League’s own blob of lovable goo is getting an update

Zac will be one of the targets of the mid-season tank update.

Aaron Mickunas  -  a day ago

Piglet swaps to mid lane for Team Liquid

Liquid promised us a hard look at the team. Now they've made good on that promise with some big changes.
Xing Li - 20 hours agoLoL

League of Lethality: What went wrong with League’s newest stat?

The troublesome replacement for armor penetration has been a tricky beast for Riot to slay.
Aaron Mickunas - a day agoLoL

Flash Wolves win IEM Katowice League championship

Flash Wolves finally win an international championship by dominating at IEM.
Xing Li - 3 days agoLoL

Technical issues continue to plague IEM

Sunday's semifinal match between G2 and ROX Tigers was delayed for hours.
Xing Li - 3 days agoLoL

10 League of Legends tips and tricks to improve your game

Skip the beginner phase and get better at League now.
Xing Li - 3 days agoLoL

G2 survives and advances alongside ROX Tigers, H2k and Flash Wolves at IEM Katowice

G2 overcomes a mistake-filled series against UOL to move on at IEM.
Xing Li - 4 days agoLoL

Big changes are on the way for League’s most dominant tank: Maokai

Riot aims to make the tree more of a challenge to play.
Aaron Mickunas - 6 days agoLoL

G2 finally wins an international series

Europe's top team survives elimination by defeating LCK's Kongdoo Monster
Xing Li - 6 days agoLoL

Cho’gath is about to get much, much scarier

The void monster will now be able to infinitely stack his ultimate.
Aaron Mickunas - 7 days agoLoL