Report: LemonNation and zig depart from OpTic Gaming's starting lineup

With both import slots used, OpTic Gaming's search for new players will be restricted to North America.

Malcolm Abbas  -  5 hours ago

Skrilla CS:GO power rankings – March 2018

Here are the current 10 best teams in Counter-Strike.
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Skrilla NA LCS week 9 fantasy review

We look back at a close week of fantasy action.
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Skrilla EU LCS week 9 fantasy review

The final week of the EU LCS regular season proved a predictable one for fantasy.
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Quickstart guide to the new Irelia: Items, ability order, and runes

She looks really flashy, but trust us, she's easier than she looks.
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Brigitte was inspired by a "gameplay desire," developer says

Overwatch's lead designer answered questions about the new support in a Q&A yesterday.
Nicole Carpenter - 6 hours ago - Overwatch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly be remastered without multiplayer

The remastered version of this fan-favorite title will reportedly be campaign-only.
Justin Binkowski - 6 hours ago - CoD