shaGuar Frag Movie Birthday Bonanza

Celebrate the birthday of the legendary shaGuar by viewing his body of work as a frag movie film-maker

Duncan Shields  -  8 hours ago

Hiko vents about his experience with Team Liquid during livestream

The veteran player didn’t mince words.
Sam Nordmark - a day agoCS:GO

SK Gaming emerge on top of the cs_summit

The Brazilians took home their first championship of 2017.
Jamie Villanueva - 4 days agoCS:GO

ESL bans academy sides from competing alongside parent teams

The industry giant has addressed one aspect of multiple ownership issues.
Callum Leslie - 5 days agoCS:GO

Thorin's CS:GO Top 10 World Rankings - 21st April 2017

Thorin ranks the 10 best teams in CS:GO right now
Duncan Shields - 6 days agoCS:GO

A simplified explanation of CS:GO ranks

The ranking system isn't as complex as it seems.
Jamie Villanueva - 9 days agoCS:GO

Norse disbands and severs ties with RFRSH

The Norwegian roster had been struggling for some time.
Sam Nordmark - 9 days agoCS:GO

CS:GO community stands up for disabled streamer after toxic encounter

Your faith in the CS:GO community will be restored.
Jamie Villanueva - 9 days agoCS:GO

Karrigan, Gla1ve, and the most important roster move since 2015

It's bigger than the French shuffles, and the addition of TACO & fnx.
Max Melit - 11 days agoCS:GO

Nerf, buff, kill: The P250, M4, R8

Which Counter-Strike weapons are in need of an overhaul?
Connor Bradley - 12 days agoCS:GO