Get your Red Envelopes ready—the Lunar Revel event in League starts today

Riot is kicking off the 2017 Lunar Revel with some slick new skins.
Aaron Mickunas - 17 hours ago

After pre-season updates made the Jungle worse, Riot says ‘oops’ and promises to fix it

Riot’s dev team explains why the state of the jungle is so broken and how they plan on dealing with it.
Aaron Mickunas - 21 hours ago

Collegiate League of Legends headed to Big Ten Network

Are college esports about to take off?
Callum Leslie - a day ago

2017 EU LCS Preseason Rankings

The LCS is back tomorrow. We ranked every EU team heading into week one.
Xing Li - 2 days ago

Yes, SKT played Ziggs ADC in a competitive game—and they dominated with him

The current League world champs show us all how OP bot-lane Ziggs can be.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 days ago

Build the next SKT in this LoL manager game

LOL GM gives you the chance to manage a professional League of Legends team.
Connor Smith - 2 days ago

The new LCK meta: Singed top?

LCK Season 7 kicked off last night, giving us an early look at the new 10-ban meta.
Xing Li - 3 days ago

These are the first four teams confirmed for the IEM World Championship

Eight teams will be competing at one of the largest international League of Legends events.
Sam Nordmark - 3 days ago

Lethality, the bane of Assassins and ADCs, is next on Riot’s hit list

Rioter announces big in-the-works update for the Lethality system.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days ago

The spring NA LCS finals are coming to Vancouver

NA’s biggest League of Legends event is returning to Canada.
Sam Nordmark - 3 days ago

NA LCS: 5 players to watch in 2017

Xing Li - 6 days ago - LoL

2017 NA LCS Preseason Rankings

Xing Li - 4 days ago - LoL

The new LCK meta: Singed top?

Xing Li - 3 days ago - LoL