How long is an average VALORANT match?

Wondering if you can squeeze in a one last match?

Image via Riot Games

Even if you’re the most talented VALORANT player in your block, not every match you’ll play will turn out to be a one-sided stomp. Some matches will be more challenging than others and last longer as a result.

The stakes can increase as a VALORANT match drags on since losing a game that lasts longer than average may feel worse than surrendering a game that seemed lost from the beginning.

Knowing the length of an average VALORANT match can come in handy in many cases. You can finally calculate whether you have time to play that one last match, or it may be a sign for you to put your game face on since your match’s taking longer than usual.

If there aren’t any AFK players or any reason for a game to stall, a standard VALORANT match usually lasts around 30 to 40 minutes. If every round ends up being a thriller and goes to the last second, your match will likely last longer than 40 minutes, while one-sided matches can take less than 25 minutes. 

Over time, as you climb higher in VALORANT’s ranked system, you may realize that you may have more matches that end fast or last longer. Considering the level of competition increases in higher ranks, most players will be skilled enough to tell that they need to surrender a game early, or when they can turn it around and come back from a disadvantage. This means that most competitive VALORANT matches that feature high-ranked players will also last around 30 to 40 minutes, but there will be more outliers.

The average length of a match also depends on your preferred game mode. Spike Rush, the quicker version of the standard game mode, features a best of seven formats while reducing the pre-round format. A Spike Rush match in VALORANT generally lasts around eight to 15 minutes, making it the perfect choice for players who don’t have time to squeeze in a regular or a ranked match.

Deathmatch is another quick game mode, with an average match taking around seven to 10 minutes. If you only have time for a fast match before you call it a day, Deathmatch and Spike Rush will be your go-to choices. Though the average game of a standard VALORANT match is around 30 to 40 minutes, you should always prepare for the worst and queue for a game if you have more time available. Leaving a match early can put your team at a dire disadvantage, and you can also receive a penalty for abandoning.