Start and end dates for all LoL seasons

Mark your calendars.

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The start of every ranked season in League of Legends comes with such hope. It may finally be the season where you break into the next rank⁠, get lucky with the next Your Shop, or learn that perfect combo with your newest champion.

On top of those new beginnings, each new League year means there are going to be 26 more game-changing patches. These balance updates keep the Riot Games MOBA fresh for veteran players and Summoner’s Rift newcomers alike and have become a boiled-in part of the game’s ecosystem.

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For some, season’s end means taking a break from League and going for vacation, for others it’s the final call to grind. Image via Riot Games

The same can be said for season finales. Knowing seasonal dates can be as crucial as actually ranking up, especially if you’re running out of time.

When does League’s season 13 end?

The current season in League is running a bit longer than the previous ones. Instead of November, which was the month that usually marked the end of the season in Riot’s MOBA and started the preseason, season 13 will end on Jan. 3. The developers have specified a few valid reasons as to why they made such a decision.

Why was season 13 extended?

On one of their Dev Blogs, Riot reiterated the reasoning behind several of their big changes to ranked play that happened during 2023. One example is the decision to have the competitive season be split in two. To further aid this decision, Riot has decided to extend season 13 to encompass November and December. In doing so, they hope to make season 14 feel fuller as well.

All League season start and end dates

For the most part, the last 13 years have seen Riot stay quite punctual about when the seasons officially wrap up⁠—and, more importantly, when we can get our hands on all those heard-earned ranked rewards.

We’ve put together a complete list of every season’s start and end dates for you:

SeasonStart DateEnd Date
OneJuly 13, 2010Aug. 23, 2011
TwoNov. 29, 2011Nov. 12, 2012
ThreeFeb. 1, 2013Nov. 11, 2013
FourJan. 10, 2014Nov. 11, 2014
FiveJan. 21, 2015Nov. 11, 2015
SixJan. 20, 2016Nov. 8, 2016
SevenDec. 8, 2016Nov. 7, 2017
EightJan. 16, 2018Nov. 12, 2018
NineJan. 23, 2019Nov. 19, 2019
10Jan. 10, 2020Nov. 10, 2020
11Jan. 8, 2021Nov. 15, 2021
12Jan. 7, 2022Nov. 14, 2022
13Jan. 11, 2023Jan. 3, 2024
14Jan. 9, 2024TBA

What happens at the end of League seasons?

At the end of each competitive season, which typically runs across a calendar year, every single League of Legends player who participated in ranked queues will be rewarded for their efforts with various skins and other cosmetics.

This includes loading screen borders that last the duration of the next season and other reminders of how highly (or lowly, in some cases) you placed. Players also get Victorious skins if they hit Gold or higher. Seasonal rewards are distributed based on the highest rank you achieved throughout the season, so don’t feel scared to fall a little to learn more lessons in your League climb.

Finally, your rank will reset at the end of every season.


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