Overwatch League 2021 offseason trade tracker

Our comprehensive list of every trade, signing, retirement, and free agent heading into the 2022 season.

Photo via Overwatch League

The end of the 2021 Overwatch League season and the victory of the Shanghai Dragons gave a proper send-off to the first “era” of competitive Overwatch. With news that the fifth season of the league will kick off in April 2022 on an early build of Overwatch 2, teams are now looking to build rosters worthy of taking on the Dragons next year.

Unfortunately for most fans, this means it’s time for the most difficult part of the year: the offseason “rosterpocalypse.”

Because Overwatch 2 runs on a five-vs-five competitive system, teams may consider downsizing or adjusting their rosters. In addition, many players will likely make the jump to coaching or retirement before the sequel upends the status quo of the league. That said, many new players will also enter the fray and try to make their name in 2022. 

Key dates 

Per the Overwatch League’s roster construction rules, teams can begin submitting trades as early as Sept. 26, one day after the Grand Finals end. Teams have until Oct. 2 to extend player contracts; after this date, the rosterpocalypse officially begins. 

Players whose contracts were not extended become free agents as of Oct. 9 and can be signed to a team as early as Oct. 10, though they’ll likely weigh offers through the winter. 

Teams must have a minimum of five players signed by Jan. 3, 2022 and must have the roster minimum, six players, signed and ready to roll by March 1. 

This offseason trade tracker will be updated and maintained from September 2021 to April 2022. Entries are in reverse chronological order, meaning the newest changes will be at the top. A list of free agents can be found at the bottom of the tracker.  

November 2021

  • Nov. 23: Vancouver Titans announces its roster, which includes DPS players Aspire and sHockWave, supports Masaa and Aztac, and tank False.
    • Paris Eternal adds Mobugi as assistant coach.
  • Nov. 22: Paris Eternal re-signs tank Vestola.
  • Nov. 20: Former New York Excelsior tank Yakpung retires.
  • Nov. 18: Boston Uprising signs flex support MCD.
    • Florida Mayhem signs tank Someone.
    • Hangzhou Spark signs support Superich.
  • Nov. 17: Hangzhou Spark adds DPS AlphaYi and support Irony.
  • Nov. 15: Hangzhou Spark adds hitscan Pineapple.
  • Nov. 14: Hangzhou Spark adds changgoon as head coach and Xiao Gui and Miro as assistant coaches. The team parts ways with assistant coach OnlyWish.
  • Nov. 11: Washington Justice signs main support OPENER.
  • Nov. 9: Florida Mayhem picks up off-tank Adam.
    • Houston Outlaws signs flex support Lastro.
  • Nov. 8: Linkzr retires from professional Overwatch.
  • Nov. 5: San Francisco Shock signs DPS s9mm.
    • London Spitfire signs flex support Prov1de.
  • Nov. 4: London Spitfire signs off-tank Poko.
    • Florida Mayhem adds flex DPS MirroR.
    • Dallas Fuel adds Rascal as assistant coach.
    • Seoul Dynasty updates its coaching staff, adding tobi as head coach, WizardHyeong as head of strategy and data, and retaining assistant coach MMA and analyst Bongwoori.
  • Nov. 3: London Spitfire re-signs tank Hadi.
  • Nov. 2: London Spitfire signs DPS Backbone.
  • Nov. 1: Florida Mayhem signs DPS Hydron.

October 2021

  • Oct. 31: Guangzhou Charge adds main support Unique.
  • Oct. 30: Paris Eternal signs DPS Glister.
  • Oct. 29: Atlanta Reign announces its 2022 roster: DPS players Kai, nero, and Venom; tanks Gator and Hawk; and supports Ojee and UltraViolet.
    • San Francisco Shock signs DPS players Proper and Kilo and support FiNN.
    • Toronto Defiant signs tank MuZe.
    • Florida Mayhem parts ways with DPS Yaki.
  • Oct. 28: Toronto Defiant signs main support CH0R0NG.
    • Boston Uprising adds tank Marve1 and re-signs DPS Valentine.
    • Washington Justice signs flex support Krillin.
    • Philadelphia Fusion signs DPS Zest.
  • Oct. 27: Philadelphia Fusion adds hitscan DPS MN3.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators promotes face to head coach. The team also adds Unter and Smash as assistant coaches.
  • Oct. 26: Boston Uprising signs DPS Striker.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators signs main tank Reiner.
    • Philadelphia Fusion announces Alarm will return for 2022.
  • Oct. 25: Washington Justice adds flex support vigilante.
    • Florida Mayhem adds McGravy as assistant coach.
    • Philadelphia Fusion announces Carpe will return for 2022.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators announces SPACE will return for 2022.
  • Oct. 24: Florida Mayhem re-signs DPS Checkmate.
    • Toronto Defiant adds off-tank HOTBA.
  • Oct. 23: Los Angeles Gladiators adds hitscan DPS ANS.
    • Seoul Dynasty adds support Vindaim and re-signs flex support Creative.
  • Oct. 22: Seoul Dynasty adds flex support JJoNak.
    • Dallas Fuel adds DPS guriyo.
    • Florida Mayhem adds flex support SirMajed.
    • Houston Outlaws signs flex support Ir1s.
    • Former Florida Mayhem support SLIME and former Chengdu Hunters tank LateYoung announce their retirements.
  • Oct. 21: Dallas Fuel signs DPS Edison.
    • Seoul Dynasty signs main tank smurf.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators adds main support FunnyAstro. Head coach DPei departs the team.
    • Boston Uprising signs flex support Crimzo. The team also confirms off-tank Punk and main support Faith will be returning in 2022.
    • Guangzhou Charge adds DPS Develop.
    • Washington Justice parts ways with flex support BeBe.
  • Oct. 20: Dallas Fuel signs support ChiYo.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators re-signs supports Shu and Skewed.
    • Toronto Defiant adds Mobydik as assistant coach.
  • Oct. 19: Washington Justice acquires DPS Happy, parts ways with DPS Jerry.
  • Oct. 18: Houston Outlaws acquires DPS Pelican in trade with Atlanta Reign.
    • Florida Mayhem adds Gunba as head coach.
    • Former Mayhem main tank OGE and DPS BQB announce their retirements from professional Overwatch.
  • Oct. 17: San Francisco Shock officially re-signs main tank super.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators parts ways with main support Moth.
    • Philadelphia Fusion parts ways with off-tank HOTBA.
  • Oct. 15: Seoul Dynasty adds DPS Stalk3r, retains Profit and FITS for 2022.
    • Boston Uprising parts ways with off-tank GaeBullSsi.
  • Oct. 14: San Francisco Shock off-tank ChoiHyoBin retires.
    • Toronto Defiant adds flex support Twilight.
    • Philadelphia Fusion adds Chara as assistant coach.
  • Oct. 13: Philadelphia Fusion officially parts ways with off-tank Poko, DPS EQO, and main support FunnyAstro.
    • Atlanta Reign parts ways with main support Masaa.
    • Florida Mayhem head coach KuKi departs the team.
    • NineK joins the San Francisco Shock as assistant coach.
  • Oct. 12: Seoul Dynasty main tank Gesture retires from professional Overwatch.
    • Philadelphia Fusion head coach NineK departs the team. Fusion hires J1N as head coach.
    • London Spitfire adds ChrisTFer as head coach.
    • Atlanta Reign parts ways with Edison and Ir1s.
  • Oct. 11: The Overwatch League releases its Contract Status update.
  • Oct. 10: Vancouver Titans drops its entire 2021 roster: DPS players LiNkzr, Dalton, and Teru as well as tanks ChangSik and frdwnr and supports Fire and Roolf.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators re-signs Kevster.
    • Houston Outlaws DPS Happy announces his free agency.
  • Oct. 9: San Francisco Shock drops seven members: DPS players ta1yo, nero, Glister, and ANS, flex support Twilight, main tank smurf, and main support FDGoD.
    • Seoul Dynasty parts ways with DPS Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong-ryeol, tank players Hwang “Marve1” Min-seo and Lim “Toyou” Hyun-woo, and support player Jung “Anamo” Tae-sung. Head coach Park “Changgoon” Chang-geun is also released.
    • Shanghai Dragons adds Pavane as a coach.
    • Boston Uprising parts ways with assistant coach Ascoft.
  • Oct. 8: New York Excelsior flex support JJoNak parts ways with the team.
  • Oct. 7: Chengdu Hunters part ways with tank LateYoung.
  • Oct. 6: Los Angeles Gladiators DPS birdring retires.
    • London Spitfire releases main tank Hadi, off-tank Molf1g, main support Kellex, flex support Ripa, and DPS players Hybrid and blasé. Head coach fischer is also let go.
      • London confirms DPS players Shax and SparkR will be returning next year, along with most of the team’s management.
  • Oct. 5: Boston Uprising parts ways with main tank Stand1, flex support Myunb0ng, as well as DPS players Colourhex and im37.
    • New York Excelsior parts ways with main tank Yakpung, off-tanks Kalios and BiaNcA, main support Friday, and DPS players FEATH5R and Gwangboong.
      • BiaNcA and Friday will be retiring from professional play.
    • Philadelphia Fusion parts ways with DPS sHockWave.
    • Washington Justice adds Tydolla, formerly of the Los Angeles Gladiators, as assistant coach
  • Oct. 4: Paris Eternal confirms that DPS Naga, main tank Daan, flex support Kaan and main support dridro will return in 2022. JMac will step into the head coach role.
    • Shanghai Dragons releases assistant coaches JFeel and Dongsu.
      • Shanghai also posts the contract statuses of its current players, confirming eight of its players will return in 2022.
    • Philadelphia Fusion DPS EQO announces his free agency.
  • Oct. 3: Shanghai Dragons releases DPS Develop.
    • Guangzhou Charge parts ways with main tank Jihun, DPS MYKaylee, main support Mandu, and flex support KariV.
    • Hangzhou Spark parts ways with DPS SeoMinSoo, flex support ColdEst, and main supports M1ka and iDK. Assistant coach U4 was also released.
    • Houston Outlaws main tank Dreamer announces his free agency.
  • Oct. 2: Florida Mayhem releases main tank OGE, off-tank Gargoyle, main support Slime, flex support Gangnamjin, and DPS players BQB and Checkmate
    • Los Angeles Gladiators releases main tank MuZe and flex DPS MirroR.
    • Washington Justice releases DPS TTuba and main support Closer as well as personal coach Hocury. Closer will retire to do his military service.
    • Chengdu Hunters main tank Ameng enters free agency.
    • Dallas Fuel assistant coach Yong leaves to complete his military duty.
    • Atlanta Reign main support Masaa announces his free agency.
  • Oct. 1: Toronto Defiant releases supports ANSOONJAE, Lastro, and Aztac, tanks Michelle and Sado, and DPS players Na1st, Aspire and Logix. Assistant coach HoChiLee is also let go.
    • Paris Eternal releases head coach GetAmazed, DPS players Tsuna and Onigod, and off-tank Vestola.
    • Philadelphia Fusion off-tank Poko announces free agency.
    • Dallas Fuel releases main support Jecse and hitscan Pine. Flex support Rapel retires.

September 2021 

Free agents

Players are considered free agents and added to the list if they have officially announced their free agency on social media or through their former team. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t return to their “home” team, free agents are allowed to receive and discuss offers from other Overwatch League teams.

NameRoleFormer TeamF/A date
JoobiMain supportHouston Outlaws Sept. 30
JJANGGUMain tank Houston Outlaws Sept. 30
TsunaDPSParis EternalOct. 1
OnigodDPSParis EternalOct. 1
AmengMain tankChengdu HuntersOct. 2
Na1st DPS Toronto Defiant Oct. 2
MichelleOff-tank Toronto Defiant Oct. 2
Logix DPS Toronto Defiant Oct. 2
ColourhexDPS Boston UprisingOct. 2
GargoyleOff-tank Florida Mayhem Oct. 2
GangnamjinFlex support Florida Mayhem Oct. 3
TTubaDPS Washington JusticeOct. 3
DreamerMain tank Houston OutlawsOct. 3
KariV Flex supportGuangzhou ChargeOct. 3
iDKMain supportHangzhou SparkOct. 3
EQODPS Philadelphia FusionOct. 4
KaliosOff-tank New York Excelsior Oct. 5
GwangboongDPS New York Excelsior Oct. 5
Myunb0ngFlex supportBoston UprisingOct. 5
GaeBullSsiOff-tankBoston UprisingOct. 6
Molf1gOff-tankLondon Spitfire Oct. 6
KellexMain supportLondon Spitfire Oct. 6
HybridDPSLondon Spitfire Oct. 6
blaséDPSLondon Spitfire Oct. 6
BeBe Flex supportWashington Justice Oct. 7
Stand1Main tankBoston UprisingOct. 9
FDGoDMain supportSan Francisco Shock Oct. 9
ToyouOff-tankSeoul Dynasty Oct. 9
JecseMain support Dallas FuelOct. 9
AnamoMain support Seoul Dynasty Oct. 9
DaltonDPSVancouver TitansOct. 10
frdwnrOff-tankVancouver Titans Oct. 10
ChangSikMain tank Vancouver Titans Oct. 10
TeruDPSVancouver Titans Oct. 10
Mandu Main supportGuangzhou ChargeOct. 11
MYKayleeDPSGuangzhou ChargeOct. 11
JerryDPSWashington JusticeOct. 19

Retired players

PlayerFormer team
KSFHouston Outlaws
RapelDallas Fuel
CloserWashington Justice
BiaNcANew York Excelsior
FridayNew York Excelsior
FusionsBoston Uprising
BirdringLos Angeles Gladiators
Tobi Philadelphia Fusion
RascalPhiladelphia Fusion
ManoPhiladelphia Fusion
RipaLondon Spitfire
SaebyeolbeSeoul Dynasty
GestureSeoul Dynasty
ChoiHyoBinSan Francisco Shock
FEATH5R New York Excelsior
OGEFlorida Mayhem
BQBFlorida Mayhem
SLIMEFlorida Mayhem
LateYoungChengdu Hunters
LiNkzrVancouver Titans
YakpungNew York Excelsior