Chappie journeys to Malaysia to join Clutch Gamers

He is the latest CIS Dota 2 player to move to Southeast Asia.
Patrick Bonifacio - 2 days agoDota 2

All standard Dota hero guides have been updated for Patch 7.07—with over 1,200 changes

Hero guide master Torte de Lini has been hard at work bringing everyone up to speed.
Patrick Bonifacio - 4 days agoDota 2

RAMZES666 becomes fourth player to hit 10K MMR, one week before reset

The Russian boy wonder reached the five digit mark on the CIS-region server.
Patrick Bonifacio - 8 days agoDota 2

Abed replaces Xcalibur in Fnatic, Adam returns as coach

The Southeast Asian team is trying again with a completely new mid laner.
Patrick Bonifacio - 9 days agoDota 2

Beyond the Summit's Dota 2 Major has been cancelled

The Los Angeles-based TO was unable to strike a deal with its supposed partner for the event.
Patrick Bonifacio - 10 days agoDota 2

Valve releases Patch 7.07b just one week after the Dueling Fates update

Anti-Mage and Dark Willow have both been toned down.
Patrick Bonifacio - 12 days agoDota 2

Late game carries dominate the early stages of Patch 7.07

We take a look at why some hard carry heroes have seen huge jumps in their success rates.
Patrick Bonifacio - 13 days agoDota 2

KongDoo manager posts Dota 2 recruitment ad on Facebook

It seems that at least one Korean organization is taking a renewed interest in Dota 2.
Patrick Bonifacio - 15 days agoDota 2