Rogue gets a weapon augmentation in Knights of the Frozen Throne

Could this revive weapon play in Rogue?
Callum Leslie - 4 minutes agoHearthstone

New arcade skins on the way—Battle Boss Malzahar, Brand, and Ziggs

Final Boss Veigar and Battle Boss Blitzcrank are teaming up with more villains.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours agoLoL

kNg signs with Immortals after trial period

The Brazilians now have a solid secondary AWPer under their belt.
Jamie Villanueva - 2 hours agoCS:GO

3sUP signs Mochila’s Call of Duty team for the NA LCQ

This squad has a lot of potential heading into CoD Champs.
Justin Binkowski - 2 hours agoCoD

Frozen Throne Hunter legendary revealed

Mage gets some more Mirror Images, too.
Callum Leslie - 2 hours agoHearthstone

Dardoch leaves CLG to rejoin Team Liquid

Dardoch joins Team Liquid with only four weeks remaining in the regular season.
Malcolm Abbas - 8 hours agoLoL

A new Roadhog defense buff will be on Overwatch's PTR soon

More hero changes will hit the PTR "as soon as possible."
Nicole Carpenter - 14 hours agoOverwatch

TI7 team preview: LFY, worthy sidekicks

LGD's B-team has quite a lot going for it in Seattle.
Patrick Bonifacio - 15 hours agoDota 2

Destiny 2 is getting another new PvP mode called Survival

It's all about limited respawns.
Scott Duwe - 16 hours agoGeneral