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Lyleen standing tall
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All Tower Bosses in Palworld and how to beat them

They get progressively tougher.

While there are tons of boss fights in Palworld due to the number of Alpha Pal bosses out there, they can’t compete with the difficulty of the Tower Bosses in the game.

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Palworld features five different Tower Bosses situated in different corners of the map. While beating each one of them in battle is difficult enough, preparing for them with the right Pals and gear is a whole other story.

With our help, however, you shouldn’t be breaking more than a sweat. Here’s all the Tower bosses in order in Palworld and how to take them down.

All five Tower Bosses in Palworld and how to beat them

Zoe and Grizzbolt

Zoe commands Grizzbolt from her seat at the nape of its neck, her finger pointing at their opponent as Grizzbolt readies its claws.
Definitely the easiest of the five Tower Bosses. Image via Pocketpair

Zoe and Grizzbolt mark the initial tower boss encounter, serving as the final tutorial segment. Their exact location is hidden inside the Rayne Syndicate Tower, at the coordinates 113, -431.

  • Level 10
  • Weakness: Ground
  • Pal element: Electric
  • Recommended level: 12 to 15
  • Challenge requirement: 30,550 HP in 10 minutes

Grizzbolt unleashes a barrage of electric missiles from a distance, but it tends to close in for melee attacks using its claws. To evade its close-quarters assaults, position a pillar between you and the Pal. Be wary of Grizzbolt’s triple ground slam, triggered immediately after it rushes towards you—skillful dodging can help you avoid this onslaught.

Zoe, on the other hand, occasionally targets you with her laser bolt. Move swiftly to find cover before she fires her shot, as you have a brief window to do so. You can also capitalize on opportunities to deal melee damage by positioning yourself behind Grizzbolt while your Pal draws its attention. However, exercise caution to steer clear of its electric area-of-effect attack.

Since Grizzbolt is an Electric-type Pal, it’s advisable to choose a Ground-element Pal as your fighting companion. For this battle, consider bringing Pals such as Rushoar, Fuddler, Daedream, Dumud, and Gumoss. These Pals are readily available in the nearby zones, except for Rushoar and Dumud, which can be found further north. Daedream, with its passive ability that makes it untargetable while shooting whenever you attack an enemy, proves particularly beneficial in this encounter.

Lily and Lyleen

Lily and Lyleen gaze solemnly at their opponent.
These two are an easy time if you adopt preventive yet offensive tactics. Image via Pocketpair

Lily and Lyleen are situated in an icy region of the map, necessitating the use of cold-resistant gear to safely reach their location. They’re inside the Free Pal Alliance Tower at coordinates 181, 29.

  • Level 25
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Pal element: Grass
  • Recommended level: 26 to 32
  • Challenge requirement: 69,370 HP in 10 minutes

In the battle against Lyleen, maintain a safe distance as she emits a poison cloud directly ahead. Aim for her head for critical hits, but be cautious of homing bubbles, hurricanes, and scattered seed grenades across the entire battlefield. Dodge Lyleen’s occasional but swift three-shot missile with well-timed moves or by taking cover behind pillars.

At this point in your game, you must have picked up a Crossbow, so make sure you equip it for this battle—preferably a Fire Arrow Crossbow since Lyleen is weak to Fire. Bring Fire element Pals to capitalize on this weakness. Maintain distance, use pillars for cover, and employ strong Fire element attackers and your fire arrows for effective damage.

Recommended Pals for this fight include Wixen, Rooby, Kelpsea Ignis—who is especially useful due to its passive boosting fire damage by 25 percent—and Daedream for its formidable combat abilities. Additionally, consider using Vanwyrm for better maneuverability and taking manual control of its attacks as a mount. Keep in mind this may cause Lily and Lyleen to focus on either you or your Pal completely rather than splitting their attention, so adopt a defensive strategy when using this tactic.

Axel and Orserk

Axel and Orserk stand side-by-side, their arms thrown outwards in a taunting posture.
Ice or Ground element Pals should make quick work of this battle. Image via Pocketpair

Axel and Orserk are located on an island surrounded by lava, requiring the use of heat-resistant gear to access the tower they’re in. They reside in the Eternal Pyre Tower at coordinates -587, -517.

  • Level 40
  • Weakness: Ground and Ice
  • Pal element: Electric and Dragon
  • Recommended level: 41 to 45
  • Challenge requirement: 130,700 HP in 10 minutes

Orserk favors using a thunder trident projectile, launching it at you or your Pals. This projectile splits into three directions upon impact. Additionally, Orserk frequently summons a tracking poison cloud, demanding continuous movement until it dissipates. The lightning beam too is challenging to dodge in the heat of the battle, so take cover behind a pillar during the brief pause before Orserk unleashes its attack.

Steer clear of standing directly in front of Orserk, as it might unleash its Draconic Breath to punish you. If it abruptly closes the gap, be cautious, as it may be preparing for a close-range AoE attack that requires quick dodges to avoid. Maintain a safe distance using long-range weapons, focusing your attacks on the head. If you struggle to endure Orserk’s burst damage, consider upgrading your armor and bringing a Pal with lifesteal for added survivability.

Given that Orserk is an Electric/Dragon element Pal, opting for Ground element or Ice-element Pals is a highly effective counter. Ice-element Pals, in particular, provide an added benefit by potentially freezing Orserk in place, offering a valuable opportunity to land free hits or tend to your health. Recommended Pals for this battle include Ice Reptyro, Mammorest Cryst—essential with excellent tank qualities and a high HP pool—Anubis, who is proficient at dodging and inflicting substantial Ground damage, and Frostallion.

Marcus and Faleris

Marcus swoops in on the back of Faleris, a fierce bird of prey with glowing eyes.
Here’s where the difficulty really starts picking up. Image via Pocketpair

To reach Marcus and Faleris in the northern desert, it’s crucial to have heat resistance during the day and cold resistance at night for a safe journey. Their exact location is in the PIDF Tower, at the coordinates 556, 336.

  • Level 45
  • Weakness: Water
  • Pal element: Fire
  • Recommended level: 46 to 49
  • Challenge requirement: 146,975 HP in 10 minutes

Faleris, the fiery avian adversary, unleashes an arsenal of Fire-related attacks, including fire tornadoes, fireballs, and various projectiles. To navigate this fiery onslaught, strategically use the arena’s pillars to shield yourself as much as possible. Faleris’s Ignis Breath unleashes a forward plume of flame, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a mid-to-long range distance during the battle. Adding to the challenge, Faleris frequently positions itself overhead to release Fire or Electric AoE attacks. Be cautious of its thunderbolt attack, which induces a debilitating Shock status effect, making constant movement crucial in this encounter

Given the airborne nature of Marcus & Faleris throughout the battle, relying on Pals to draw aggro becomes essential, and melee-focused Pals of smaller stature may not prove effective against their substantial health pool. Considering the extensive health to deplete within the time limit, inflicting a Poison DoT (damage-over-time) is recommended for additional damage.

Since Faleris is a Fire element, Water-element Pals and Heat Resistant Armor are the obvious counters to this battle. Consider getting a few if not all of the following Pals: Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, Relaxaurus as your primary tank, and Azurobe. If you have two Relaxaurus, it’s even better, allowing you to alternate between them as their HP diminishes to minimize unnecessary damage. 

Victor and Shadowbeak

Victor sits astride Shadowbeak who rears back, wings outstretched, as it takes to the skies.
Get ready for the toughest Tower Boss fight of them all. Image via Pocketpair

To reach Victor and Shadowbeak located on the snowy mountain in the north, ensure you have cold resistance to endure the harsh conditions. Their exact location is hidden inside the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower at coordinates -146, 448.

  • Level 50
  • Weakness: Dragon
  • Pal element: Dark
  • Recommended level: 50
  • Challenge requirement: 146,975 HP in 10 minutes

Prepare for a variety of Shadowbeak’s attacks, which include Dark-based projectiles, a rapid forward beam, and a sweeping wave of homing orbs, all inflicting Dark damage. Utilize pillars or well-timed dodges to evade these assaults successfully. Additionally, be cautious of Ice-based attacks like ice bombs, waves, and beams. Equip cold-resistant Armor to counteract potential Freeze status effects, although it’s likely you’ve already done that due to the frigid conditions outside the boss room.

No one is blaming you if you’re struggling with the fifth Tower boss fight—consider leveling up a bit more and getting better weapons if you feel like you are lacking in battle. Bringing a Pal with lifesteal abilities can be a smart move to keep you and your team going. And, if you’re not quite at the recommended level, it might be wise to hold off on this battle until you’re more prepared.

Taking on Victor and Shadowbeak is the ultimate boss challenge in Palworld, so don’t hesitate to bring out your big guns for this one. The Rocket Launcher is your top choice, but it’s crucial to make each shot count due to its low fire rate and costly ammo. Since Shadowbeak is a Dark type, deploy your most potent Dragon-type Pals to face it head-on.

For this intense battle, bring in some heavy-hitters like Jormuntide Ignis, Astegon, and Quivern. However, the real star of the show is Relaxaurus Lux, boasting excellent tankiness and a powerful Pal Skill, Missile Party, capable of dealing significant damage to airborne foes like Shadowbeak.

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