How to add special characters to your name in VALORANT

You have options.

Image via Riot Games

Creativity is key when you’re making your Riot ID for VALORANT. And sometimes, using the standard alphabet simply isn’t enough. 

There are countless interesting and fun ways in which you can make your Riot ID unique to you. There’s even a website that you can use to find the perfect combination of alternate letters and characters. 

By going to, you can filter and search through more than 14,000 characters that are usable when making a Riot ID. 

All you need to do to add them to your name is left-click the character on the website. This will copy that character. After that, when you go to make your Riot ID, you can paste the character into your Riot ID with no issue.

This website can also be used to check to make sure that a name you’re trying to use is a valid Riot ID. By pasting the name you’d like to use in the box in the upper middle part of the web page, you can make sure that your name is legit.

After you know your name is valid, clicking the clipboard to the right of the box will copy the entire name so that you can paste it directly as your new Riot ID.

If you’ve been using the standard alphabet for your Riot ID forever, you can use this tool to mix things up and change your name. You’re allowed to change your Riot ID once every 30 days, so if you don’t end up loving what you pick, you can change it in a month.

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