FaZe and Astralis dominant in IEM Katowice openers

The action is underway in Katowice.

Callum Leslie  -  5 hours ago

Five CS:GO storylines to follow at IEM Katowice

The second major LAN since the conclusion of the ELEAGUE Major is set to feature several exciting storylines.
Sam Nordmark - 20 hours agoCS:GO

Team Dignitas signs a women's CS:GO team

The former Selfless roster will now play under the Dignitas banner.
Nicole Carpenter - 21 hours agoCS:GO

The best CS:GO players of all time

The world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is filled with stars. Here are some of the greatest.
Sam Nordmark - a day agoCS:GO

These are the 16 teams that will be competing in the ECS Development League

Some of the best teams in the world have been invited to compete.
Sam Nordmark - 2 days agoCS:GO

Fancy1 is now a free agent after dramatic separation with TyLoo

China's premier CS:GO player is free to pursue any offers.
Sam Nordmark - 5 days agoCS:GO

Heroic CS:GO signs JUGi after tumultuous buyout

Following a series of issues, Heroic and tRICKED appear to have reached an agreement.
Sam Nordmark - 8 days agoCS:GO

Top Danish players ineligible to compete in Danish CS:GO championship

The event is enforcing an extremely stringent anti-cheating policy.
Sam Nordmark - 9 days agoCS:GO

Virtus Pro triumph at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

The Polish squad looked reinvigorated throughout the entire event.
Sam Nordmark - 9 days agoCS:GO