Is League down? How to check problems, outages, and server status

Typical Riot.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has a massive player base and a roaring esports scene, but the game isn’t without its flaws.

The servers are nothing to write home about. They tend to malfunction, kicking players out of matches or preventing them from joining altogether. If Summoner’s Rift isn’t down, it’s the client or the store.

It’s often difficult to determine whether the issue is on Riot’s end or yours. Thankfully, there are a few easy methods to check if League is down.

Riot’s official service status

If you suspect League is down and you can’t connect to the client or join a game, checking Riot’s Service Status page is your best bet.

If there’s been an issue or outage in the last 24 hours, the page will let you know. It’s not always totally accurate, but it should give you a good idea of what’s going on. If everything is in working order, it will say, “No recent issues or events to report.”


Downdetector is a good alternative. The website monitors server outages in real-time and provides a comprehensive timeline of issues in the last 24 hours. If League is down, the site should light up with hundreds or even thousands of reports in your region.

If everything is normal and the site hasn’t detected any server outages, the issue is most likely on your end.

Riot Games Support Twitter

There’s also nothing wrong with checking Riot Support on Twitter. If there’s a major issue in your region and the League servers are indeed down, Riot will almost certainly tweet about it.

If there’s an issue, Riot will tweet something like “we are aware that some players are receiving an unexpected error when trying to access League of Legends and we are working on a fix.”