Lunatic-Hai's secondary Overwatch team will take over the original team's name

The original Lunatic-Hai roster is moving on to the Overwatch League.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 hours agoOverwatch

Captains Draft 4.0 will be a Valve Minor

The alternate mode event will be the only Pro Circuit tournament not played in Captains Mode.
Patrick Bonifacio - 2 hours agoDota 2

Review: HyperX’s Cloud Alpha headset has great quality for a good price

We like it better than some of HyperX’s pricier headsets.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 hours agoHardware

The Death Sworn skins have some spooky splash art

Halloween just got a lot scarier.
Adam Newell - 2 hours agoLoL

Cloud9 brings in $25 million in funding from WWE, Hunter Pence, and more

The investment will help Cloud9 with its hefty league buy-in fees.
Nicole Carpenter - 3 hours agoBusiness

Hearthstone speedrunners are demolishing the Lich King in under 45 minutes

If the single player content isn't challenging enough, take a crack at this.
Callum Leslie - 3 hours agoHearthstone

Sneaky broke an all-time Worlds record with 1,781 DPM against Team WE

Cloud9 may have lost that game, but Sneaky played out of his mind.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 hours agoLoL

Cloud9 played Singed at Worlds this weekend—twice

Western teams used pocket picks to secure wins in the quarterfinals, and C9 was no exception.
Aaron Mickunas - 4 hours agoLoL

Undefeated Ike takes DreamHack Denver Hearthstone title

It was a breakout performance for the unheralded outsider.
Callum Leslie - 4 hours agoHearthstone