Cloud9, SK punch ticket to semis at ECS Season 3 Finals

Teams from The Americas took London by storm today.
Jamie Villanueva - 7 minutes agoCS:GO

Activision Blizzard stock hits 52-week record high

Investment banker calls Overwatch "most important title."
Thiemo Brautigam - an hour agoBusiness

Ranked Snipers returns to Halo 5

The popular playlist makes its return once again.
Zachery Chevere - 4 hours agoHalo

The standalone version of Modern Warfare Remastered will be available for PlayStation 4 next week

You’ll no longer need Infinite Warfare in order to play MWR on PS4 as of June 27.
Justin Binkowski - 4 hours agoCoD

D.Va is Overwatch's ultimate protector

Overwatch's South Korean pro-gamer is very important in the game's current meta.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 hours agoOverwatch

This CS:GO montage synced 258 “Juan Deag” kills over the Can-Can song

It’s a super catchy tune for some super skilled frags.
Jamie Villanueva - 4 hours agoCS:GO

Has the UMP nerf had any tangible effect on professional play?

The UMP-45 was nerfed exactly one month ago. Did it work?
Scott Dahlke - 5 hours agoCS:GO