Top 4 FGC crossovers that need to happen

We asked the FGC community what crossovers they’d like to see.

Adam Newell  -  2 days ago

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite release date revealed

New characters join the fray.
Adam Newell - 2 days agoFGC

PR Balrog and Daigo advance to ELEAGUE Street Fighter V finals

Once again, Cygames Beast teammates take the top two spots in Group B
Steve Jurek - 5 days agoFGC

You can help choose the next Tekken 7 crossover character

Who could we see joining Akuma?
Adam Newell - 8 days agoFGC

Street Fighter V's new character and balance patch delayed

Both will be released in a package with an improved Capcom Fighters Network platform "when it is ready."
Steve Jurek - 8 days agoFGC

Hands on with ARMS, the next generation of Nintendo fighting games

Not every competitive game can break into the esports scene, is this set to follow the trend or falter at the gate?
Adam Newell - 10 days agoFGC

Punk wins NorCal Regionals

The third CPT Premier event comes to a close.
Adam Newell - 10 days agoFGC

Luffy wins Hypespotting 6 on the hunt for a Capcom Cup spot

The frenchmen took the crown in Glasgow.
Adam Newell - 11 days agoFGC

Smash Bros Wii U tier list

‘Choose Your Character!’
Adam Newell - 12 days agoFGC

Top 6 characters that should be added to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite may be awhile away but that hasn’t stopped people speculating.
Adam Newell - 16 days agoFGC