OpTic brings in jasonR as temporary in-game leader

OpTic has thrown another stand-in into the ring.

Jamie Villanueva  -  14 hours ago

Virtus Pro narrowly keep their spot in the ECS

Polish superstars Virtus Pro fought tooth and nail to remain in the ECS.
Sam Nordmark - 15 hours agoCS:GO

Luminosity shocks NA field to qualify for DreamHack Austin

The two qualifiers were filled with upsets.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days agoCS:GO

The case for league spots belonging to the players

It makes perfect sense for Counter-Strike league spots to belong to the players.
Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen - 2 days agoCS:GO

Fnatic clings on to ECS spot over North

Olofmeister delivered a vintage performance.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days agoCS:GO

Flash Gaming acquires Malaysian AWPer Kaze

China’s first superteam has found its fifth player.
Sam Nordmark - 3 days agoCS:GO

VAC-banned CS:GO players can now play in ESL events after rulebook change

A new section of ESL’s latest rulebook gives VAC-banned players some leniency.
Connor Bradley - 5 days agoCS:GO

Yam steps down from Renegades

Yam has stepped down from the team's active roster due to personal reasons.
Connor Bradley - 5 days agoCS:GO

5 lingering questions in the March tournament interim

Unresolved ambiguities remain in the weeks since the last CS:GO LAN.
Scott Dahlke - 5 days agoCS:GO

CS:GO player TaZ got a Benz from Virtus Pro owner Sneg for winning DH Masters Vegas

Virtus Pro's owner promised TaZ a car if the team won the tournament, and he made good on his word.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 days agoCS:GO