OpTic and Luminosity run through the first day of the CWL Stage 2 Playoffs

Two of the top teams in the world swept their way into day two of the CWL Stage Two Playoffs.
Preston Byers - 10 hours agoCoD

HCS London will be exclusive to European players

Important information about HCS London was recently released.
Zachery Chevere - 13 hours agoHalo

MoneyMatches pulls sponsorship of gamer cruise amid hoax speculation

The Gamer Gauntlet cruise just might have been esports' Fyre Festival.
Nicole Carpenter - 14 hours agoCulture

Caps just picked Kayn mid and steamrolled Misfits with him

Get ready for more Kayn bans in solo queue.
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours agoLoL

Mage class Death Knight Hero card revealed

The class will look very different.
Callum Leslie - 17 hours agoHearthstone