How to save a replay in VALORANT

Another VALORANT montage is in the making.

Image via Riot Games

Winning more matches in VALORANT requires a lot of practice. From improving your aim to getting familiar with all the callouts in VALORANT, there are many ways to improve yourself at the game.

Though practice often makes it perfect, watching yourself play VALORANT is often considered one of the most productive exercises for any VALORANT player. Going through your gameplay will allow you to spot misplays and mistakes. Once you find out what you lack, you can focus more on improving in those areas.

Despite Riot Games’ talents in producing thrilling competitive games, the developer seems to have a habit of skipping out on the replay feature. Riot announced replays for League of Legends, seven years after the game’s release.

At the time of writing, VALORANT doesn’t have a native replay feature. This means there’s no way for players to download replays of recent matches in VALORANT.

This doesn’t mean that players are out of options, however, there are a few substitute methods that players can use to save their replays, and here are all of them.

Nvidia Instant Replay

Nvidia Shadowplay is a decent recording tool that allows players with Nvidia graphics cards to record their gameplay. Instant Replay is a sub-function of Shadowplay, and both can be found inside the Nvidia Experience app.

If you have Nvidia Experience set up on your PC, you’ll just need to launch VALORANT and press Alt + Z to bring up the Nvidia overlay. On the overlay, find the Instant Replay setting and set a recording length. An average VALORANT match usually lasts around 30-to-40 minutes, but Instant Replay caps at 20 minutes.

When you press Alt+F10, you’ll be able to get the replay of the last 20 minutes or the duration of your choice.

Use other recording methods

You don’t have to have an Nvidia GPU on your system to be able to record your VALORANT gameplay. The best game-recording software alternatives include OBS, RECentral 4, and Radeon ReLive. All these tools feature sufficient resources that will be enough to record your gameplay in VALORANT.

Are there any downsides to recording your gameplay in VALORANT?

Recording programs use system resources to complete their functions. Having a recording program running in the background can decrease your PC’s performance and reduce your frames per second (FPS.) This reduction will heavily depend on your PC’s internals, and the difference will be negligible in the best gaming PCs that are decked with the latest hardware.

If you have a budget or a lower-end PC, you may want to put away your recording tools in important matches to ensure your PC delivers the best gaming experience.