The best players in Super Smash Bros. Melee

The top level is constantly shifting for this 15-year-old game

Connor Smith  -  4 days ago

Snake Eyez flexes his way to CEO title

Snake Eyez leads another American top-four sweep in the final major tune-up before Evo.
Steve Jurek - 7 days agoFGC

Druggedfox and Syrox sign with Balance Gaming

These free agents have found a home.
Connor Smith - 8 days agoFGC

Pokken prepares for its second chance on Nintendo Switch

Why this grassroots scene was a labor of love.
Connor Smith - 9 days agoFGC

ARMS is a colorful fighter with a lot of depth

Could the game shake up the fighting game community?
Adam Newell - 9 days agoFGC

Team Liquid adds ChuDat to Melee lineup

Liquid announced the signing with a rap video.
Connor Smith - 11 days agoFGC

Three big E3 takeaways for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

What Capcom revealed at E3 will greatly shape the game's launch and reception.
Steve Jurek - 13 days agoFGC

ELEAGUE to host $250,000 Injustice 2 World Championship

The competition will air on TBS and include players from all four official Injustice 2 tours.
Steve Jurek - 14 days agoFGC

Melee Gods, Gatekeepers gear up for Red Bull invitational

Players prepare to defend their legacies.
Connor Smith - 18 days agoFGC

ARMS producer aims to build the first motion-controlled competitive game

The producer has high hopes for the game.
Adam Newell - 22 days agoFGC