Junkertown will be disabled in Overwatch's Competitive Play for one week

You'll find it in Quick Play, the Arcade, and in Custom games, however.
Nicole Carpenter - 9 hours agoOverwatch

Ardent Censer is getting a big rework in the next patch, making Janna and Lulu even more terrifying

It seems like the item will be stronger after this update, if that's even possible.
Aaron Mickunas - 10 hours agoLoL

Will anyone challenge Longzhu in Worlds Group B?

Longzhu are the clear favorites in Group B, but Immortals and Gigabyte Marines will put up a fight.
Xing Li - 10 hours agoLoL

Playing to win, or to not lose: Why defensive Sombra can suffer

Sombra is undeniably strong, but there are gaps in how pros use her.
Joshua 'Elbion' Tuffs - 11 hours agoOverwatch

Why Liquid was the only team to come close to beating FaZe at ESL One New York

The North American team put up a stand-out performance against FaZe Clan.
Jamie Villanueva - 11 hours agoCS:GO

Reinhardt can now look behind himself while holding his shield

The Mystery Heroes game mode has seen a lot of changes, too.
Scott Duwe - 12 hours agoOverwatch

Tommey reunites with Jurd and MadCat on Splyce

The Call of Duty veteran is teaming up with some old friends.
Justin Binkowski - 13 hours agoCoD

A Mercy rework hits the Overwatch live server, forever changing the way she's played

It's been nearly a month since the Mercy rework was announced, but now it's live.
Nicole Carpenter - 13 hours agoOverwatch