Gambit crush Crazy Raccoon 2-0 in VCT opener

It wasn't much of a match.

Gambit’s opening match of VALORANT‘s VCT Masters Berlin was a statement win, to say the least. They defeated Crazy Raccoon 2-0 in a dominant victory that pushed them to the upper bracket.

Gambit pulverized Crazy Racoons on Bind 13-1 and raced to a 9-0 lead on Icebox before letting their feet off the gas, before taking Icebox with another 13-1 scoreline. Crazy Raccoon only notched two round wins in the match, making this result arguably the most one-sided in VALORANT esports’ short history.

Gambit were led by Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin, who notched 30 kills to just 15 deaths. Every single member of Gambit’s team had over a 2.0 K/D. Crazy Raccoon had three players not make it to double-digit kills: two players only had seven, and one only scooped eight kills over the duration of the match.

The victory pushes Gambit into the upper bracket, where they’ll play 100 Thieves. The team took down Havan Liberty 2-0 yesterday and will assuredly not be a pushover.

Despite the defeat, Crazy Raccoon’s run isn’t over. They’ll face Havan Liberty in the lower bracket, where they’ll be fighting for their life. If CR lose that game, they’ll be eliminated from the competition. They could have a chance at revenge if they win the elimination match, however. There is still a spot in the playoffs open for them, but they can’t afford any more mistakes or off days in the future.

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