League champion and skin sales: March 28-31

Will you take hold of the darkin blade while you can?

Adam Newell  -  5 hours ago

Undefeated Zac heads this week’s free LoL champion rotation

Check out this week's free League of Legends champions.
Adam Newell - 6 hours agoLoL

If FlyQuest’s journey were an anime, we’d be nearing the final, epic showdown

Fly’s victory over Team Liquid on Sunday secured their spot in the Spring Split playoffs.
Aaron Mickunas - 10 hours agoLoL

Three Oceanic League players suspended days before competing in grand finals

Oceanic League of Legends looks like it's in a precarious spot.
Sam Nordmark - 11 hours agoLoL

Cloud9's path back to Worlds starts with fixing their early game issues

The team finished the Spring Split in second place. So why do they seem unsettled?
Xing Li - a day agoLoL

Karma’s ugly, outdated splash art has finally been updated—and it looks awesome

She hasn’t had updated splash art since before her visual rework in 2013.
Aaron Mickunas - a day agoLoL

Nunu supports rejoice—Riot is changing its player banning policy

Players will no longer be 14-day banned for breaking the meta.
Aaron Mickunas - a day agoLoL

Friends become foes as Doublelift squares off against TSM

Doublelift finally got the chance to play against his former team.
Malcolm Abbas - a day agoLoL