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Best Pals in Palworld, ranked

Your best friends in the Palpagos Islands.

With over 100 different Pals to choose from, including variations of existing Pals, knowing which Pals are right for you can be quite confusing, especially considering Palworld is a game littered with a variety of these fantastical animals.

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Thankfully, we have you covered there with our list of the best Pals to collect.

Top 10 Pals in Palworld

The top Pals in Palworld can be quite subjective since all of them have their strengths and weaknesses, including utility in and out of battle. Our top 10 list focuses on the best Pals (that we know of) that can carry you through most of the game and peak in power towards the endgame. These Pals are quite reliable in a variety of situations and won’t let you down.

A lot of these Pals make for great breeding options as well. Note, none of the Pals mentioned here are Legendary Pals, specifically to make this list more fair and balanced to the rest of the Pals. (Hat-tip to content creator Moxsy for the Pal ability stats.)

10) Warsect

Warsect's Paldeck page in Palworld.
A powerhouse of a beetle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This Ground/Grass element powerhouse is a great addition to any party. Warsect possesses the ability to add Fire damage to their attacks and this bonus applies to the player character as well. Warsect’s unique ability, Hard Armor, shares its own defensive shell’s potential with its partner while allowing them to also deal bonus Fire damage with their attacks.

If your team is lacking a powerful tank that can take a lot of hits, Warsect is your Pal. The additional offensive potential of this Pal still feels untapped and we believe Warsect might be a sleeper pick for one of the top Pals during the endgame. For now, Warsect is a solid Pal that can fit any lineup you choose to run with.

9) Sweepa

Sweepa's Paldeck page in Palworld.
The floof king. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

This fluffy Ice element Pal is a perfect option for you if you like being able to ride your Pals. Upon first encountering Sweepa, the Majesty of Fuzz themselves, you will probably notice it looks like an elderly Swee, and you are right to think that. Sweepa attracts other Swee to them and their presence greatly boosts Sweepa’s power.

The King of Fluff unique ability, apart from meaning you can ride the Sweepa, also increases the Pal’s stats depending on how many Swee are in your team. This means you can play through most of the game on the back of your Sweepa while your friendly Swee nests in its body hair, giving it more power in and out of battle.

8) Lyleen

Lyleen's Paldeck page in Palworld.
The queen of flowers. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Lyleen, the Lily Empress, is a powerful Grass element Pal that prefers to stay more on the side of peace. That aspect of this Pal is very apparent when you notice Lyleen’s Harvest Goddess ability is one of the few ways to actually heal in Palworld. Not only is this ability super handy while exploring the overworld, but it comes in clutch during intense battles.

On the other hand, its variation Lyleen Noct is the Dark element version of the base Lyleen. This variant tends to be a little more violent than the base version, although just as elegant. Despite the slightly more aggressive nature, Lyleen Noct still possesses a powerful heal in Goddess of the Tranquil Light that sets it apart from other Pals.

Lyleen and its variation are a great addition to any lineup because of its powerful healing abilities.

7) Astegon

Astegon's Paldeck page in Palworld.
A terrifying prospect to fight. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Astegon is a Pal that is as dangerous as it looks. Being a Dragon/Dark element Pal, there is not much in the way of offense that Astegon cannot do with its impressive arsenal of both Dark and Dragon element attacks, such as Dark Laser and Dragon Meteor. It is also one of the best flying mounts, making it very valuable.

The Ravager of Stars also doubles as the ravager of rocks because its mining potential is way above most other Pals you recruit for the same job. Additionally, if you mount an Astegon while it is mining, or mine after mounting one, the damage dealt to ores and other rocks significantly increases. Capture a few of these to automate all of your mining needs.

6) Faleris

Faleris' Paldeck page in Palworld.
A dangerous bird of prey. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you are looking for a powerful offensive fighter to add to your lineup, look no further than Faleris. This Fire element Pal can wreak havoc if played right, especially against Ice element Pals who end up dropping more items than normal when they are defeated. Its powerful arsenal of Fire attacks is no joke either, making short work of non-Ice element Pals.

The Sentinel of Dawn also doubles as a flying mount, allowing for easy terrain traversal as you explore the farthest reaches of the map. Apart from the legendary Pals, Faleris is the fastest flying mount in the Paldex, making it very valuable to capture as early as possible. As great as its attack damage is, Faleris somewhat falls short in the health department, curbing its overall ranking just a little.

5) Orserk

Orserk's Paldeck page in Palworld.
A powerful Pal to have. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Orserk is quite a powerhouse. This Dragon/Electric element Pal is widely considered the strongest Pal when it comes to the Electric element. What makes Orserk so much more powerful than other Electric element Pals is its Lord of Lightning ability which boosts all Electric damage dealt. This ability incentivizes an offensive playstyle and Orserk’s late-game moveset of Lightning Streak, Tri-Lightning, and Lightning Bolt truly make the Pal shine when it comes to damage. No surprise that Orserk is a Tower Boss later down the line.

4) Jormuntide

Jormuntide's Paldeck page in Palworld.
A vengeful dragon wreaking havoc. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Don’t let Jormuntide’s scary backstory fool you, the Pal is far more terrifying than its history suggests. This Water/Dragon element Pal makes it this far up our list because of its high attack, defense, and ability to let players mount it while traveling across the water. Jormuntide’s Stormbringer Sea Dragon also prevents any stamina loss while you ride it on water.

Jormuntide also has a powerful Fire element variant, Jormuntide Ignis. This variant sports powerful Fire attacks instead of Water while maintaining the same Dragon arsenal as its base variant. Its Stormbringer Lava Dragon works the same way as its base version, except that the ability enhances Fire attacks when mounted.

3) Blazamut

Blazamut's Paldeck page in Palworld.
The big dog. Screenshot by Dot Esports

With the Fire element being one of the strongest in Palworld thus far, it only makes sense that Blazamut made it this far. This hellhound is a pure Fire element Pal that doubles as a mount for players who love quick terrain traversal. Blazamut’s Magma Kaiser skill incentivizes riding by enhancing all Fire element attacks when the player character has mounted this beast.

Blazamut’s other ability, Flame Emperor, further enhances its Fire element attacks by up to 50 percent. When paired with Magma Kaiser, Blazamut’s damage potential is one of the top in the endgame if you don’t count Legendary Pals. Long story short, keep the Cursed Tyrant in your party if you want to have a good time.

2) Anubis

Anubis stats screen in Palworld
An ill omen of death. Screenshot by Dot Esports

All of the top four entries are widely considered to be the most powerful Pals in the game, barring the legendary Pals, and Anubis is a prime example of that. This Ground element Pal is a Boss Pal, and as such, has no specific habitat or spawn points. Anubis is also extremely aggressive and will attack you when you first encounter it, so be prepared for a fight.

Once you capture it, you have a perfect Pal partner to attack with. Anubis’ Guardian of the Desert ability adds Ground element damage to the player character’s attacks. Additionally, this ability lets Anubis occasionally dodge attacks in battle with a high-speed sidestep, making it a mobile and evasive Pal that is hard to take down.

1) Shadowbeak

Shadowbeak's Paldeck page in Palworld.
The danger arrives. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best Pal that can fit any lineup is Shadowbeak. Not only is this Dark element Pal a great mount to run across the ground with, but Shadowbeak also doubles as a flying mount, making it one of, if not the, best mounts to have. The stamina consumed by Shadowbeak is also one of the lowest, allowing you to stay mounted for longer than normal.

Shadowbeak’s Genetic Modification also allows Dark element attacks to be stronger when you ride it, giving you another incentive to stay mounted. In terms of stats, Shadowbeak is also one of the most well-rounded Pals. It really can do it all.

Finally, its incredible signature skill, Divine Disaster, releases powerful blasts of light that automatically capture any enemies you’re fighting before releasing a barrage of lasers.

Since Palworld is still in early access, there are future updates yet to come. We will keep you updated about the best Pals and how the meta changes as updates go live.

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