Here's where you can find Overwatch at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con begins on July 19.
Nicole Carpenter - 8 minutes ago - Overwatch

Mixwell, loWel, and SOKER expected to join forces on Movistar Riders

The trio are apparently moving away from joining international teams to try out an all-Spanish lineup.
Jamie Villanueva - an hour ago - CS:GO

Riot Ghostcrawler responds to Doublelift's criticism video: "We agree with a lot of what he says"

League is spiraling through one of the most turbulent times in the game's history.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours ago - LoL

League's free week champ rotation: July 17

The free champion rotation changes every Tuesday.
Adam Newell - 3 hours ago - LoL

An ode to Gesture's Orisa

Orisa isn't a flashy Overwatch hero, but Gesture's play is a solid base for London Spitfire to build around.
Nicole Carpenter - 3 hours ago - Overwatch

The final leg of the WCS Circuit begins now for OCE/SEA after disappointment in Valencia

Oceania and Southeast Asia sent two players to Valencia, but they couldn't win a match.
Samuel Lingle - 3 hours ago - StarCraft

Overwatch will go on sale for Amazon Prime Day

The deal is expected to go live later today.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 hours ago - Overwatch

Akali's new look and abilities have been leaked ahead of her official reveal

League's twilight assassin is next in-line for a total update.
Aaron Mickunas - 5 hours ago - LoL

Griffin rewards players 10 million won each after impressive start to the season

Will Griffin make a case for the LCK title in their debut Summer Split?
Adam Newell - 7 hours ago - LoL

Seoul Dynasty face a coaching overhaul

The Overwatch League's first season was a disappointment for Seoul Dynasty.
Nicole Carpenter - 7 hours ago - Overwatch