EnVyUs coach Dylan Falco joins Fnatic

The journeyman coach is headed to Europe.

Callum Leslie  -  26 minutes ago

Slay left Gigabyte Marines after returning home from MSI, and Stark may be leaving too

After turning heads at MSI, the team is splitting apart already.
Aaron Mickunas - an hour agoLoL

Riot is hosting a new circuit of international tournaments this Summer called Rift Rivals

We may finally get an official NA vs. EU competition.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 hours agoLoL

Kubz: All I've wanted to do is get back into the LCS, and that got taken away from me

Things got emotional on the former Fnatic Academy head coach's stream last night.
Adam Newell - 3 hours agoLoL

Loulex looks set to join G2 Esports

Riot's database update might have just confirmed the move.
Adam Newell - 21 hours agoLoL

Zac was over-buffed in Patch 7.10, and nerfs are on the way

The big green blob has had a rough couple of weeks.
Aaron Mickunas - a day agoLoL

League free champion week: May 23 to 30

Great champions are available for every role.
Adam Newell - a day agoLoL

LeBlanc and Guardian Angel nerfs are finally on the way

The nerf list keeps getting longer and longer for Patch 7.11.
Aaron Mickunas - a day agoLoL

Here's the schedule for the NA LCS Summer Split

Thus begins the road to Worlds 2017.
Adam Newell - a day agoLoL

League champion and skin sales: May 23 to 26

Become a Star Guardian.
Adam Newell - a day agoLoL