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How to find and unlock Fortbyte 59 in a Pizza Pit Restaurant in Fortnite season nine

Food Fight!

Screengrab via Epic Games

Its time to show which fast-food giant you show allegiance to in Fortnite: Battle Royale today by going in search of Fortbytes.

Fortbytes are a new series of collectibles added in season nine that unlock various rewards and prizes. There are 100 in total and one is added to the game daily in the form of a mission.

For today’s task, Epic Games wants you to complete the “Accessible with Durrr! Emote Inside Pizza Pit Restaurant” challenge to unlock Fortbyte 59.

Image via Epic Games

First, you need to have the Durrr! emoticon, which is a tier 53 reward, and equip it to your emote bar. Don’t confuse this with the similar looking Durrr Burger emoticon that was released in a previous battle pass.

Now, head on over to the Mega Mall and you’ll notice a giant hologram. The restaurant you’re looking for is below that.

You’ll see a door with a no admittance sign right next to it. Go into that room and keep heading right until you see the Fortbyte on the floor. Then, use the emote and you can unlock the Fortbyte for yourself.