Washington Justice signs main support OPENER

Hopefully he'll be able to open up some opportunities for the team.

Photo by Joshua Roberts via Blizzard Entertainment

Few Overwatch League teams have managed to round out their rosters this early in the offseason, but the Washington Justice is eagerly heading toward that goal. 

Main support An “OPENER” Gi-beom from Overwatch Contenders Korea will join the Justice in 2022, the team announced today. He’s one of two rookie players Washington will be putting faith in to head up the support line.

OPENER may not be a household name for many Overwatch League fans, but he most recently played for Gen. G—Seoul Dynasty’s academy team—in Contenders Korea and was also on loan to Ground Zero Gaming in Contenders Australia. As a part of Ground Zero, OPENER and the team took third in the region’s most recent Contenders season.       

He joins fellow rookie support Kim “vigilante” Jun in the Justice’s 2022 backline but will likely play alongside veteran flex support Jung “Krillin” Yung-hoon for the first part of the season. Vigilante won’t be eligible to play in the league until he turns 18 in July.

Aside from its support line, the Washington Justice is otherwise putting all its faith into veteran players to lead the team. Justice DPS duo Jang “Decay” Gui-un and Kim “Assassin” Sung-won will be joined by hitscan Lee “Happy” Jung-woo, formerly of the Houston Outlaws. Kim “Fury” Jun-ho and Kim “Mag” Tae-sung will also be reprising their roles in the tank line.