G2 survive F4Q comeback attempt at VCT Masters Berlin

G2 struggled but prevailed in their opening match.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports won their first match of VCT Masters Berlin today in a hard-fought series against F4Q.

G2’s VALORANT team raced out to a 13-5 win on Ascent but suffered a close 13-9 loss to F4Q on Bind. Coming into the final map of the series, G2 found themselves tied 5-5 on Haven. That’s where Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas struck, and struck hard, on G2’s defensive half.

In a crucial one-vs-three, Mixwell showed up when his team needed him the most. The loss broke the economy of F4Q for the half and guided G2 to a relatively comfortable 13-8 victory in the final map of the series. This victory puts G2 at 1-0 in VCT Masters Berlin and moves the upstart all-Korean F4Q roster to 0-1.

G2 held F4Q star Chae “bunny” Joon-hyuk without a carry-level performance and ultimately squandered the Korean star’s movement on Raze. Bunny played Raze on all three maps against G2 but failed to find the impact he had in regional competitions.

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G2’s retooled roster already appears to be paying dividends for the organization in international competition. During the early days of VALORANT, G2 were the team to beat in Europe, and arguably internationally. The COVID-19 pandemic robbed the early iteration of the G2 team of the ability to compete internationally and regional results were all they could hold on to. They were beaten out by Team Liquid and Fnatic for the right to compete in VCT Masters Two Reykjavik and were left without an international result to their name.

So far at this event, Mixwell and G2 have looked solid against a talented and aggressive F4Q team. They’ll need to be better down the stretch if they want to defeat some of the stronger teams in this tournament, but for now, they’re 1-0 in Berlin.

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