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Managing Editor. In 2018, Rachel graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s in Rhetoric and Writing and first entered the esports industry in the same year. Her favorite games include fast-paced FPS titles, deckbuilders, and the entire Mass Effect franchise. Need any calibrations?

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The Infinite Craft logo.
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Promotional Art for Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, feature a dwarf with an axe in one hand and a gun firing bullets in the other.
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A white goblin-like creature, a Bokoblin, standing in the desert in TOTK. It's white in color with purple tribal markings, and a horn with a yellow bulb at the end, like an anglerfish. It stands upright with its mouth hanging open.
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A screenshot from Infinite Craft showing America surrounded by floating blocks, like Continent, Earth, Double Rainbow, and Wind.
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A screenshot of the goddess statue at the Temple of Time in Tears of the Kingdom with light rays shining through
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A skeleton horse from Tears of the Kingdom with glowing red eyes
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Tanzee plating seeds in Palworld.