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Dot Esports is the premier global destination for coverage of competitive gaming. Founded in December 2013, Dot Esports is part of the GAMURS’ network of websites. Our mission is to uncover the essential stories in esports, from the games to the people playing them.

When a major player transfer breaks, Dot Esports covers it — but we also follow it up with high-quality analysis. What does the news really mean? And why does it matter? We tell the whole story.

But we don’t just cover the tournament side of esports. The millions of non-professionals who aren’t playing games on the largest stage are our audience, too. That’s why we cover so much more than sports. Here you’ll find quality breaking news, investigative reporting, tournament coverage, and analysis of every important event within the esports world. But you’ll also read high-quality gaming guides, reviews of gaming gears, and interviews with top streamers. Dot Esports covers a cultural phenomenon, not just a sport.


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