All the object coordinates and codes for Fortnite Chapter 4

Lost in space.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Three is in the books after the Fracture event and servers have closed their doors for the Chapter Four maintenance. While Epic Games will focus on getting the game ready ahead of Chapter Four, fans have been treated to a plethora of leaks, some of which were handed out by Epic on a silver platter.

Epic launched a special website for Fortnite Chapter Four where players can search coordinates to reveal various in-game objects. At the time of writing, players are trying various coordinate combinations to reveal the upcoming objects/items in Fortnite Chapter four.

Check out the guide below for all the currently confirmed coordinates and codes to see new items for Fortnite Chapter Four.

All confirmed Fortnite Chapter Four coordinates and codes

The following coordinates are confirmed as working on Fortnite’s Chapter Four website, revealing new objects and items for the next Chapter in the game’s ongoing saga.

All of the coordinateses have been found, which means players can redeem the following code using this tool on Epic Games’ website. The code is “PQVER-SBM7G-NEFB6-98BWW”.

Finding all the right coordinates that reveal objects is likely to take some time since not all combinations guard an item. In most attempts, players will be told to try again with a new code if the code they entered doesn’t correspond to any object.

Considering motorcycles were already confirmed in the Chapter four trailer, there’s a decent chance players will get to confirm most of the elements that featured in the Fracture event. This piece will be updated as more objects’ coordinates get revealed by the community and fans can also keep up with Fortnite related hashtags on Twitter or community hubs like Reddit for real-time updates.