Orisa is ready to go in Overwatch competitive play

One week after her release on live servers, Orisa is now available to play in Competitive.

Scott Duwe  -  8 hours ago

Blizzard's $150 Overwatch Widowmaker statue looks fierce

You've got Tracer and Reaper: Now get Widowmaker.
Nicole Carpenter - 9 hours agoOverwatch

Meta Athena's wacky plays aren't enough to hold off Lunatic-Hai

Meta Athena could not best the OGN Overwatch Apex favorites.
Nicole Carpenter - 13 hours agoOverwatch

In-game Overwatch interactions aren't "strictly canon," lead writer says

Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu clears up some confusion.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoOverwatch

This guy plays Overwatch hero Orisa with a rocking horse—and it's predictably weird

Mounted on Barry the rocking horse, Rudeism tries out Orisa.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoOverwatch

Morgan Stanley report says Overwatch League could make more than $100 million annually

Researchers from the investment management firm lay out the data behind their Overwatch League valuations.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoOverwatch

Immortals win Overwatch Carbon Series in overtime Dorado payload push

LG Evil's reign of terror in the Overwatch Carbon Series is over.
Nicole Carpenter - a day agoOverwatch

Artists reimagine Overwatch heroes as fantasy videogame characters

These very meta redesigns put a new spin on your favorite heroes.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 days agoOverwatch

A series as amazing as their sweaters: RunAway makes it to the finals

RunAway took on LW Blue for a shot at the finals and the series exploded with action with both teams looking spectacular.
Joe Tortorice - 4 days agoOverwatch

No one Earthshatters like RunAway's Overwatch tank player Kaiser

Kaiser swung his hammer all the way to the OGN Overwatch APEX grand finals.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 days agoOverwatch