Declassified Overwatch files reveal more information about Talon's big bad guys

The in-lore Venice mission files have been released by Overwatch.

Nicole Carpenter  -  9 hours ago

MarkiLocuras se une a Team Heretics para ser el equipo referente en Fortnite

El jugador español es el tercer integrante de la plantilla después del anuncio de la contratación de Rike y Keroro
Juan Garro - an hour ago - Español

Call of Duty rostermania: Post-CWL Seattle 2018

More roster changes are on the way before Stage Two starts on May 15.
Justin Binkowski - 14 hours ago - CoD

Quest Rogue is back in the meta

Despite few changes to the decklist, Quest Rogue is popular once again.
Joe Tortorice - 14 hours ago - Hearthstone

Xbox and Discord are teaming up to let players link their accounts

Let your friends know when you're playing on Xbox One.
Ana Valens - 15 hours ago - The OP

Dot Esports launches Dot Esports Español, expanding its in-depth coverage of competitive gaming to Spanish-speaking fans

With over 400 million native Spanish-speakers around the world, Dot Esports Español will attract a whole new audience from the world of competitive gaming.
Dot Esports Staff - 15 hours ago - Press Releases

Hanzo's rework isn't a nerf to the Overwatch sniper

Here's what we think of Hanzo's recent PTR changes.
Nicole Carpenter - 15 hours ago - Overwatch

Two game developers are attempting to bring Microsoft to court for patent infringement

Microsoft is accused of using two patents it had no rights to in the development of its game engines.
Sam Nordmark - 15 hours ago - Business