Start and end dates for all League of Legends seasons

It's time to mark your calendars.

Image via Riot Games

Each ranked season of League of Legends comes with new hopes. It may finally be the season when you break into the next rank for the first time or get lucky with “Your Shop.”

In addition to new beginnings, seasons also mark game-changing patches. With seasons passing by, the metagame also changes. This keeps the game fresh for long-time players while inviting curious newcomers to Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games has been quite punctual when it comes to patch schedules and season dates. Most seasons, so far, have ended and started around the same time of the year.

That being said, here are the start and end dates for all League of Legends seasons.

SeasonStart dateEnd date
1July 13. 2010Aug. 23, 2011
2Nov. 29. 2011Nov. 12, 2012
3Feb. 1. 2013Nov. 11, 2013
4Jan 10. 2014Nov. 11, 2014
5Jan 21. 2015Nov. 11, 2015
6Jan 20. 2016Nov. 8, 2016
7Dec 8. 2016Nov. 7, 2017
8Jan 16. 2018Nov. 12, 2018
9Jan 23. 2019Nov. 19, 2019
10Jan 10. 2020Nov. 10, 2020
11Jan 8. 2021Nov. 15, 2021
12Jan. 7, 2022November 2022