VCT Masters 3 Berlin: Scores, schedule, bracket

Keep up to date on the second international VALORANT LAN.

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VCT Masters Three Berlin will conclude the third stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour and set the stage for the first VALORANT world championship at Champions at the end of the year.

Fifteen teams will collide in a four-group group stage beginning on Sept. 10, with the top two teams from each group moving on to a single-elimination bracket. The winner of VCT Masters Three Berlin will earn one of the 16 spots at Champions, regardless of the amount of VCT points they’ve earned. All the teams that are participating in Berlin have an opportunity to secure a spot at Champions depending on the number of points they’ve earned, with the exception of a couple of teams like Sentinels and KRU Esports, who have already done so.

Participating teams

The 15 teams participating in VCT Masters Three Berlin have been determined by regional Challengers Playoffs at the end of Stage Three. Only three teams competing in Berlin attended Masters Two Reykjavík.

  • Four EMEA teams (Europe, Turkey, and CIS): Gambit, Acend, SuperMassive Blaze, G2 Esports
  • Three North American teams: Sentinels, 100 Thieves, Team Envy
  • Two Brazilian teams: Keyd Stars, Havan Liberty
  • Two Korean teams: Vision Strikers, F4Q
  • Two Japanese teams: ZETA DIVISION, Crazy Raccoon
  • Two Southeast Asian teams: Bren Esports*, Paper Rex
  • One Latin American team: KRU Esports

*Bren Esports will not be participating due to travel restrictions


Each group is its own small double-elimination bracket, with the top two from each moving on to the playoffs. A random draw will determine the playoff matches. All matches will be best-of-three series, except for the grand finals, which will be a best-of-five. Matches will be played on VALORANT Patch 3.04.

Group A

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Group A consists of:

  • Vision Strikers: Korea’s first seed
  • Paper Rex: Southeast Asia’s second seed
  • SuperMassive Blaze: EMEA’s second seed
  • Acend: EMEA’s third seed

Group B

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Group B consists of:

  • Keyd Stars: Brazil’s first seed
  • Team Envy: NA’s third seed
  • KRU Esports: Latin America
  • ZETA DIVISION: Japan’s first seed

Group C

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Group C consists of:

  • Gambit: EMEA’s first seed
  • Crazy Raccoon: Japan’s second seed
  • 100 Thieves: NA’s second seed
  • Havan Liberty: Brazil’s second seed

Group D

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Group D consists of:

  • Sentinels: NA’s first seed
  • G2 Esports: EMEA’s fourth seed
  • F4Q: Korea’s second seed

Bren Esports are unable to attend the event due to visa issues. Sentinels, G2, and F4Q will compete in a double round-robin format, with the top two teams advancing to the playoffs.

Schedule and scores

All times CT and subject to delays.

Friday, Sept. 10

Saturday, Sept. 11

Sunday, Sept. 12

  • 8am CT: Group B – KRU 2-1 ZETA DIVISION (KRU 13-8 Ascent, ZETA 13-5 Split, KRU 13-7 Bind)
  • 11am CT: Group D – Sentinels 2-1 G2 (SEN 13-6 Split, G2 13-8 Icebox, SEN 13-8 Haven)
  • 2pm CT: Group C winner’s match – 100T 2-1 Gambit (Gambit 13-5 Ascent, 100T 13-11 Icebox, 100T 13-10 Split)

Monday, Sept. 13

Tuesday, Sept. 14

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Thursday, Sept. 16

Friday, Sept. 17 (Quarterfinals)

Saturday, Sept. 18 (Semifinals)

Sunday, Sept. 19 (Grand finals, best-of-five)

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