Gambit Esports defeat Envy 3-0 in VCT Masters Berlin Grand Finals

Gambit Esports are the Masters Berlin champions.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin tournament has concluded, and a new team holds the crown. Gambit Esports swept Envy in the Grand Finals today, earning the $225,000 prize and establishing themselves as the best team in the world.

Gambit Esports secured the second seed in Group C after defeating Crazy Raccoon twice, while Envy took down Vivo Keyd and KRU Esports in Group B. Envy ran through their North American compatriots Sentinels and 100 Thieves without dropping a map, earning their spot in the grand finals. Gambit beat Vision Strikers and G2 Esports, only dropping one map against Vision Strikers. 

The two dominant teams faced off in the best of five grand finals, and both traded blows in the brutal first game on Bind. Envy started strong securing the first two rounds, and yay brought another one of his high-level performances and secured a 3k. 

However, Gambit fought back throughout the first half and had their share of impressive plays, like Chronicle clutching a round with an amazing wall bang. Envy finished the first half with a two-round lead, but Gambit came back strong with four straight round wins to start the second half.

Chronicle once again put the team on his back with a 4k in round 16, further increasing his team’s lead. This time it was Victor’s chance to answer back with a 4k of his own to keep Envy in the game. Envy forced the game into overtime, but Gambit ultimately walked away with the map.

Envy didn’t let the first map disrupt their performance on Haven, though, and dominated Gambit on offense. Yay made it almost impossible for Gambit to defuse the spike, winning a one versus three situation and securing a 3k in round 11. 

However, Gambit did not let the match slip away and won the first four rounds in the second half. Despite putting up a significant fight—including another clutch from yay—Envy could not stop Gambit. Gambit only let Envy win three rounds in the second half, taking the series to 2-0 and putting the team one map away from victory. 

The first half of the third game on Split was a slugfest, with both teams winning six rounds. Gambit showed how good they are at taking sites and defending the Spike, and sheydos added an impressive two versus one clutch clip to his highlight reel in round six. Unfortunately for Envy, the second half was a one-sided affair for Gambit. 

Gambit won the first two rounds, quickly taking the lead against Envy and making it harder to force the series to game four. Envy did win rounds 15 and 16, but Gambit applied the pressure by winning the next three rounds. Crashies almost won round 17 by quickly killing three players with his Operator and Classic as the last player alive for Envy, but he could not clutch the 4k. 

Gambit was in control for the remainder of the match, although Envy fought valiantly to try and recover. They attempted to push into B site in 21 in the last few seconds, but chronicle slashed all hope as he mowed down four players in B heaven. With a broken economy and no other choice but to push into a site, Envy walked into a one-man firing squad when chronicle killed three players for good measure in the final round of the series. 

Gambit Esports are the Masters Berlin Champions and will move on to the VCT Champions event in December. The top 16 teams in the world will fight in the biggest VALORANT event of the year, and Envy will have a chance at revenge. 

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