Dota 2 post-TI11 roster shuffle live tracker: All moves, signings, and more

As the Aegis changes hands, the balance shifts.

Photo via Valve

The battle for the Aegis of Champions has once again concluded with Tundra Esports rising to the top in a dominant display of Dota 2 that has now immortalized their names as bearers of the ultimate symbol of victory.

But just because The International 2022 is over doesn’t mean the influence of the Ancients has ceased. Now, teams from around the world are pouring over the last year of Dota, building out their strategies, and forming new allegiances before heeding the call to battle once more. 

Every year, The International acts as the end and beginning of each year of competitive Dota 2, giving players and teams a marker to measure their success and whether any partnerships are worth continuing or not based on a number of metrics. 

If a team doesn’t make it to TI in any given season, it is almost a guarantee changes are coming and that roster won’t be back in the same form competing together at the start of the next year. Most organizations and players wait until after TI each year to make their big changes too since most of the big impact players will be competing at the event and, depending on the outcome, some of them might become available. 

With the implementation of a more strict Dota Pro Circuit and regional leagues over the last few years, it has become harder to change rosters after the initial post-TI shuffle due to limitations. So for teams like Evil Geniuses, T1, and more who are expected to make big changes post-TI11, this is their one shot to really build out a roster that can help them compete at the highest level. 

Heading into the 2022-2023 Dota Pro Circuit, here are all of the official roster moves, signings, and transfers that will shape the competitive scene ahead of TI12. 

All Dota 2 roster moves, signings, and transfers for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit

Tundra Dota 2 team lifting the Aegis trophy at TI11.
Photo via Valve

Dec. 15

  • Otaker, Supream, Xibbe, Immersion, and Kidaro join Into the Breach.

Dec. 13

  • Ehome releases Mikasa, Echo, and zeal, while welcoming mks, Night, xiaoyu, Salad, and Lww.
  • Bgod leaves The Cut as high_shaggy, Chives, Save, and empyreaN joins.

Dec. 11

  • Asta and Krish leave TNC Predator.
  • Lowskill, BoraNija, Ga1k, Velheor, and iMp join Level UP.

Dec. 10

  • Noone, Topson, Ceb, MSS, and n0tail officially unite under Old G.
  • RR leaves Execration as BDz joins.
  • layme, esK, Napkin, N1ne, and Adam form Thiuth Gaming.
  • March joins Execration as coach.

Dec. 9

Dec. 8

Dec. 7

Dec. 6

Dec. 5

Dec. 4

  • TSM finalizes roster with Ari and Whitemon
  • Ancient Tribe forms with MTD, PLEB, meLes, illusion, and LeBronDota
    • Mitch joins as coach

Dec. 2

  • BOOM joins Team Secret.
  • Neon Esports adds Valky~, Tsukimoto, Hated to its Dota 2 roster.
  • Alliance signs CharlieDota, s4, and Handsken from goonsquad
    • Also signs ChYuan and ponlo
    • Chef P. becomes manager while Arthur becomes team principal

Dec. 1

Nov. 30

Nov. 29

Nov. 27

  • Polaris Esports completes its roster with Mac, Jing, Bok, mavis, and Akashi.

Nov. 25

Nov. 24

Nov. 23

  • Evil Geniuses sign Pakazs, Chris Luck, Wisper, Matthew, and Pandaboo
    • Also sign head coach Vintage and manager Guashineen

Nov. 22

Nov. 21

Nov. 20

Nov. 19

Nov. 18

Nov. 16

Nov. 15

  • Evil Geniuses releases Arteezy, Abed, Nightfall, Cr1t-, Fly, and BuLba (coach)
  • Polaris Esports releases Natsumi, Lelouch-, Force, Xavius, and eyyou

Nov. 14

Nov. 13

Nov. 11

Nov. 8

Nov. 7

Nov. 6

Nov. 5

Nov. 4

  • Infamous releases Parker, Leostyle-, Frank, Michael-, and Accel
  • Fnatic parts ways with Jabz and SunBhie (coach)
    • Jabz signs with Talon Esports

Nov. 3

  • beastcoast signs Sacred and Darkmago
    • Sacred officially leaves Thunder Awaken
  • Chris Luck and Wisper part ways with beastcoast
  • BetBoom Team releases Daxak, Larl, Noticed, RodjER, and SoNNeikO
  • ATF is moved to OG’s inactive roster
    • He is allowed to explore other options
  • Talon Esports parts ways with kpii and Hyde

Nov. 2

  • DuBu leaves TSM

Nov. 1

  • Soniqs releases YaWar, Quinn, MSS, and Fata
  • Otaker, Supream^, Xibbe, Ari, Kidaro leave Into The Breach
    • MiLAN (coach) also leaves with team
  • SG esports releases mouzvaa, Kxy, Oscar, and LTH

Oct. 31

Oct. 30

Oct. 29

Oct. 28

Oct. 27

  • Whitemon’s contract with T1 expires

Oct. 26

Oct. 25

Oct. 24

Oc.t 20

Oct. 18

Oct. 13

Oct. 5

  • Nigma Galaxy releases AlaCrity, Meracle, Jhocam, and Boombui

Sept. 30

  • Alliance releases Nikobaby, w33, Limitless, Aramis, and Dukalis


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