Best DMZ loadouts: Best weapons and attachments for DMZ

The gear needed to win.

Image via Activision

In DMZ, the weapons and ammo you find are the key to a successful exfil. They may not be as prevalent and free to find as in Warzone 2, but you can bring in contraband weapons with you. But they’re gone if you fail.

Prior to the start of a match, players can equip their loadout with equipment, field upgrades, and anywhere from zero to three weapons (contraband or insured). Players who have survived earlier games can keep their armor, gas mask, and bigger backpacks as well.

Looking to build the best loadout for DMZ? Here are some tips.

Best loadouts for DMZ

Best weapons to equip and insure in DMZ

In general, weapons with more attachments are typically more viable and useful. As a reminder, any weapons that you exfil that end up in your contraband stash have locked attachments. The attachments on it when you exfil are on there forever, until the weapon is lost or destroyed.

Here are some ideal weapons to consider bringing in when crafting your loadout, and ones you should consider prioritizing in your backpack when you go to exfil:

  • M4 assault rifle
  • TAQ-50 assault rifle
  • RPK light machine gun
  • Raal light machine gun
  • Lachmann submachine gun
  • Hurricane submachine gun
  • EBR-14 marksman rifle
  • Victus XMR sniper rifle

These are widely considered some of the top weapons for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, so naturally, they’re quite viable in DMZ play.

Best weapon attachments for DMZ

Attachments are hard to prioritize in DMZ. The only weapons you have control over attachments for are the weapons in your insured slots and the most insured slots any player can have is three. But you can use any attachment you’ve unlocked on any unlocked weapon for your insured slot weapon(s), and even blueprint weapons.

Best equipment to use in DMZ

When you enter a DMZ match, you will start with a piece of tactical and lethal equipment, as well as a single field upgrade. Overall, your choices come down to personal preference, but here is a recommendation:

  • If you’re going in with nothing (nothing to lose, everything to gain), then a great suggestion is Throwing Knife, Stim, and Dead Silence. With no weapons or gear to start with, a Throwing Knife and Dead Silence can help you get a weapon or two off an AI combatant early.

Recon Drone is an excellent field upgrade option for exfil situations. Once the exfil helicopter pops up, the Recon Drone will highlight nearby foes (human and AI), letting you know how safe you are to get out.