Washington Justice signs flex support vigilante heading into 2022 Overwatch League season

The “vigilante Justice” jokes write themselves at this point.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

No Overwatch League team is complete without a flex support, preferably one with a cool name. The Washington Justice has obviously understood the assignment heading into 2022. 

Washington announced today that it’s signing flex support Kim “vigilante” Jun, who previously played for Talon Esports in Overwatch Contenders Korea. Though he’s currently 17 years old and ineligible to play in the league, he’ll be of age in July to head up the Justice’s support line.   

Vigilante has played for multiple successful teams in Contenders Korea and beyond, including WGS Phoenix and Triumph. His most recent team, Talon Esports, had an impressive year, coming in second place for both seasons of Contenders in 2021 against O2 Blast. 

Though the Justice had a reasonably successful year in 2021, parts of its roster have been cleared out to usher in new talent. Washington’s support line was axed, with former main support Jung “Closer” Won-sik retiring to do military service and flex support Yoon “BeBe” Huichang seeking a new team. 

The team picked up former Houston Outlaws hitscan Lee “Happy” Jung-woo last week, Washington’s only other new player acquisition before vigilante joined. Before the 2022 season kicks off, the Justice will still be looking for a main support as well as another flex support who can tag in from April to July before vigilante turns 18. 


Liz Richardson
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