Fortnite Chapter 4 is live: All the Chapter 4 content is live as players download the patch

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Image via Epic Games

It’s been a hectic downtime period for Fortnite fans. Players have been busy discovering new coordinates to reveal the latest objects and items coming in Chapter four.

During the Fracture event that marked the end of Chapter three, players witnessed the island getting destroyed. Countless fans worldwide then worked together to recreate the map that now belongs to Chapter four and will be the playground of The Witcher’s Geralt and My Hero Academia characters.

Dec. 4 — 5:45am CT: Fortnite servers are finally live after lengthy downtime, all Chapter 4 content is available

Fortnite‘s servers are back online with the latest Chapter four content. From skins to new challenges, there’s lots to do in Fortnite right now. In addition to all the new cosmetics, players will also get to explore new mechanics like Hurdle.

Dec. 4 — 5:45am CT: Fortnite players may experience errors as the games’ servers comeback online

When the servers go online after big updates like Chapter four, Fortnite fans generally rush into the live servers. Though Fortnite generally has a decent up-time, the servers can crumble under pressure, and players may experience various errors in the meantime.

The following lists consists of all the errors players might encounter during patch releases, and they often resolve themselves as the hype settles down.

Dec. 4 — 5:35am CT: Fortnite may pull of Windows 7 and 8 support with Chapter 4, season 2

In all the commotion, leaks revealed that Fortnite may require an operating system of Windows 10 and higher with the start of Chapter four, season 2.

Considering how old Windows 7 and 8 are at this point, the two operating systems now make up a minority considering the number of PC gamers around the world.

Dec. 4 — 3:43am CT: Fortnite Chapter 4, season one patch notes

While the Chapter four patches load for everyone on the planet, Epic released the new season’s official patch notes. Fans can go over the detailed patch logs prior to jumping in to Chapter four to have a better idea of what to do first.

Dec. 4 — 3am CT: Vaulted, unvaulted, and new Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons are revealed

In addition to all the new skins and cosmetics, players will get to experience latest map with new weapons. While there are some new weapons like the Ex Caliber Rifle and Thunder Shotgun, familiar faces like Cluster and Flame Bows will be making a comeback.

Dec. 4 — 3am CT: Skins, backblings, and reward in Fortnite Chapter 4 are leaked with the patch

Image via [HYPEX](

Players from all around the world are currently downloading the new Fortnite patch and new content is getting revealed by the minute. Data miners are going through every piece of file and code to reveal all the new content for the new season.

Dec. 4 — 2am CT: New POIs and named locations on the Chapter four map are revealed

Image via Epic Games

With the new Fortnite chapter going live, the map one has once again changed. New Points of Interest (POI) and named locations have taken their place on the Fortnite map and they will become the center of competition in the new season.

Dec. 4 — 1am CT: The Chapter four official trailer releases

The Chapter four trailer confirmed most of the rumors and leaks flying around before the patch. From the get-go, players can see the new motorcycles in action alongside some of the latest skins.

Geralt and MHA’s Deku, Izuku Midoriya, are the two centerpieces of the trailer and more will be revealed in the patch notes.