Florida Mayhem picks up Adam for 2022 season

The Aussie off-tank gets his second chance in the league.

Image by Popcorp via Florida Mayhem

In 2022, the Overwatch League will be full of players and staffers looking for a second chance on new teams with new opportunities. The Florida Mayhem has also apparently committed to that idea. 

Australian off-tank Adam Soong will be playing for the Mayhem in 2022, the team announced today. He’s the first tank the team has signed for the league’s fifth season, which is set to kick off in April. 

One of the most well-known tanks in the Overwatch Contenders Australia scene, Adam has played for teams like ORDER and Ground Zero Gaming and has long been considered an Overwatch League-level tank. 

In late 2020, Adam was picked up by the Los Angeles Valiant. Months after his acquisition, the Valiant gutted its staff and moved to China for the 2021 season, dropping all of its players. While many former Valiant players found homes for the year, Adam wasn’t one of them.   

Over the last year, he spent time on teams like DarkMode and Uprising Academy in the North American Contenders circuit. But now, he’s finally made his way back into the league as a part of the Mayhem. 

Florida is building out a global roster for 2022 that includes players from lesser-represented countries like Saudi Arabia, with flex support Majed “SirMajed” Alrashied, and Vietnam, by way of DPS Chris “MirroR” Trinh. While the team is quickly building up, it’s still in search of an additional tank player and a main support.


Liz Richardson
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