How to fix the white screen error in Fortnite

The new season is so bright, oh wait.

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Fortnite’s third chapter is out. Players are already flooding the servers after an epic closing event that concluded the previous storyline while also shedding light on the new one.

The new chapter already started with a bang with the return of The Foundation and the addition of Spider-Man. Players will be able to unlock these characters and even more by maxing out this season’s battle pass. But you’ll need to get into the game first.

Right after the latest patch went live, there have been players experiencing a white screen error that prevents them from loading into Fortnite. The error has affected players from all kinds of platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, which was the only console that experienced this error earlier in the year.

Epic Games has already acknowledged the error on Twitter and the developer is working on a fix to solve the white screen error for all the players. While waiting will be the ultimate fix to the issue, there are a few solutions that players can try to bypass the white screen error.

Restart Fortnite

Restarting Fortnite is a go-to troubleshooting method for all the loading bugs like the white screen error. Players who received the white screen error due to a small mix-up that may have occurred when they launched the game can get lucky on their second try and avoid the error.

If you repeatedly receive the white screen error after multiple restarts, you’ll have no choice but to wait for Epic to roll out a fix.

Check your task manager

When you exit out of Fortnite, the game can sometimes leave behind leftover processes. When these processes stack up, they may cause Fortnite to act up.

After exiting out of Fortnite due to the white screen error, open your task manager if you’re on PC and check if there are any leftover Fortnite processes. Close any remaining Fortnite-related tasks before trying to log into the game again.

Check on-going outages

The white screen error in Fortnite can also resurface due to server outages. Check out the official Fortnite Status Twitter page and see if the developers gave any updates regarding the white screen error.

When the white screen error gets a mention on the Fortnite Status page, fans will have no option but to wait for further notice since the developers will need to roll out hotfix as solution.


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