Riot unveils groups for VCT Masters 3: Berlin

The competition kicks off next month.

Image via Riot Games

VCT Masters Three: Berlin is right around the corner—and today, Riot revealed all you need to know.

Riot Games introduced the groups for VCT Masters Berlin today, dividing the 16 VALORANT squads into four different groups. And teams from the same region have been split up, leaving room for a potential regional matchup further down the line. With the event kicking off on Sept. 10, teams now have a bit of time to study up on their group competition.

Image via Riot Games

Group A will consist of Vision Strikers, Paper Rex, Supermassive Blaze, and Acend, while Group B houses Vivo Keyd, Team Envy, KRÜ Esports, and Zeta Division. Group C includes Gambit Esports, Crazy Raccoon, 100 Thieves, and Havan Liberty. And Masters Reykjavík champs Sentinels were placed in Group D, along with G2 Esports, Bren Esports, and F4Q.

The groups were decided by first placing teams in pools based on their regional performance. Each squad was then randomly drawn into a group. If a team was drawn into a group that already had a squad from their region, they were placed in the next group. EMEA was the only exception to this rule because they have the most representatives at the tournament. As a result, SuperMassive Blaze and Acend were both placed in Group A.

Masters Berlin will start with GSL style group play, followed by an eight-team single-elimination bracket. Two teams from each group will advance to the next stage, with the winner of the entire event automatically qualifying for December’s Champions event. There are also a lot of circuit points at stake for every other team, with second place earning a whopping 375 points.

Masters Berlin will run from Sept. 10 to 19.

Update Aug. 27 11:43am CT: Riot updated the Masters Berlin groups, swapping Vivo Keyd and Havan Liberty, according to journalist Yinsu Collins. This article was changed to reflect that.

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