How to play VALORANT on Mac

Mac users, this is for you.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is one of today’s most popular games out there. With more than 1.5 million monthly active players, the first-person shooter has captured the attention of players worldwide.

But new players who might want to try VALORANT may include Mac users. Unfortunately, there is still no direct Mac version for the game, and Riot has yet to announce if there will be one in the future. That being said, there is still a method to play the game on Mac. 

To run VALORANT on a Mac, you’ll need to help of a third-party application. Specifically, you will need the Windows OS, as well as the Boot Camp software that will serve as the partition to run the Mac and Windows OS side by side. It is already included in the latest macOS update. Go to your Utilities folder in Applications and open Boot Camp Assistant. It will instruct you to set up the things you need to prepare, such as the partition size you want to use.

Once done, your Mac device will restart, and the Windows installer will appear. Just follow the instructions on your screen to install it. Make sure to select Boot Camp partition when you are asked where you should save it. You may also be instructed to install Boot Camp and Windows support drivers.

Your device will restart again and then it’s time to install the game just as you would on Windows. Of course, you will need a Riot account to log in to the game.