SK Telecom T1 says goodbye to Huni and some of its coaching staff

Will Huni return to the West?

Malcolm Abbas  -  10 hours ago

Blizzard has released the schedule of the second week of Kobolds and Catacombs card reveals

Thirty new cards will be revealed between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4.
Robb Briggs - 40 minutes ago Hearthstone

BLAST Pro Series opening day matches have been postponed

After a lengthy delay, BLAST decided to scrap the Friday games.
Preston Byers - an hour ago CS:GO

New Rogue Legendary minion revealed

'Tis the season for new cards.
Robb Briggs - 2 hours ago Hearthstone

Big nerfs are coming for Ezreal, Xin Zhao, and Malzahar in the last patch of the year

Season seven will end with Patch 7.24, and it's taking Ezreal with it.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours ago LoL

Report: Huni sets his sights on NA—might join Echo Fox alongside Dardoch, Altec, and Adrian

From SKT to Echo Fox, this would be Huni's second time playing in the NA LCS since 2016.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 hours ago LoL

3 more weapons have been datamined from PUBG, and the desert map has changed

Take a sneak peek at some more new items coming soon.
Scott Duwe - 3 hours ago PUBG

Xur is selling one of Destiny 2's best Power weapons for Black Friday

Make sure to pick this weapon up this weekend.
Scott Duwe - 4 hours ago General