How to redeem a code in VALORANT

Treat yourself.

Image via Riot Games

Finding a gift for a VALORANT fan you know might look like a challenging task at first. While most gamers will appreciate physical mementos from their favorite game, none of them will pass out on a chance to purchase more skins.

The number of skins and cosmetic items available in VALORANT continues to rise with every patch, meaning one can never have enough VALORANT points. If you’ve just received a gift card for VALORANT or are looking to surprise a fan with one, you’ll want to know how you can redeem them since you’ll want to start browsing the in-game shop as soon as possible. Though it doesn’t happen that often, Riot Games also releases promotional or seasonal codes players can redeem to unlock free cosmetics.

Riot’s gift cards come in four sizes: $10, $25, $50, and $100. The gift cards for VALORANT are only available digitally on Amazon in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The gift cards are expected to become physically available over time, with more retailers joining the fray.

Note that all gift cards are PC-only and region-locked. This means that if you purchase a gift card in the United States or Canada, you’ll only be able to redeem on the North American server.

How can you redeem your gift cards/codes in VALORANT

  • Launch VALORANT and log into your account.
  • Select the VALORANT icon, which you can find next to the Store tab.
  • Choose “Prepaid Cards and Codes”
  • You’ll be prompted with a pop-up screen where you’ll be able to enter code
  • Type in your code and press “Submit”
  • Upon clicking on submit, your rewards will automatically load into your account

While activating a code looks simple enough, the error messages that appear when you make a mistake might seem a bit intimidating. More often than not, you may have just typed in the wrong character when a code doesn’t work. But if you can’t seem to redeem your code no matter what, you’ll want to contact the merchant you purchased it from. If you have your receipt or any proof of purchase, you should immediately get sorted out with a new code.

In case of any disputes with a retailer, you can also contact Riot’s help desk.

Alternatively, some codes might only be redeemable through the website but during big giveaways or events, such as the Duality Player Card, the site has been known to go down or not working. If that happens, just give it a few hours and it should fixitself.