Overwatch League 2023 offseason trade tracker 

Keep track of every trade, signing, retirement, and free agent heading into the 2023 season.

Photo by Joe Brady for Blizzard Entertainment

After the final pieces of confetti fell from the Dallas Fuel’s first franchise championship win, and the most competitive Grand Finals in Overwatch League history, the annual offseason bloodbath began. 

Welcome to Overwatch League “rostermania,” 2023 edition. 

In the months after the Grand Finals, teams make difficult decisions as to which contracts they’ll be extending into 2023 and which players will be left in the dust. Underperforming teams may make massive roster reconstruction decisions that include changes in upper management, such as coaches and general managers. 

Nearly every team will make changes heading into the 2023 season, which still has an unidentified start date. 

According to the 2023 roster construction rules, teams must have a minimum of five players signed by March 13, as of an announcement made Dec. 1. A date to have six players signed has not yet been announced. Teams may begin signing free agents on Dec. 23, 2022.

In order to help you keep track of these changes, which can often come in rapid succession, Dot Esports maintains this Overwatch League trade tracker throughout the “rostermania” season. Entries for daily changes are listed in reverse chronological order, meaning the newest changes will always be listed at the top. Free agents and retirements will be listed as they’re announced, but with no specific order.  

Overwatch League trade tracker 

January 2023

  • Jan. 15: Seoul Dynasty re-signs Profit.
  • Jan. 9: Hangzhou Spark names RUI as head coach.
  • Jan. 5: Los Angeles Gladiators part ways with skewed.
  • Jan. 4: Florida Mayhem adds Sauna and CH0R0NG.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators part ways with Reiner.
  • Jan. 3: Hangzhou Spark parts ways with Pineapple and Superich.
  • Jan. 2: Boston Uprising adds Kalios and Twilight.
  • Jan. 1: Dallas Fuel adds MCD and Bliss, confirms return of SP9RK1E, Edison, and Hanbin as well as head coach RUSH.

December 2022

  • Dec. 30: Shanghai Dragons welcome back head coach Moon.
    • Philadelphia Fusion officially rebrands to the Seoul Infernal.
  • Dec. 28: Vegas (formerly Paris) Eternal adds Vulcan.
  • Dec. 27: Vancouver Titans adds Sugarfree.
    • JAKE retires from coaching the Houston Outlaws.
  • Dec. 26: San Francisco Shock adds HeeSang, Max, and Vindaim and confirms FiNN and Proper will return in 2023.
  • Dec. 24: Houston Outlaws adds Happy and head coach Neko. Junkbuck moves to director of competition.
  • Dec. 23: Boston Uprising acquires STRIKER, Decay, Birdring, Smurf, LeeJaeGon, and IZaYaKI. Dongsu joins as head coach and Sup7eme as assistant GM.
    • Vancouver Titans adds Punk, Faith, and Crimzo.
    • Houston Outlaws adds Fearless and Shu.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators adds Lastro.
    • Atlanta Reign adds ChiYo and Fielder.
  • Dec. 10: Florida Mayhem acquires MER1T from the Houston Outlaws in a trade deal.
  • Dec. 8: Washington Justice adds GetAmazed as head coach and general manager.
  • Dec. 7: Hangzhou Spark parts ways with AlphaYi and Irony.
  • Dec. 1: Danteh parts ways with the Houston Outlaws.
    • Vancouver Titans confirms Aspire will return for 2023.

November 2022 

  • Nov. 30: Seoul Dynasty parts ways with Profit.
  • Nov. 29: Atlanta Reign confirms vigilante will return for 2023.
  • Nov. 28: Atlanta Reign confirms Hawk will return for 2023.
  • Nov. 26: Shanghai Dragons tank Void officially retires.
  • Nov. 25: Paris Eternal adds Empress as head coach.
  • Nov. 24: Shanghai Dragons parts ways with IZaYAkI, head coach Moon, and assistant coach Kong.
    • Atlanta Reign adds LIP.
  • Nov. 23: Atlanta Reign acquires Stalk3r from the Seoul Dynasty, parts ways with Kai.
  • Nov. 22: Atlanta Reign names Gator head coach.
  • Nov. 21: Head coach Sephy retires from the Atlanta Reign.
    • Philadelphia Fusion confirms head coach J1N and assistant coaches Sungmin and Chara will be returning for 2023.
  • Nov. 19: Seoul Dynasty releases Fits, Smurf, Vindaim, and lr1s.
    • Boston Uprising releases Punk, Crimzo, and Valentine as well as Seeker, Mag, and Victoria.
  • Nov. 18: Washington Justice officially releases OPENER, Krillin, Kalios, Assassin, and Decay. Head coach Sup7eme and Haeni also released.
    • Vancouver Titans releases k1ng, MirroR, False, Skairipa, Aztac and Masaa.
  • Nov. 17: San Francisco Shock releases Kilo into free agency.
  • Nov. 16: Toronto Defiant releases MuZe and Although.
    • Los Angeles Valiant officially releases Diya, Molly, Lengsa, Haker and coach Haru.
  • Nov. 15: Toronto Defiant adds Casores as head coach.
  • Nov. 14: Hangzhou Spark parts ways with head coach Changgoon, assistant coaches Miro and Neko, and Architect, Bernar, and Teru.
    • Los Angeles Gladiators updates fans on contract statuses: Kevster and FunnyAstro are retained for 2023, remainder of team is in talks but technically free agents.
    • London Spitfire parts ways with Poko, Shax, and Kaan. SparkR pursues free agency. Admiral, Landon, Hadi, and Backbone are to be retained for 2023.
    • New York Excelsior releases Yaki, Flora, Kellan, Gangnamjin, ANSOONJAE, and Ho1.
    • Los Angeles Valiant releases INNOVATION, Becky, Ezhan, SASIN, and Marve1.
    • San Francisco Shock parts ways with assistant coach Casores.
  • Nov. 13: Toronto Defiant releases Heesu and coach Mobydik.
  • Nov. 12: Florida Mayhem releases Xzi, Hydron, Anamo, SirMajed, and coach Dae1.
    • All Dallas Fuel players enter into unrestricted free agency.
    • Shanghai Dragons updates fans about player contract statuses: LIP, LeeJaeGon, and IZaYaKI will remain for 2023 while all other players enter into free agency.
    • Paris Eternal releases head coach JMac, Wub, and Krawi.
  • Nov. 11: Philadelphia Fusion releases five players: Belosrea, Fury, Carpe, FiXa, and AimGod. Carpe signs with T1 VALORANT. MN3 is re-signed to the Fusion along with Zest for 2023.  
    • Atlanta Reign releases six players: Ojee, UltraViolet, nero, Speedily, Venom, and Gator.
    • San Francisco Shock releases four players: Coluge, mikeyy, s9mm, and Striker.
  • Nov. 10: Houston Outlaws releases three players: Doge, Lep, and Creative.
    • Boston Uprising hires PRE as general manager.
    • Guangzhou Charge tank Cr0ng retires.
    • Shanghai Dragons parts ways with coaches Pavane and Daemin.
  • Nov. 9: Boston Uprising parts ways with head coach Ascoft.
  • Nov. 7: Vancouver Titans parts ways with head coach dpei.

2023 Overwatch League free agents

Players are listed as free agents if they’ve formally announced that they’re looking for a team (abbreviated “LFT” on social media). Even if a player has been released from a team via a post or announcement, they won’t be listed unless they’ve clearly stated an intent to continue on in the Overwatch League.

Free agents are players who have been released from a team or whose contracts have expired, allowing them to hear offers from other teams. A player being announced as a free agent doesn’t mean all hope is lost for fans of their previous team, though; a free agent can hear offers from all teams, including their former organization.

Player nameRolePrevious teamDate LFT
NeroDPSAtlanta ReignNov. 9
VenomDPSAtlanta ReignNov. 10
DogeTankHouston OutlawsNov. 10
CreativeSupportHouston OutlawsNov. 10
LepSupportHouston OutlawsNov. 10
UltraVioletSupportAtlanta ReignNov. 11
OjeeSupportAtlanta ReignNov. 11
SparkrDPSLondon SpitfireNov. 11
Bernar TankHangzhou SparkNov. 11
MirroRTankVancouver TitansNov. 11
AimGodSupportPhiladelphia FusionNov. 11
BelosreaTankPhiladelphia FusionNov. 11
Fury TankPhiladelphia FusionNov. 11
FiXa SupportPhiladelphia FusionNov. 11
VictoriaDPSBoston UprisingNov. 11
FateTankShanghai DragonsNov. 12
MagTankBoston UprisingNov. 12
SeekerDPSBoston UprisingNov. 12
KrawiTankParis EternalNov. 12
wubDPSParis EternalNov. 12
guriyoDPSDallas FuelNov. 12
EdisonDPSDallas FuelNov. 12
ValentineDPSBoston UprisingNov. 12
InnovationDPSLos Angeles ValiantNov. 12
EzhanDPSLos Angeles ValiantNov. 12
Marve1TankLos Angeles ValiantNov. 12
ColugeTankSan Francisco ShockNov. 13
s9mmDPSSan Francisco ShockNov. 13
WhoRUDPSShanghai DragonsNov. 13
SirMajedSupportFlorida MayhemNov. 14
AnamoSupportFlorida MayhemNov. 14
HeesuDPSToronto DefiantNov. 14
YakiDPSNew York ExcelsiorNov. 14
FloraDPSNew York ExcelsiorNov. 14
KellanTankNew York ExcelsiorNov. 14
ANSOONJAESupportNew York ExcelsiorNov. 14
KaanSupportLondon SpitfireNov. 14
OPENERSupportWashington JusticeNov. 14
SkewedSupportLos Angeles GladiatorsNov. 14
TeruSupportHangzhou SparkNov. 14
ArchitectDPSHangzhou SparkNov. 15
BeckyDPSLos Angeles ValiantNov. 15
ITSALTankBoston UprisingNov. 16
ALTHOUGHDPSToronto DefiantNov. 16
MuZeTankToronto DefiantNov. 16
DiyaDPSLos Angeles ValiantNov. 16
KiloDPSSan Francisco ShockNov. 17