KT Rolster hand KSV Esports their third loss in a row

KT Rolster now have sole control of the LCK's second place position after tonight's win.

Malcolm Abbas  -  10 hours ago

Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield leave Sledgehammer Games, become executives at Activision

The faces of Call of Duty: WWII are moving on to a new opportunity.
Justin Binkowski - an hour ago - Business

Resistance Illaoi is finished and hitting the PBE soon for player testing

Illaoi's first skin since her release is actually almost here.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 hours ago - LoL

Liquid, SK, and Astralis advance to the playoffs of StarSeries Season Four

The group stage concludes tomorrow with three elimination matches.
Jamie Villanueva - 4 hours ago - CS:GO

Rocket League is getting some awesome DC Super Heroes DLC

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more.
Scott Duwe - 7 hours ago - RL

5 things to watch for in Overwatch League Stage Two

A Mercy-less meta, new map pool, free agent signings, and more
Samuel Lingle - 8 hours ago - Overwatch

ESL CEO Ralf Reichert: “We worry about consistently bringing a better show to players and fans”

We spoke with ESL’s CEO to recap the organization’s 2017 and to discuss the bright future of esports.
Jamie Villanueva - 8 hours ago - CS:GO

Kai'Sa, the Daughter of the Void, revealed as LoL's next champion

Unlike Kog'Maw, this void markswoman appears mostly human.
Aaron Mickunas - 8 hours ago - LoL