QwiKeR replaces Nolson on Millenium

Just days before the last chance qualifier, Millenium has made a change to their roster.
Preston Byers - 14 hours agoCoD

Will Uplink have a place in Call of Duty: WWII?

The future of Call of Duty's basketball-like mode is currently in question.
Justin Binkowski - 14 hours agoCoD

Clayster pulls back the curtain on his big trade from FaZe to eUnited

The veteran Call of Duty player revealed everything about his recent roster change.
Justin Binkowski - 15 hours agoCoD

G2 vs. Immortals headlines CS:GO Krakow Major Offline Qualifier

Get ready for the sticker sales in the coming weeks.
Jamie Villanueva - 17 hours agoCS:GO

Luminosity reverse sweeps Cloud9 to win North American 2K

LG’s offline success has translated to online success.
Preston Byers - 18 hours agoCoD

Lethality items are being hit with an onslaught of changes—again

Changes from Duskblade to Youmuu's, and everything in between.
Aaron Mickunas - 18 hours agoLoL

The SNES Mini has been revealed, and it's as tiny as you’d expect

21 titles, including Super Mario World and Super Metroid, will be included. Oh, and Star Fox 2.
Adam Newell - 19 hours agoHardware

Overwatch's lead designer kind of regrets Genji's double jump

Geoff Goodman and Jeff Kaplan answer questions about Overwatch.
Nicole Carpenter - 19 hours agoOverwatch