How to play VALORANT on Mac

Mac users, this is for you.

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VALORANT has taken over the FPS world with the player count reaching over two million per day. There is a definitive king of first-person shooters, and Riot’s at the helm. Unfortunately, for Mac users, you’ll need to navigate through a series of obstacles to hop on VALORANT in the first place, But at least, there is a way through third-party software.

Due to technological advancements, you can play any game anywhere you want to. The joy of owning a Mac is partly the ease of taking the laptop anywhere and using it whenever you need it, and all we want to do is run in and die first as Jett on the bus.

Gamers aren’t limited to consoles or PCs, the laptop gaming world needs entertainment too. For you Mac users, we have some bad news. 

Those of you who possess an Intel Mac, you’re lucky enough to be able to scoot around VALORANT’s Mac limitations. Unlike those with new M1 and M2 Macs, you’ll be able to download BootCamp and hop onto a server in no time.

Can I run VALORANT on my Mac?

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Those with M1 and M2 Macs won’t be able to access VALORANT at all. Applications like CrossOver, Parallels, and Streaming will be met with aggressive anti-cheat that stamps out any likelihood of tapping heads in VALORANT.

If you’re looking to run VALORANT on your Mac, you’ll need a third-party application. Get yourself Windows OS, alongside a BootCamp software that will serve as the partition to run Mac and Windows OS side by side.

Bootcamp is a completely free program that works for those with an Intel Mac. Its only real downside involves the multiple reboots you’ll have to sit through as you boot up the game. It counters its frequent rebooting with solid performance, and if that’s the price we have to pay, so be it.

How do I play VALORANT on my Mac?

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Fortunately, your Mac will likely already have this feature. 

  • Head to your “Utilities folder” in “Applications” and open “Boot Camp Assistant.” 
  • Click on it and go through the steps presented
  • Once completed, restart your device
  • Follow the instructions

Your device will restart and then it’s time to install the game just as you would on Windows. Of course, you will need a Riot account to log in. Head to the VALORANT website to get downloading. Once this is done, you’ll be able to bot-frag on your Mac.

Will VALORANT come to Mac?

There’s currently no positive information circulating regarding VALORANT’s arrival on Mac. The devs have been working on VALORANT mobile for quite some time. So, there’s always hope that the next step in the process leads to Mac laptops and computers.

However, for the time being, there are no plans to bring VALORANT to Macs. Riot’s Senior Software Engineer, Brent Meister revealed in a 2021 Reddit thread that Macs weren’t on the agenda. But, as it’s been two years since that bombshell dropped, things change and we might be fortunate enough to play VALORANT on Mac in our lifetime.

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