FaZe Clan defeat Ninja and KingRichard to win $20,000 Friday Fortnite tournament

Tfue and Cloak are the third different winning duo in Friday Fortnite history.

Preston Byers  -  13 hours ago

ARURF is taking over League this weekend after Clash was canceled

Hopefully this will bring some respite.
Adam Newell - 2 hours ago - LoL

New York Excelsior secure the top OWL record and a $300,000 bonus

Seoul Dynasty were completely outmatched by the league's best team.
Samuel Lingle - 14 hours ago - Overwatch

Los Angeles Valiant hand Boston Uprising their fourth straight loss

Uprising are following up a perfect stage with a winless one.
Samuel Lingle - 15 hours ago - Overwatch

FedEx to sponsor Grizz Gaming in the NBA 2K League

Grizz Gaming are basically getting a virtual FedExForum, too.
Justin Binkowski - 17 hours ago - Business

Ninja and KingRichard remain unbeaten halfway through this week's Friday Fortnite tournament

Ninja's team will play NICKMERCS and SypherPK in the quarterfinals.
Preston Byers - 18 hours ago - General

League's first weekend of Clash in North America has been canceled due to technical issues

Several servers around the world experienced the same problem.
Aaron Mickunas - 19 hours ago - LoL

League's first Clash tournaments have been delayed on EUW, EUNE, OCE, and now BR

There's a significant back-end issue that Riot engineers are working to resolve.
Adam Newell - a day ago - LoL