Envy finish 2-0 series against KRÜ Esports with dominant Ascent victory

Envy have earned the top seed out of Group B.

Image via Riot Games

Team Envy continued their undefeated run through Group B in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin group stage today, winning against KRÜ Esports to secure the top seed. KRÜ performed relatively well on Icebox but couldn’t hit their stride on Ascent. 

Envy and KRÜ entered the match as the top dogs of Group B. Envy sent Vivo Keyd to the elimination round with a clean 2-0 win, while KRÜ defeated ZETA Division 2-1. Both teams wanted the top seed out of Group B, but only one could walk away victorious. 

Envy started the series on Icebox by winning the first three rounds, including an impressive 3K by yay with a Marshal. But KRÜ answered back by winning the next four rounds and the teams proceeded to go back and forth for the remainder of the half, ending with a 6-6 score. 

This time, it was KRÜ’s turn to start strong in the first half, winning the first two rounds. But the rest of the half fell in Envy’s favor, besides an impressive 4K by NagZ in round 16. Envy finished the map by winning six rounds in a row, taking map one 13-9. 

KRÜ held their own on Icebox, keeping the score within a respectable margin. But they couldn’t repeat this on Ascent, which was a one-sided affair for Envy. This time, Crashies led his team to victory with a 3K in round one, setting the pace for the next three rounds. KRÜ did manage to temporarily stop Envy’s momentum in round five with two 2Ks by Mazino and Nagz. But this only postponed the inevitable and they only secured one more round in the match. 

Envy finished the half 10-2 and secured the series win with three straight round wins in the second half. KRÜ struggled to counter Envy on both sides and will have to beat either Vivo Keyd or ZETA Division in the group’s decider match. 

Envy have qualified for the Masters Berlin playoffs as the top seed of Group B. They’ll join 100 Thieves, the top seed from Group C, and the six other top teams that make it out of the group stage.

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