Where does TSM go from here?

After yet another Worlds disappointment, TSM enters a crucial offseason with major issues to address.

Xing Li  -  18 hours ago

The League of Legends Worlds final reached 60 million unique viewers

Tencent's Q3 earnings revealed that Worlds viewership doubled over last year.
Xing Li - 19 hours agoLoL

A special NA LCS transfer window will reportedly open on Tuesday for select players

Teams rejected from the LCS will be compensated in exchange for releasing their players.
Xing Li - a day agoLoL

Cloud9 could be getting a new top laner in Licorice

The offseason free agency bonanza is starting to kick off.
Malcolm Abbas - 2 days agoLoL

Galio is in a terrible spot following the preseason launch last week

The Sentinel's Sorrow has a lot to be sorrowful about nowadays.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 days agoLoL

Study: Skill in games like League of Legends correlates to higher intelligence

The study also makes connections between skill and memory and how age affects performance.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 days agoLoL

The Predator rune and towers are being buffed next patch—here's why

As the preseason continues, so do tweaks of the new runes.
Aaron Mickunas - 2 days agoLoL

Riot showed how some of League's sounds were made, and it's really cool

The audio team had to get creative for some of them.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days agoLoL

Kleptomancy Ezreal is performing better than any other champion in the game—and it isn't even close

What started out as a meme build has blossomed into a full-blown OP strategy.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days agoLoL