WildTurtle leaves TSM to join FlyQuest

After a five-months stint with the organization, WildTurtle has left TSM once again.
Malcolm Abbas - 12 hours agoLoL

Runes and masteries in League might be getting replaced

Riot is trimming down the entire pre-game experience.
Aaron Mickunas - 15 hours agoLoL

PUBG made an estimated $34 million already

The game's only been in early access for two months.
Thiemo Brautigam - 16 hours agoBusiness

Bud Light continues its All-Star esports program

Did your favorite player make the list?
Jamie Villanueva - 17 hours agoBusiness

LeBlanc is getting reworked—again

Her first rework in November didn't quite hit the mark.
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours agoLoL

Prop Hunt is returning to Modern Warfare Remastered for Memorial Day weekend

The popular version of hide-and-seek will be a Weekend Warfare game mode once again.
Justin Binkowski - 17 hours agoCoD

During its first year, Overwatch was more popular than any movie or TV show on Tumblr

The social media site has detailed the game's popularity.
Scott Duwe - 18 hours agoOverwatch

Riot's anti-cheat team just took down a huge scripting provider

Riot dropped the mic by posting a message on the scripting forums, warning them they were about to be banned.
Aaron Mickunas - 18 hours agoLoL