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How to find and unlock Fortbyte 95 at a Jungle Solar Panel Array in Fortnite season 9

Let's get to it.

Screengrab via Epic Games

It’s once again time to drop down into Fortnite: Battle Royale in search of the next illusive Fortbyte.

Over the past few weeks, one new Fortbyte has been added to the game for players to find. Unlocking a bunch of these collectible items gives the player unique rewards.

Today, Forbyte 95 can be “found at a Solar Panel Array in the Jungle.” Completing this task will put players one step closer to unlocking the secret Utopia character, which can be acquired after 90 Fortbytes are unlocked.

To complete this challenge, players will first need to head to the jungle area, which is in the northeast part of the map. There’s a small section of scientific buildings in location H2 on the map, west of Sunny Steps.

The Fortbyte can be found on top of the building with the solar panels on it. It should be easy to see when gliding down into the area. Once you find the Fortbyte, you only need to interact with it to complete the challenge.