpenter - 18 hours agoOverwatch

Why pro teams are trying jungle Ezreal

The "ADC in 2017" meme has taken a strange turn into the woods.
Xing Li - 19 hours agoLoL

PUBG has reached a new high of over 1.5 million concurrent players

PUBG continues to stretch its lead on the concurrent user leaderboard.
Scott Duwe - 19 hours agoPUBG

Here's a detailed treasure map of the underbelly of the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2

It's time to find some loot and stop getting lost.
Scott Duwe - 20 hours agoGeneral