Overwatch's ninth competitive season ends this week

Brigitte will be playable in season 10.

Nicole Carpenter  -  6 hours ago

Everything we know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The game will be released on Oct. 12.
Justin Binkowski - 4 hours ago - CoD

Esports companies have raised nearly $2 billion in disclosed funding investments in 2018

Over half of the industry's total comes from one company, Tencent.
Preston Byers - 4 hours ago - Business

Shox's removal from G2 was influenced by French esports "politics"

Tension is rampant in the French CS:GO scene.
Jamie Villanueva - 4 hours ago - CS:GO

Hai retires from competitive League

Hai is the latest player to turn to streaming and content creation.
Xing Li - 5 hours ago - LoL

Who will be Overwatch's next hero?

Hero 27 is here, so it's time to start speculating on hero 28.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 hours ago - Overwatch

Dallas Fuel DPS EFFECT is back in Korea after a devastating loss to Houston Outlaws

Dallas Fuel are unlikely to make the stage three finals.
Nicole Carpenter - 7 hours ago - Overwatch

Riot’s 2018 MSI on-air team needs more talent from the LCK

Two new faces in Raz and Spawn will join the established team.
Xing Li - 8 hours ago - LoL

PUBG's Xbox One test server goes live tomorrow to give console players their first taste of Miramar

You can earn cool items by testing out the game's bugs.
Scott Duwe - 8 hours ago - PUBG