During its first year, Overwatch was more popular than any movie or TV show on Tumblr

The social media site has detailed the game's popularity.

Scott Duwe  -  10 hours ago

Jeff Kaplan confirms new Overwatch hero is "on the horizon"

Is Doomfist's arrival around the corner?
Scott Duwe - a day agoOverwatch

Watch the Overwatch heroes bust a move for the game’s anniversary

The skins are pretty cool, but the dancing really sells it.
Scott Duwe - 2 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch Anniversary's new skins are all awesome

Blizzard's artists might have outdone themselves.
Scott Duwe - 3 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch's anniversary event is now live

It's time to celebrate by farming loot boxes all over again.
Scott Duwe - 3 days agoOverwatch

Blizzard is launching a "development league" for Overwatch

This summer will be big for aspiring Overwatch esports pros.
Scott Duwe - 4 days agoOverwatch

Cloud9 adds tank main Kaiser to Overwatch roster

The rumors were true, Kaiser is heading west.
Scott Duwe - 4 days agoOverwatch

Overwatch game director details ideas about improved spectator tools

Blizzard is enlisting help from a number of sources.
Scott Duwe - 7 days agoOverwatch