Vivo Keyd eliminate ZETA Division from VCT Masters Berlin with 2-0 sweep

Another team is departing Masters Berlin.

Image via Riot Games

Vivo Keyd and ZETA Division faced off in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin Group B elimination match today for a chance to stay in the tournament.

Both teams lost their previous group play matches and had one final chance to survive. But ZETA Division couldn’t keep up with Vivo Keyd, who won the series 2-0 without dropping more than five rounds on either map.

Vivo Keyd picked Breeze as their first map pick. They dominated ZETA Division in the first half and didn’t drop a single round in the second.

ZETA’s Reita did pull off a 3K while defending the B site in round three and crow secured another 3K in round six. But ZETA only won three rounds in the first half. 

The second half was a similar story with Vivo Keyd steamrolling ZETA. Vivo’s heat pulled off an ace in round 14 for good measure, showing how deadly the Jett player is with a Marshal. He also didn’t zoom in for most of the kills, which makes the clip even more impressive. 

ZETA picked Split as their map choice for game two but still couldn’t hold their own against Vivo Keyd. Heat continued his dominant performance in round two with a clean 3K and ZETA only managed to take two rounds in the first half. Vivo’s murizzz also performed well, finishing with 20 kills and killing two enemies at once with Raze’s ultimate ability in round six. 

ZETA Divison did win two more rounds in the second half, but Vivo Keyd finished the series with a 13-4 win, sending ZETA home early from Berlin. ZETA still earned 175 Circuit Points and a $10,000 prize, though. 

Vivo Keyd will face KRÜ Esports in the Group B decider match tomorrow at 2pm CT. The winner will move on to the playoffs alongside Envy.

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