All callouts in VALORANT

Get up to scratch with your callouts.

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Communication is key to any tactical shooter—and VALORANT is no exception.

The ability to hit headshots is most definitely important, but knowing the ins and outs of each of the game’s maps and communicating effectively should never be overlooked.

You don’t need to be a headshot machine if you know how to take the upper ground, rotate, and outmaneuver your opponents. If you're not up to scratch with your callouts, you're missing out.

Here’s every callout in VALORANT.


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Ascent is akin to Counter-Strike's De_Dust 2. It has a simple layout with a midsection, an A, and a B bombsite. But what makes it stand out are its chokepoints and its alcoves. A few callouts to take into consideration include Catwalk, A, and B lobby. It's a defense-heavy map that requires coordination from both sides.


The attackers have multiple options when it comes to Bind. A few of the more common callouts and chokepoints on the map include Hookah, a room full of hanging water pipes leading up to the B bombsite, and Showers, a bathroom area toward A.

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Haven is a three bombsite map with multiple options when it comes to attacking and defending. The middle of the map has two especially important callouts. There's T Mid Doors, which leads up to Garage and the C bombsite, and there's Mid Courtyard, which can be found directly in front of B. Around this area, there's also Mid-Windows, which is a common spot for the attackers, and B-box, where the defenders lie in wait.

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Icebox is a large snow-covered map with two bombsites. There are tight angles and choke points, long sightlines, and numerous elevated positions, as well as horizontal zip lines. It's the perfect map for aerial agents like Jett, Omen, and Raze, rewarding adaptive play and quick aim. Shipping Containers and Rafters are just a few callouts to take into consideration.


Split is another defense-sided map with little to no room for error on the attacking side. B and A main are two of the map's crucial callouts, but Mid and Sewers are also highly contentious.

The defenders will often sit on B Rafters, otherwise known as Heaven, or the back of A. But there are plenty of options with the defenders having the pick of the litter.

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This article will be updated when more maps are introduced to VALORANT.