PUBG might eventually come to PlayStation 4 after all

Don't give up hope, PS4 owners.

Scott Duwe  -  2 days ago

Nintendo wants to take a different approach to esports

Nintendo of America's president talks about the company’s future involvement with esports.
Adam Newell - a day agoGeneral

PUBG is already the second most-watched game on Twitch

In total hours viewed, it surpassed Hearthstone, Overwatch, and CS:GO.
Aaron Mickunas - 3 days agoGeneral

PUBG reaches four million sales in just three months of early access

The battle royale game continues to impress.
Scott Duwe - 4 days agoGeneral

PUBG is getting an assist statistic to prevent kill steals by squad teammates

No more arguing about who stole your kill in Squads.
Scott Duwe - 4 days agoGeneral

The best speedruns to look out for at SGDQ 2017

The event is going to be awesome—as usual.
Adam Newell - 4 days agoGeneral

PUBG's latest update improves framerate and server performance

Another week, another set of improvements to PUBG.
Scott Duwe - 4 days agoGeneral

Blizzard is expanding BlizzCon and opening up a new round of tickets

If you didn't get one yet, you may still have a chance.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 days agoGeneral

Beyond Good & Evil 2 revealed at E3

The game has been 14 years in the making.
Aaron Mickunas - 14 days agoGeneral