How to win as the defensive team in Call of Duty: WWII's War mode—Operation Neptune

Learn how to prevent the Allies from completing all three of their objectives on this map.
Justin Binkowski - 5 hours agoCoD

Where does TSM go from here?

After yet another Worlds disappointment, TSM enters a crucial offseason with major issues to address.
Xing Li - 6 hours agoLoL

Adult Gohan, Gotenks, and Kid Buu are the next characters to join Dragon Ball FighterZ

There are now 20 characters confirmed for the game overall.
Adam Newell - 6 hours agoFGC

The League of Legends Worlds final reached 60 million unique viewers

Tencent's Q3 earnings revealed that Worlds viewership doubled over last year.
Xing Li - 7 hours agoLoL

The PUBG Invitational at IEM Oakland is anyone's game

It's a bunch of good teams...and RNG.
Scott Duwe - 8 hours agoPUBG

Overwatch wins multiple honors at the Golden Joystick Awards

The game picked up a number of esports awards.
Nicole Carpenter - 8 hours agoOverwatch

PUBG set 7 Guinness World Records this year

The year just keeps getting better for PUBG.
Scott Duwe - 9 hours agoPUBG

Big changes are coming to SMGs in Fortnite BR

The game's weakest gun set is getting some love.
Callum Leslie - 10 hours agoGeneral

Hearthstone card reveal season kicks off on Monday with a livestream

Brian Kibler will be revealing some new cards.
Callum Leslie - 11 hours agoHearthstone