Valorant agents Jett, Raze, and Killjoy walking toward the camera.
Image via Riot Games

Full VALORANT agent release order

Here's when every VALORANT agent made their first appearance.

The cast of playable VALORANT characters has steadily grown since the game’s release in 2020. Riot Games has been punctual about releasing new content, including skins, maps, and agents. 

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Here’s the list of all 23 VALORANT agents in the order they were released.

1 to 10) Original VALORANT roster

VALORANT closed beta promo art.
The originals. Image via Riot Games

These are the 10 agents who were available in the VALORANT closed beta when it launched in April 2020. Raze was the last agent to be added before the beta.

While the design of some of these early agents might seem basic compared to the newer additions in recent episodes, these are the characters that started it all for VALORANT


Brimstone is an American controller agent and the leader of VALORANT. As Agent 1, he serves as the commander of all the other VALORANT agents.


Viper, another American, is a less traditional controller agent. She is a chemist who specializes in researching poisonous gas and uses it in battle.


Omen is a mysterious human—or a human-like figure from an unknown place. He lurks in the shadows, has two dark smokes, and can teleport around the map.


Cypher, an agent from Morocco, explores the role of a sentinel by watching all areas of the map with his equipment.


Sova is a Russian hunter equipped with a bow and arrow. He is one of the best agents for gathering information via his recon dart.


Sage is the quintessential healer in the game and can even resurrect fallen agents from death. She is originally from China and uses Radianite to create slow fields and walls. She is second in command to Brimstone.


Phoenix is a chill guy from London with lots of confidence. He uses fire as his primary ability, blinding and damaging enemies.


From South Korea, Jett flies in riding the clouds and the wind. She is the second-fastest agent in the game and excels at taking her enemies by surprise.


Raze is another duelist with a potential for mass destruction. Carrying a variety of homemade weapons and tools, she is a master of dealing damage and causing chaos. She is originally from Brazil.


Breach is a Swedish man who lost both arms and now uses mechanical ones to flash and stun his enemies.

The first 10 agents provided a solid foundation for the game to grow and expand upon the existing abilities and designs. Many of these VALORANT agents have received subtle changes to their kits as the game has evolved through various patches.

11) Reyna

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Reyna.
More. Image via Riot Games

Reyna released with version 1.0, the official release of VALORANT on June 2, 2020, so many players don’t remember a version of the game without her. Another duelist, Reyna’s design brought in a character that rewards players directly for their kills and gun skill since she can only use her abilities once she has killed an opponent.

Reyna continues to be a popular pick in ranked VALORANT games, especially among players who have the confidence and aim to make an impact.

12) Killjoy

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Killjoy.
Bots are a girl’s best friend. Image via Riot Games

German scientist Killjoy was added in Patch 1.05 in August 2020 and was the first agent to debut after the game’s full release. Though she was only the 12th agent to become playable, her number is actually Agent 4 as one of the first members of the VALORANT protocol.

Killjoy’s addition added a ton of different utility to the game. Her turret was a unique ability reminiscent of characters from other FPS games, and Killjoy players had to become masters of utility usage intolay the new sentinel agent to her fullest potential.

13) Skye

Skye agent in VALORANT.
Seekers out. Image via Riot Games

Riot added another initiator to the game in October 2020 with Patch 1.11. Skye is another heavy utility-focused agent with abilities that gather information and assist her teammates. The Australian was the second agent with the ability to heal other agents on her team.

Skye was considered overpowered for a time before Riot scaled her back, making her ultimate more expensive and decreasing the number of flashes she can have at once. In the right hands, she is still a powerful initiator.

14) Yoru

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Yoru.
Behind you. Image via Riot Games

Yoru is one of VALORANT’s most controversial agents because of his abilities. He released in January 2021 with version 2.0. Upon release, the duelist from Tokyo had a kit that developers quickly realized was not strong in gameplay. After the initial hype of a new agent, Yoru’s pick rate decreased dramatically and players were left with an agent with an incredible aesthetic but no gameplay to show for it.

In Patch 4.04, Yoru received a major rework to several of his abilities, and his pick rate increased again. Now, he fulfills the role of a dark, stealthy duelist much better.

15) Astra

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Astra.
Galaxy brain players only. Image via Riot Games

After Yoru, Ghanaian agent Astra quickly made her debut in March 2021 with Patch 2.04. She was the first new controller agent since VALORANT’s release, nearly a year after the closed beta. Astra is commonly referred to as the agent that one needs a “galaxy brain” to play, not only because of her space-themed aesthetic but also because she is difficult to master. Astra utilizes a different system when placing her smokes that involves buying stars instead of the abilities directly.

This new mechanic made Astra confusing at first, but once players came up with tactics to use her to her fullest potential, she became one of the strongest agents in the game. She has since had a nerf but remains a strong pick for players confident with her kit.

16) KAY/O

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent KAY/O.
Best robot friend. Image via Riot Games

KAY/O is the first robot agent. He is from Earth but in an alternate universe. He was released with Patch 3.0 in June 2021. In lore, he traveled back in time to present-day Earth and was recruited into the VALORANT protocol. Though he doesn’t have a face, the screen on his head conveys certain expressions and actions.

KAY/O marked the fourth initiator addition to the roster. He has flashes, AOE damage abilities, and his signature ability that suppresses agents. Once an enemy is suppressed, they can’t use any of their unique agent abilities—just the guns they bought coming into the round.

17) Chamber

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Chamber.
I love this gun. Image via Riot Games

Chamber is a dapper man from France who strolled into the game in November 2021 with Patch 3.1. He is a sentinel, having abilities that enable him to hold angles and watch flanks, but since his addition to the game, he has been played with an aggressive style. He has his own guns as a part of his kit that are incorporated into his abilities.

18) Neon

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Neon.
Laser time. Image via Riot Games

Neon is a lightning-fast agent from Manila and the first agent to be released in 2022 with Patch 4.0 in January.

She was introduced as a duelist who could rival the speeds of Jett, who had been getting high pick rates since the game was released. She has electricity flowing through her body that charges all of her abilities. She can run faster than any other VALORANT agent with her High Gear ability, and her ultimate introduced one of the first tracking abilities in the game.

Neon received a lot of positive reception from fans upon her release since many players had been calling for Southeast Asian or Filipino representation in mainstream games for several years.

19) Fade

Fade agent in VALORANT.
Fear is a weapon. Image via Riot Games

Fade made her debut in the middle of a heated 2022 VCT season in Patch 4.08 in April.

Fade is the first Turkish agent and an initiator. Her abilities focus on gathering information and blinding enemies, but she uses a nightmarish force to accomplish this and has a dark appearance. Lore-wise, Fade started off as an enemy of the VALORANT protocol but was eventually persuaded to join their ranks.

Similar to the other VALORANT initiators, playing Fade requires map awareness and teamwork to get the most value from her abilities.

20) Harbor

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Harbor.
High tide. Image via Riot Games

Harbor harnesses the power of water in his relic to create barriers to protect his allies. He released with Patch 5.08 in October 2022.

After fans were hyping up the possibility of an Indian agent for a long time, Harbor made his debut following a series of nautical-themed cosmetics and even a map.

His abilities give him a lot of zoning power as a controller, and his wall is even more flexible than Viper’s.

Harbor came with new lore upon his release. And Riot fleshed out his story to prove him a valuable addition to the agent roster.

21) Gekko

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Gekko.
Monster on the loose. Image via Riot Games

Gekko, a bright green-haired initiator from L.A, leads a tight-knit crew of colorful creatures to do his bidding. The cute little guys can concuss, blind, detain, and explode all in the name of supporting their owner.

Released in March 2023 with Patch 6.04, Gekko is a versatile agent with plenty of tricks up his sleeves. He fits into almost any composition and can be used to create mountains of space for his teammates.

22) Deadlock

VALORANT's newest agent, Deadlock, posing.
Lock them down. Image via Riot Games

Deadlock is a tough sentinel from Norway. She boasts a neat lineup of nanowire utility and was released in June 2023 with Patch 7.0 to kick off Episode Seven.

Her nanowire kit gives her the ability to detect enemies passing by and hinder their movement with stuns, barriers, and a forced crouch. To top it off, Deadlock’s ruthless ultimate wraps her victim into a blue cocoon that completely immobilizes them and promises death—unless an ally is nearby to bail them out. Otherwise, it’s game over.

23) Iso

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Iso.
Purple is the last thing you see before you die. Image via Riot Games

Iso is a duelist agent; a lethal Chinese hitman that can transmute radianite energy into shields, and is known as the “Dead Lilac.” Iso joined the game with Patch 7.09 in late October 2023, alongside the launch of Episode Seven, Act Three.

Iso can send a bullet-proof shield forward, fire a bolt that passes through walls and makes enemies Vulnerable, enter a flow state where damage dealt creates orbs that generate shields, and finally cast an ultimate that pulls himself and an enemy into a one-vs-one interdimensional arena.

24) Clove

Promotional artwork for VALORANT agent Clove.
Selfish controllers rejoice. Image via Riot Games

Episode Eight, Act Two brought along Clove, one of the more unique members of VALORANT. Revealed in full at VCT Masters Madrid, Clove is a controller for players looking to be a bit more active than just a smoke-dispenser machine.

The Scottish phenom, and the game’s first non-binary agent, can cast their smokes even after dying and can make use of a thrown Decay ability and a Reyna-like temporary health absorption ability that fits their aggressive playstyle. Their ultimate allows themselves to come back to life, but Clove only stays alive if they get a kill or damaging assist 12 seconds after coming back.

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