Gambit Esports eliminate Crazy Raccoon, secure spot in VCT Masters Berlin playoffs

The playoffs will be even more exciting.

Image via Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports have earned a spot in the VCT Masters Berlin playoffs by defeating Crazy Raccoon in today’s Group C decider match. They’ll join seven other VALORANT teams, including Envy, the top seed in Group C, in the playoffs. 

Gambit started their run in Group C with a 2-0 win against Crazy Raccoon but lost their next match against 100 Thieves. Crazy Raccoon beat Havan Liberty in the Group C elimination match, securing a chance for revenge against Gambit. Despite performing significantly better than in the first match, Crazy Raccoon failed to win a map today. 

Crazy Raccoon came out strong on Ascent, Gambit’s map pick, winning the first six rounds. Crazy Raccoon’s neth helped the team win the sixth round with an impressive 2K, eliminating the final two Gambit players in a one-vs-two scenario. But Gambit managed to win five out of the last six rounds in the first half, keeping the game within two rounds. 

Unfortunately for Crazy Raccoon, they couldn’t repeat their strong performance on offense, only winning one round in the second half. Gambit’s nAts secured a 3K to tie the match, helping his team bounce back and maintain momentum. Gambit took Ascent 13-8.

But Crazy Raccoon didn’t let this affect their performance in the second map, Icebox, and once again started strong. Crazy Raccoon won eight rounds in the first half, but Gambit made them work for every victory. Ade won a one-vs-two situation to save the sixth round for his team, maintaining their impressive lead. But once again, Gambit came back strong in the second half, forcing the game into overtime. The overtime rounds were relatively uneventful, however. Gambit won two straight rounds to close out the map 14-12 and the series 2-0. 

Crazy Raccoon will watch the playoffs from the sidelines since Gambit will join Envy as the second team from Group C to advance to the bracket. Gambit have a tough road ahead of them, though. Their first match in the playoffs is against Vision Strikers, the top seed from Group A. 

Gambit and Vision Strikers will face off tomorrow at 6am CT. 

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