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Which LoL champion says ‘Humans; simple, messy, yet exceptional’?

Well, at least I was able to eliminate one species of champions off the bat.

May 26’s LoLdle quote had a pretty helpful hint right out of the gate. But even then, it took me double-digit attempts to correctly guess which League of Legends champ said this voice line.

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The only way you’d have a real shot at getting this voice line figured out in one turn is by having played the champion before, as the quote is relatively vague and could apply to multiple choices. Even if you have played this character, the champion that says this line doesn’t have the most stand-out voice, so you might be guessing for a while.

Here’s who says “Humans; simple, messy, yet exceptional” in League of Legends. Spoilers for the May 26 LoLdle quote quiz are below.

Who says “Humans; simple, messy, yet exceptional” in League?

The LoLdle quote for May 26 is “Humans; simple, messy, yet exceptional.” The League champion who says this quote is Vel’Koz.

Right away, after reading “humans,” I interpreted this quote as being said by a non-human League champ who was talking about the human race. I naturally started by guessing a few Yordles but had no luck. Then I remembered, from my many hours spent in the bot lane, that Xayah and Rakan have a few voice lines where they mention humans. But this quote wasn’t said by them, either.

Vel'Koz's base splash art in League of Legends
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When I finally got the audio clue, I first guessed Urgot after hearing the voice. But then I listened again and had a gut feeling it sounded like a champion from the Void. After naming Kassadin and Malzahar, I finally gave Vel’Koz a shot—and it paid off.

The biggest context clue about Vel’Koz when it comes to this quote is that he is obsessed with the study of humans and is always mentioning his findings in his voice lines. If you’ve played enough Vel’Koz, you can probably hear this line spoken in his sultry yet intimidating voice. Still, if you’re not experienced with the relatively niche champion, we’re not going to hold it against you.

I definitely haven’t played a ton of Vel’Koz over the years, and truthfully, I’m more likely to ban him just because that poke damage can get annoying in the bot lane. Having to play against support players who have their geometry degrees and perfectly line up those Plasma Fissions (Q) is truly miserable. This honestly may have been the first time I’ve ever heard Vel’Koz’s voice, too.

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