Best TFT 6.5 Neon Nights 12.4 and B-patch meta comps

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Following the launch of Teamfight Tactics Neon Nights, a few broken Set 6.5 comps have slipped through the cracks. 

The launch of TFT Set 6.5 has produced a large number of playable comps, with a few slated to get nerfed in the 12.4 B-patch. New champions like Silco, Zeri, Ahri, and Renata were added in the Mid-Set update, along with new traits like Hextech, Striker, and Debonair. Data since the release of Neon Nights shows Renata and her team of Bruiser champions dominating over other best TFT comps with a 71.7 percent top-four placement.

TFT 12.4 B-patch best meta comps

The TFT 12.4 B-patch powered down the Hextech build running Sivir and the Bruiser Renata Glasc comp. Both meta comps are still playable, although Sivir within the Hextech comp is now ranked lower than the other possible builds players can choose to run. The Innovator comp running Irelia is still strong, as are most reroll builds. Joining the top TFT 12.4 B-patch meta comps prior to a slew of balance changes expected to take place in Patch 12.5 is the Draven Debonair comp and Ashe reroll. 

Debonair comp

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Draven is the primary carry within the Debonair comp and is expected to get even better following the release of Patch 12.5. Until the next update takes place, it’s best to run VIP Draven over a normal Draven. The best TFT Set 6.5 items on Draven at the moment are Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, and Blood Thirster. Players in heavy crowd control lobbies will want Quicksilver as a third item or through the Verdant Veil Hextech Augment

Draven, Leona, and Syndra are the three Debonair Set 6.5 champions players will want in the Debonair comp. Braum paired with Leona helps establish a solid frontline while stalling enemy teams with his crowd control effects. Camille is a good early game Challenger unit that also synergizes with Orianna during the late game via Clockwork. And adding Morgana and Zyra can synergize the Debonair comp further via the Scholar and Syndicate traits getting activated. 

Ashe Sniper

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The TFT Set 6.5 Twinshot trait is strong, but so is the Sniper trait. And players can expect Sniper champions like Ashe and Jhin to get even stronger via Patch 12.5. Ashe reroll typically only runs a total of three Syndicate champions. But if Ashe is contested or isn’t showing up in the shop, players can easily transition into a five Syndicate build that runs Jhin as the primary Sniper carrier.

Both Jhin and Ashe want similar items like Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, Deathblade, and Quicksilver for crowd control effect protection. Ashe can also make good use of Guinsoo’s Rageblade, which can also get used on Zeri as another option during the late game stages. Morgana and Braum are solid frontline defenders while Orianna provides Clockwork synergy.

TFT 12.4 best meta comps

Veteran content creator Bunny Muffins has the Hextech build with Sivir as the strongest comp to play within the 12.4 meta. The Wrainbash TFT meta sheet, on the other hand, has the Innovator build with either Seraphine or Irelia as a primary carry ranking at S-tier status. 

From a dominating Hextech build to Ahri carrying the AP comps and Tryndamere/Warwick reroll, here are the best TFT 12.4 comps to play before the B-patch. 

Hextech build

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Sivir is the primary carrier within the Hextech build, but the trait is slated to receive nerfs within the Set 6.5 12.4 B-patch. Sivir herself also has a bug that the TFT team is working on, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. Sivir wants items like Statikk Shiv, and her spell Ricochet grants her attack speed while synergizing with on-hit effects. Quicksilver is another ideal item: it prevents her from getting hit with crowd control effects while ramping up her speed and Guinoo’s Rageblade contributes towards Sivir’s attack speed. 

The Hextech build requires six TFT 6.5 champions with the Hextech trait, which includes Sivir, Sejuani, Alistar, Lucian, Jarvan IV, and Nocturne. It’s also a solid trait to run during the early game, keeping your health high heading into the mid and late-game stages. During the late-game stage, Bunny Muffins likes to run Silco with him pumping mana into Jarvan IV and Sivir. Lucian is at his best with a Zeke’s Herald equipped to him, granting him and Sivir additional attack speed. 

Renata Bruiser

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The Bruiser build has taken off in the TFT 12.4 meta thanks to Renata Glasc getting a spell damage buff during the final PBE patch. She is slated to get a nerf in the B-patch, but until she does, Renata is the primary carrier for the Bruiser comp. Running Bruiser Set 6.5 champions during the early game is strong, and during the late game they stall out the battle to give Renata time to poison the enemy team and have them eventually disintegrate. 

Morellonomicon increases the burn and poison damage pumped out by Renata, while Hextech Gunblade heals her, and Blue Buff can have her cast even faster given she has a starting mana of 0/60. Adding Silco in during the late game can have the same effect if you can’t make a Blue Buff. The Bruiser build consists of Vi as the secondary carry with items like Bramble Vest, Dragons Claw, and Redemption. The rest of the Bruiser team is Zac, Sejuani, Rek’Sai, Illaoi, and Tahm Kench. 

Innovator build

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The Innovator build is a flexible best TFT comp that can use either Seraphine or Irelia as the primary carry. Seraphine’s best Set 6.5 items are a Spear of Shojin to increase the number of times she casts her spell, Morellonomicon, and Deathcap. Players will want Tahm Kench and Vi as a final Bruiser front line while running Ezreal and Ekko for Scrap, creating a strong board presence during the early game. 

Irelia has the Striker trait within TFT Set 6.5 and is best equipped with items like Blood Thirster, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper. Running Scrap during the early game is still recommended and both builds require at least five champions with the Innovator trait. 

Tryndamere and Warwick reroll

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Both Tryndamere and Warwick have the Challenger trait within TFT Set 6.5. The reroll build focuses on Warwick as the primary carrier and Tryndamere as the secondary, with you wanting to three-star both Neon Nights champions. Players can choose to run either four or six Challenger in conjunction with Chemtech and Clockwork units for synergy. 

The best Tryndamere items are Blood Thirster to give him gain health, along with Last Whisper and Infinity Edge to maximize his damage output. Warwick wants items like Quicksilver to avoid getting hit by crowd control effects that interrupt his attack speed ramp, along with Statikk Shiv to help melt the opponent’s team. Other items that work on Warwick are Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Titan’s Resolve, and Giant Slayer. 

Ahri carry

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The Syndicate trait in TFT Set 6.5 isn’t as strong as it was in Set Six but synergizes nicely with Ahri when running five champions with the trait. Yordles is a solid early game start for Ahri, with Ziggs holding her items. Brand is another good item holder for Ahri, allowing players to transition into a Debonair comp with Draven as the main carrier. 

Players can also slot Ahri into a five or seven Mutant TFT comp via a Mutant spatula or emblem. The best Ahri item is Blue Buff. It increases how often she casts her spells, which in turn raises the number of orbs she sends out. Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge provide good damage with an increased chance of a critical strike. TFT items like Deathcap and Hextech Gunblade also pair well with Ahri. 

Update Feb. 28 7:30am CT: Updates following the TFT Set 6.5 12.4 B-patch were applied.