FaZe and Splyce continue to impress on the second day of the CWL Playoffs

The winners bracket finals will feature a battle between NA and EU.

Justin Binkowski  -  5 hours ago

Team Kaliber officially picks up Accuracy

A well-known Call of Duty organization is now ready for CWL Anaheim.
Justin Binkowski - 7 hours agoCoD

FaZe Clan upsets OpTic Gaming on the first day of the CWL Playoffs

All of the second seeds defeated the higher-ranked teams to begin this tournament.
Justin Binkowski - a day agoCoD

Prop Hunt is returning to Modern Warfare Remastered for Memorial Day weekend

The popular version of hide-and-seek will be a Weekend Warfare game mode once again.
Justin Binkowski - 2 days agoCoD

Unlimited sprint won’t be featured in Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty really is going back to its roots.
Justin Binkowski - 3 days agoCoD

Here’s what you need to know about the CWL Global Pro League Stage One Playoffs

Eight of the top teams in the world will battle this weekend for their share of $500,000.
Justin Binkowski - 3 days agoCoD

Classic Call of Duty weapons and limited edition camos have been added to Black Ops III

The AK74u and M1911 have made their return to the CoD franchise.
Justin Binkowski - 4 days agoCoD

Mindfreak makes a major roster change

The kings of the APAC region have reunited with one of Australia’s strongest players.
Justin Binkowski - 9 days agoCoD