Cloud9, SK punch ticket to semis at ECS Season 3 Finals

Teams from The Americas took London by storm today.

Jamie Villanueva  -  5 hours ago

This CS:GO montage synced 258 “Juan Deag” kills over the Can-Can song

It’s a super catchy tune for some super skilled frags.
Jamie Villanueva - 9 hours agoCS:GO

Has the UMP nerf had any tangible effect on professional play?

The UMP-45 was nerfed exactly one month ago. Did it work?
Scott Dahlke - 10 hours agoCS:GO

apEX: “We are here to be the best team in the world”

G2 seems to be at their full potential, but they still want more.
Jamie Villanueva - a day agoCS:GO

CS:GO update adds bodyy wallbang nerf and several revamped skins

It was a small update, but a few goodies were sprinkled in.
Jamie Villanueva - 2 days agoCS:GO

JasonR: “The CS:GO pro scene is a big bubble”

JasonR gave more insight into why he left the pro scene.
Jamie Villanueva - 3 days agoCS:GO

Delayed payments from E-Frags 2016 The World Championship stem from Azubu, organizer argues

The former streaming service still owes E-Frag payments for its World Championship.
Sam Nordmark - 3 days agoCS:GO

“Bodyy” wallbang is getting a fix that could render it useless

Might as well hit the wallbang for yourself while it lasts.
Jamie Villanueva - 3 days agoCS:GO