The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – All Tears of the Kingdom armor locations & their bonuses

So many armor sets.

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Unlike weapons, armor doesn’t break in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so every piece is invaluable. Okay, maybe not all pieces, but they are still fun to collect and upgrade. Here are all the armor sets and individual armor pieces you can find in Tears of the Kingdom and what they do.

All TOTK armor set locations and bonuses

Tears of the Kingdom Archaic set

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The Archaic set is the first outfit you can get when you start Tears of the Kingdom. You can get the Archaic Tunic and the Archaic Legwear on the Great Sky Island. The Tunic can be found inside a chest in Pondside Cave, and the Legwear is in a chest close to the Room of Awakening

This entire outfit can be completed within the first two hours of gameplay. Unfortunately, besides looking cool, the armor isn’t very useful, nor can it be upgraded. There are no individual or set bonuses.

Tears of the Kingdom Hylian set

Making its way back from Breath of the Wild, the Hylian set is a great starter armor set. Unlike the Archaic set, this one can be upgraded. You can get the entire set for only 320 rupees at the Lookout Landing. Unfortunately, there are still no individual armor or set bonuses. 

Tears of the Kingdom Soldier’s set

Zelda TOTK
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Another fan-favorite, the Soldier’s set still doesn’t have any perks or bonuses, but it does give you some really solid defense, especially when you upgrade it a bit. Just don’t forget to unequipp it during thunderstorms. 

The entire set is hidden beneath Hyrule Castle in the Royal Passage.

Tears of the Kingdom Stealth set

The Stealth set is excellent for sneak attacks and catching wild horses. Not only does the entire set increase your overall stealth, but it also makes you move faster at night like a real ninja. 

You can buy them in Kakoriko Village for an astronomically high price of 15,000 Rupees, but you can reduce the price significantly by finishing the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest. Once you do, you can buy the set for only 1,800 Rupees. Each piece of armor will improve your overall stealth, while the entire set will help you move faster during nighttime.

Tears of the Kingdom Climbing set

The Climbing set is an absolute blessing when climbing high mountains, as long as there’s no rain. Each of the three set items is hidden in a different location. Each of the three pieces is hidden in a different part location. 

The Bandana is inside Ploymus Mountain Cave, the Gear is in North Hyrule Plain Cave, and the boots are inside Upland Zorana Byroad. Even if you can’t get the entire set, having at least one will greatly help you when climbing. Of course, the entire set is great if you like to do climbing jumps, as it greatly reduces stamina consumption.

Tears of the Kingdom Barbarian set

If your best defense is offense, this is the set for you. The Barbarian set may look feral, but it packs quite a punch. To get the whole set, you can visit the Robred Dropoff Cave, the Crenel Hills Cave, and the Walnot Mountain Cave to get them all.

If you don’t feel like searching for all of these yourself, simply start Misko’s Treasure Quest, and each of these will get marked on your map. Each piece makes your attack stronger, and the entire set makes it so you lose less stamina when doing a charged attack.

Tears of the Kingdom Froggy set

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An absolute necessity when the rain starts to fall, and you’re halfway up a steep mountain. The Froggy set prevents you from slipping and sliding down a mountain. Do note that you need the full set to negate slipping completely. Having only the hood or the leggings only makes slipping down slopes less frequent. This was a huge problem in Breath of the Wild, but thanks to the Froggy set, those frustrations are a thing of the past.

Getting the full set is a lot of fun. You have to finish the Lucky Clover Gazette Side Quests, which are a lot of fun. They make you run over Hyrule a bit, but these are some of the best quests in the game. Not to mention, you get a cool Armor set for your troubles. 

Tears of the Kingdom Frostbite set

Link from tears of the kingdom standing in frostbite armore
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You’d think that an armor called Frostbite would protect you from… you know… frost, but it doesn’t. Instead, the Frostbite armor set gives you a stronger attack during cold weather, and the entire set gives you a charged ice attack

That’s all well and good, but why not also protect us from the cold? If you want this cool-looking armor set, you can find the head inside Lake Kilsie Cave, the shirt inside Brightcap Cave, and the trousers in Herba Headsping Cave.

Tears of the Kingdom Miner set

Link wears the Miner armor in TOTK. The armor is brown and has ear-like antennas with bright yellow bulbs all across the arms and head piece.
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The Miner armor set is an excellent armor for exploring the underground. Not only will each piece make Link glow like a Christmas tree, but the entire set will even leave a trail of light which helps tremendously when you’re in a dark area. To get the Miner set, you can find the mask in the Abandoned Kara Kara Mine (Gerudo Desert Depths), the torso is in the Daphnes Canyon Mine in Centra Hyrule Depths, and the bottoms are in Hylia Canyon Mine in Central Hyrule Depths.

Tears of the Kingdom Rubber set

Wear the Rubber set if you need protection from lightning. Each piece of armor helps you take less damage from lightning but only the entire set will give you complete immunity from strikes. The helmet can be found in Sarjon Woods Cave. The armor is in another cave in Whistling Hill in Hyrule Field. The pants (tights) are in Horon Lagoon Cave in the Lanayru region.

Tears of the Kingdom Zora set

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If you’re planning on finishing the main story quests, there’s no way you’ll miss the Zora Armor piece because you’ll need it for one of the temples. With that said, you can still get the helmet on Floating Scales Island, but you’ll need to do another quest (A Token of Friendship) to get the Greaves. 

The full set will not only let you swim faster but also reduce your stamina consumption while dashing in water. 

Tears of the Kingdom Zonaite set

The Zonaite set is a great armor set for vehicle enthusiasts. If you want to get the most out of your Zonaite battery charges, each piece of Zonaite armor will make it so the batteries last longer. 

The entire set will also help your batteries recover faster when you aren’t using them. The entire set is located on various sky Islands, with the head found on Lightcast Island, the chest near the Yansamin Shrine, and the legs can be found near the Sky Mine.

Tears of the Kingdom Armor of the Depths set

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Exploring the depths can be a pain with all the gloom around. Even though there’s no way to flat-out prevent gloom damage, you can boost your resistance to it with this armor set. The three Armor of the Depths pieces can be bought for Poes by praying at different Bargainer statues. 

Tears of the Kingdom Snowquill set

The Snowquill set is great for exploring when the temperature is low. Each piece of armor increases your cold resistance while the entire set completely prevents you from freezing. You can buy all three sets in the Rito Village Armor Shop which you can do just before visiting the main story quest temple.

Tears of the Kingdom Flamebreaker set

Link in the Flamebreaker Armor Set in TOTK
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It’s the complete opposite of the Snowquill set. The Flamebreaker set helps protect you from fire. Each piece of armor improves your fire resistance, but the entire set completely protects you from any fire damage (you still can’t walk in lava, though). 

You can buy the entire set from the Goron Village armor shop.

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Voe set

Impress all the Vais with the Geroud Voe set. Each piece gives you a small protection against heat, which will be useful when exploring the desert. The entire set will also give you Shock Damage Resistance. You can purchase one piece from the Kara Kara Bazaar, while the other two pieces are available from Gerudo Town’s hidden shop.

Tears of the Kingdom Radiant Armor set

The Radiant armor looks cool, but the pieces don’t give you any benefits. The entire set, however, gives you the Disguise trait, which makes you friendly around some enemies. It also gives you bonus damage when wielding bone weapons, which is handy in a pinch. 

You can buy this set at Kakoriko Village, just like with the Stealth set, and you can do the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest and reduce the price. 

Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard set

Not to be confused with the Soldier’s set, the Royal Guard set doesn’t give you any bonuses for wearing individual pieces. The entire set does give you less stamina consumption when using a charged attack, however.

All the armor pieces are found in Hyrule Castle. One is in Princess Zelda’s Room, one in the King’s Study, and the final one is in the Guard’s Chamber. I haven’t found myself using this armor set a lot, mainly because it looks dorky, and the set bonus isn’t that great.

Tears of the Kingdom Glide Armor set

Link stands facing the camera with an owl-like mask. His outfit is brown with green accents.
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Do you like skydiving in Tears of the Kingdom? Who doesn’t, amirite? Well, if you want to skydive just a little bit more efficiently, this is the armor set for you. Each Glide armor improves your Skydive mobility, and the set bonus makes you immune to fall damage. 

Honestly, it’s kind of a lousy set bonus, especially when you can just open a glider right before you land, but the extra mobility is nice nonetheless. You can get the pieces on these sky islands: Valor Island, Courage Island, and Bravery Island.

Tears of the Kingdom Mystic set

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Man, I have so many Rupees. Rupees are literally coming out of all my pockets. Oh, won’t someone save me from so much wealth? 

If you sometimes feel like this while playing Tears of the Kingdom, first of all, congrats, but more importantly, you should get the Mystic Armor set. The Mystic set not only looks cool, but it also gives you a unique ability to take hits to your Rupee Vallet instead of your hearts. Yeah, the more pieces you have, the more money you’ll lose instead of your hearts. 

As silly as it might sound, this is a great armor for endgame when you have nothing to spend your rupees on while enemies hit hard. Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade the armor pieces, so pick your battles carefully. The entire set can be bought from the NPC Koltin for Bubbul Gems. In total, you need 75 Bubbul Gems.

Tears of the Kingdom Ember set

The Ember set is another questionable armor set. Sure, it gives you a higher attack and a stronger charge attack during hot weather. On the other hand, the armor set does not give you any sort of protection from the hot weather, which is just bizarre. Make sure you have something else to protect you from hot weather because this armor certainly won’t do it.

You can find the three sets in the following locations: Goronbi River Cave, YunoboCo HQ South Cave, and the Cephia Lake Cave.

Tears of the Kingdom Charged set

Speaking of bizarre armor sets, the Charged Armor set also boosts your attack and stamina. Fortunately, if you follow the main questline, you’ll probably stumble upon the entire set. The entire set can be obtained around the Dracozu Lake and Dracozu River. 

If you aren’t in a hurry, just wait until the main quest takes you here because there’s very little point in using this armor after finishing the questline.

Tears of the Kingdom Yiga set

I always find it fun to dress up like a bad guy in video games, and the Yiga Armor lets me do just that. Fortunately, there’s more to this armor set than just looking cool. Each piece of the Yiga Armor set boosts your stealth, and the entire set boosts your movement speed during nighttime. 

One piece is on the Right of Mount Hylia in an unmarked shack, one piece is at Aldor Foothills at the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch, and the last piece is at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

Tears of the Kingdom Fierce Diety set

Not only does it look cool, but this armor can turn you into an absolute beast during battles. Each piece of armor gives you an Attack Up boost, while the entire set also lowers your stamina consumption when making a charged attack. 

You can find the pieces at the Akala Citadel Ruins, Skull Lake Cave, and the Ancient Tree Stump Cave.

Tears of the Kingdom Of the Wild set

A decent-looking armor that, sadly, doesn’t provide you with any bonuses for each individual piece. The entire set, fortunately, does give you Attack Up as a set bonus. 

All the pieces are located underground. One can be found at Gerudo Dark Skeleton, one at Hebra Dark Skeleton, and one at Eldin Dark Skeleton.

Tears of the Kingdom Of the Hero set

Link’s iconic armor. Each individual piece doesn’t give you any bonuses, but the entire set gives you Attack Up. You can unlock this instantly by scanning the 8bit Link Amiibo. Of course, you can always find it in the wild in the following locations: Corvash Canyon Mine, Dueling Canyons Mine, and Tuft Canyon Mine. All these locations are underground.

Tears of the Kingdom Of Time set

If you want to look just like Link from Ocarina of Time and also get an Attack up boost for wearing the set, go to these locations: north of Sturnida Lavafalls, Gerudo Canyon Mine, and Lindor Canyon Mine, all located underground. Individual pieces don’t give you any bonuses.

Tears of the Kingdom Of the Wind

While you can’t get the actual Wind Waker item, you can still look kind of like Toon Link with this armor set. Cuho Canyon Mine, Cresia Pit Mine, and you’ll have to visit Tingel Island (not “Tingle” like the man-child fairy from other Zelda games) and dive into the chasm for the last piece and just follow the trail. Individual pieces don’t give you any bonuses, but the entire set gives you Attack Up. 

Tears of the Kingdom Of Twilight set

You won’t be able to turn into a wolf, but at least you can look like Link from Twilight Princess with this set. As usual, each piece doesn’t give you any bonuses, but the entire set gives you … wait for it… Attack Up

Visit Rist Mine, Ancient Underground Fortress, and Gleeok Den to get all the armor pieces. Again, all the pieces are located underground at Retsam Grove, Crenel Canyon Mine, and Minshi Grove.

Tears of the Kingdom Of the Sky

No Skylofts or motion controls for the swords here, but you can look like Link from Skyward Sword with this set. Attack Up for the entire set, while individual pieces don’t give you any bonuses. 

Tears of the Kingdom Awakening set

To look like Link from Link’s Awakening, you can simply scan the Link’s Awakening Amiibo and get the whole set. If you don’t have the Amiibo, you must do the Misko’s Treasure of Awakening quest

There are three parts to this quest, each rewarding you with an armor piece. You can start this questline at Goronbi River Cave in Eldin. The set slightly raises your attack up.

Tiers of the Kingdom Tingle set

Want to look like the annoying man-child who charts places around Hyrule? Me too! Other than looking like Tingle, you also get faster movement speed during nighttime by wearing the entire set. One piece is at the Statue of the Eight Heroine, one piece can be found at Cape Cales Cliffhouse Cave (try saying that three times fast), and the last part can be found at the Dueling Peaks South Cave. 

Tears of the Kingdom Phantom Armor set

Link wearing the full Phantom Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.
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Other than looking incredible, the Phantom Armor also gives you Attack Up for each piece you are wearing. Unfortunately, there is no set bonus, and you can’t upgrade the armor pieces. 

Visit the Tamio River Downstream Cave, Ancient Altar Ruins, and Puffer Beach Overhead Cave to get the entire set.

Tears of the Kingdom Evil Spirit set

Continuing our streak of incredibly looking armor, the Evil Spirit Armor set gives you Stealth Up with each piece you wear. The entire set also gives you DIsguise around undead enemies and higher attack when using bone weapons. Sadly, it cannot be upgraded. 

Go to the Lomei Depths Labyrinth Chasm, The North Lomei Depths Chasm, and the South Lomei Depths Chasm to get the entire set.

If you’re ever feeling a little evil, then put on the Dark Link set and just go to town. The armor can’t be upgraded, nor are there any bonuses for each individual piece, but the entire set does make you move faster during the Night. You can buy all pieces of the set from the Bargainer Statue after unlocking them.

TOTK helmets

The following are helmets that don’t belong to any set.

Vah Medoh Divine Helm

You can get this one via the Breath of the Wild Revali Amiibo, but if you don’t have it, and you probably don’t, you can find one at the North Biron Snowshelf Cave. The helmet gives you a Cold Resistance Bonus.

Vah Rudania Divine Helm

Again, if you have the Breath of the Wild Durak Amiibo, just tap it on the joycon and you’ll get this helmet. Otherwise, you can find it in the Lizards Burrow, which is near Death Mountain. You get a slight fire resistance bonus with this helmet.

Vah Ruta Divine Helm

Unless you have the Breath of the Wild Miphia Amiibo, you can find this helmet just below the Great Zora Bridge in a cave under the waterfall. The helmet gives you a slightly faster swim speed.

Vah Naboris Divine Helm

Tap the Breath of the Wilf Urbosa Amiibo or find this helmet at the West Gerudo Underground Ruins. The Helmet gives you a slight Shock resistance bonus.

Tears of the Kingdom Cece Hat

Some may call it ridiculous, but we call it Fabulous. You can get this hat as a reward from the Hateno Village Armor shop for completing the six side quests at Hateno Village. It can take a while, but you’ll get a fabulous hat for your trouble. 

Tears of the Kingdom Lightning Helm

This is a super useful helmet if you don’t want to equip the entire rubber armor set. The Lightning Helm alone gives you immunity against lightning. You can find it at the Yiga Clan Hideout.

Tears of the Kingdom Monster Masks

You can wear monster masks that won’t aggro certain mobs if you are around them. These include The Horriblin Mask, the Mobilin Mask, The Lizalfos Mask, the Lynel Mask (super useful if you don’t just want to walk right by one), and the Bokoblin Mask can all be bought at Koltin’s shop for Bubbul Gems.

Tears of the Kingdom Ravio’s Hood

This one not only looks weird but also gives you a weird bonus. Rovio’s Hood doesn’t improve your climbing speed as much as it improves your sideways climbing speed. Yeah, so if you need to climb sideways… this is the mask for you. You can find this one in the Secluded Coliseum underground.

Tears of the Kingdom Zant’s Helmet

Another very useful Helmet. Zant’s Helmet gives you protection against freezing. Super useful if you don’t want to equip the entire Snowquill set. You can get this from the Scorching Coliseum, also located underground.

Tears of the Kingdom Midna’s Helmet

Extremely useful when exploring underground. Midna’s Helmet gives you one level of Gloom Resistance. If you don’t already have the Depths, this is a great helmet until you get the entire set. You can find it in the Lone Island Coliseum.

Tears of the Kingdom Majora’s Mask

From the darkest Zelda game comes a very dark mask. If you ever feel like mingling around enemy camps, just wear the Majora’s Mask. It gives you all the benefits of every single Monster Mask combined. You can find this mask in the Floating Coliseum. 

Tears of the Kingdom Korok Mask

An absolute must-have for all Korok Hunters out there. Wear this mask to get a notification whenever a Korok is hiding nearby. This mask can be found in the Forest Coliseum.

Tears of the Kingdom Shiek’s Mask

Sadly, we don’t get the entire Shiek armor set from Ocarina of Time, only the mask. The mask gives you a slight boost to stealth. You can find the mask at the Desert Coliseum.

Other armor pieces

The following is a list of random chest and leg armor that isn’t part of any set.

Tears of the Kingdom Sand Boots

Sand Boots give you faster movement on sandy terrain. You can upgrade them, but they aren’t part of any set. You can find them at the secret shop at Gerudo Town.

Tears of the Kingdom Snow Boots

Same as Sand Boots. You can buy them at the secret shop in Gerudo Town, and they give you a slight movement speed boost on snowy terrain.

Tears of the Kingdom Tunic of Memories

The Tunic of Memories sells for 400 Poes. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unlike in Breath of the Wild, the Tunic of Memories does not show you the enemies’ HP. The armor is also slightly lower than in the last game. You can buy the Tunic at the Bargainer Statue after praying to all of them underground.

Tears of the Kingdom Champion’s Leathers

This one is slightly stronger than the Tunic of Memories. You can find this one in Hyrule Castle in the throne room. 

Tears of the Kingdom Lobster Shirt

I just love this one. With so many armor pieces available, it’s nice to see Link wearing a casual blue shirt. Not only that, but this nice blue shirt also gives you heat resistance. You can get this one in the middle of the lake in Lurelin Village.

Tears of the Kingdom Ancient Hero’s Aspect

This single piece of armor completely transforms Link into the Ancient Hero. You’d think just one piece won’t be enough, but you can upgrade this one piece of armor to give you up to 84 defense points. 

The armor also gives you Master Sword Beam Up which improves your Master Sword special attack. Now, to get this armor, you have to finish every single Shrine in the game, which means 152 shrines.

TOTK jewelry

For some reason, you can’t wear Jewelry with a helmet item. However, if you still want to add some Bling to our Hylian hero, you can do so at the Jewelry Shop in Gerudo Town and the Gerudo Shelter area. Here are all the pieces you can buy and what they do:

  • Amber Earrings – No bonus, just four defense
  • Diamond Circlet – Attack Up
  • Ruby Circlet – Cold Resistance
  • Sapphire Circlet – Heat Resistance
  • Topaz Earrings – Shock Resistance
  • Opal Earrings – Faster Swim Speed

Well Worn Headband

If you want to tie Link’s hair in a ponytail you’ll need a headband. You can find one at Zelda’s Secret Well in Hateno Village. Besides giving Link a new hairstyle, the headband doesn’t give any bonuses.

Now that you know how to get every armor piece in the game, you shouldn’t have much trouble tackling the many great quests in Tears of the Kingdom.


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