A Sneak Peek at the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals

The Americans will have home-field advantage this time.
Jamie Villanueva - 4 hours agoCS:GO

The Thorin Treatment: Shroud will still try

Shroud has announced he plans to retire at some point in the next year or so and the implications have many concerned.
Duncan Shields - 6 hours agoCS:GO

Astralis partners with CS:GO training platform Boomeo

You can now learn how to play CS:GO from the world's best team.
Thiemo Brautigam - 6 hours agoCS:GO

The LPL is set to adopt the EU LCS group structure

Teams will now choose their opponents.
Adam Newell - 6 hours agoLoL

M19 acquires Dota 2 squad featuring Funn1k

The organization now fields rosters in both League and Dota 2.
Sam Nordmark - 7 hours agoDota 2

Sejuani was the only success from the Vanguard class update

Maokai and Zac are lagging behind with some enormous issues.
Aaron Mickunas - 7 hours agoLoL

Cloud9's two newest players win North American 2K

The pickup team of four talented players won the final event before the regional qualifier.
Justin Binkowski - 10 hours agoCoD

How Thresh became suddenly OP

His winrate and playrate spiked and have stayed up for two patches.
Aaron Mickunas - 10 hours agoLoL

League champion and skin sales: May 30 to June 2

Junglers lurk in waiting.
Adam Newell - 10 hours agoLoL