G2 deny F4Q a playoff run at VCT Masters Berlin

G2 have solidified their spot in the playoffs after a win against F4Q.

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G2 Esports secured a spot in the VCT Masters Berlin playoffs today following their win over F4Q in the second set of matches in Group D.

F4Q were no match for G2’s aggressive playstyle, especially with Žygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas hopping all over the map and surprising his enemies from above. G2 won in dominant fashion, 2-0, in their rematch against F4Q.

G2 were smart to ban Split before the match started after seeing how much of a fight F4Q put up against Sentinels on it. The match started out on Bind, which was F4Q’s pick. It didn’t work out for them, though, since they lost that map 13-3.

There were some agent changes on Bind that may have taken F4Q by surprise, including Cista “keloqz” Wassim on Skye and Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas on Viper. G2 were pretty even across the whole team in kills, but keloqz topped the board with 18 and nukkye ended up with the best overall K/D/A at 16/7/6.

G2 made quick work of the first two rounds of Ascent. F4Q were quickly deleted from the map in those rounds due to G2’s aggressive gameplay. F4Q were able to read it and put a round on the board. But with keloqz flying around the map, F4Q forgot to look up and instantly started giving rounds back to G2.

The half ended at 9-3, which is often described as the 9-3 curse where teams who are up by that much get swept in the second half. But that didn’t happen for G2.

Starting off the second half of Ascent, nukkye pulled off a great pistol round on defense, taking down two as soon as they came into his sightline. F4Q took three rounds off of G2 before they clapped back and won the match 13-6, earning a spot in the playoffs.

Keloqz and nukkye were the thorns in F4Q’s side today, with each of them scoring over 30 kills between the two maps. With an ACS of 281 and a K/D/A of 36/18/16, nukkye is unsurprisingly the man of the match. Keloqz flying around the map on Jett and making aggressive plays certainly played a heavy hand in how the score settled as well.

F4Q now sit with a record of 0-3, which means it’s impossible for them to climb out of groups after today’s loss to G2. Group D’s matches were altered after Bren Esports were unable to travel to Masters Berlin to compete.

G2 and F4Q still have another group game to play against Sentinels, who are also heading to the playoff bracket after the group stage.

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