Every big TFT 6.5 change coming in Patch 12.5

Huge changes are taking place.

Image via Riot Games

Following the release of Teamfight Tactics Neon Nights, a large number of big changes meant to move the meta towards a healthier state are slated to take place within the first Set 6.5 update, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu via the 12.5 Patch Rundown

Patch 12.5 is a large update that will take place on March 3. It’s also a long TFT patch, scheduled to last a whole month. The goals for the Set 6.5 patch were to move the meta towards a healthier state while starting to fine-tune Hextech Augments, according to Mortdog and Riot Kent. Rek’Sai was given a rework, along with dragon Innovator comp. Tome of Traits was nerfed again and over a dozen major changes are slated to take place for TFT Set 6.5 champions. 

From traits and Hextech Augments to champions and items, here’s every big change scheduled to take place in TFT Patch 12.5, revealed during the Patch Rundown

Hextech Augments

Combat Augments were hit with nerfs while a number of TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augments were shifted tiers. High Five was also added back into the mix. 

  • Battle Mage: Bonus ability power nerfed to 25/35/50
  • Cybernetic Implants (Three): Health reduced to 350
  • Disintegrator: Bonus magic damage equal to target’s maximum health percentage reduced to 1.5/2.5/four percent
  • Electrocharge: Magic damage nerfed to 60/100/160
  • Luden’s Echo: Bonus magic damage nerfed from 135/200/275 to 100/150/200
  • Chemtech Unity: Moved from Silver to Gold tier
  • Concussive Blows: Moved from Silver to Gold tier
  • Concussive Blows: Cooldown reduced from seven to six seconds 
  • Four Score: The number of random four-cost champions gained was increased from three to four
  • High Five: Can only appear as a third Hextech Augment option at Stage 4-6
  • High Five: Gain five random five-cost champions
  • Second Wind (Three): Removed
  • Tiny Titans: Tactician health granted increased from 35 to 40
  • Woodland Trinket: Clone health buffed from 250 to 300
  • Portable Forge Zhonya’s Paradox: Changes include ability power increased to 50, armor and magic resistance increased to 50, and Invulnerability duration increased to three seconds


Bodyguards were buffed to improve early gameplay while providing players with a frontline option other than Bruiser. Chemtech was also nerfed but is still powerful, according to Mortdog and Riot Kent. The Enforcer trait was also hit with a nerf, with more changes to the trait expected to take place in TFT Patch 12.6. A rework was applied to dragon Innovator. 

  • Bodyguard: Starting shield buffed from 150/350/700/1200 to 200/400/800/2000
  • Chemtech: Damage reduction reduced to 15 percent
  • Enchanter: Heal and shield boost adjusted to 25/45/70/100 percent and magic resistance buffed to 25/45/70/10
  • Innovator: The dragon will no longer grant a 75 percent critical strike chance and units buffed by the dragon roar will always critically strike if able
  • Innovator: Electrifying Roar critical strike damage increased from 10 to 25 percent and the dragon’s Lightning damage increased to 600


Bramble Vest is getting a nerf. The TFT Set 6.5 item is still a strong counter to Assassin comps, according to Mortdog and Riot Kent, just not as strong as it has been since the launch of Neon Nights.

  • Bramble Vest: Critical strike bonus damage reduction reduced to 75 percent
  • Bramble Vest: Reflect damage buffed from 60/80/120 to 75/100/150
  • Mistral: Banish duration reduced from 10 to eight seconds
  • Sunlight Cape: Burn reduced from 120 to 90 percent for 30 seconds


Over a dozen big TFT Set 6.5 champion buffs and nerfs are scheduled to take place in Patch 12.5, from a Rek’Sai rework and an Ahri quality-of-life adjustment to a Lucian and Draven buff.


  • Brand: base spell damage buffed to 135/175/235 and bonus spell damage adjusted to 165/225/300
  • Jarvan IV: Attack speed reduced to 0.6 and starting mana nerfed from 60/100 to 50/100
  • Nocturne: Spell stun duration nerfed at three-star from 3.5 to three seconds
  • Twitch: Spell attack damage scaling percent adjusted to 125/130/140 percent and spell base damage adjusted to 30/50/70


  • Ashe: Ashe’s number of arrows changed to eight across the board and her range increased by one Hex
  • Rek’Sai: Base spell damage will no longer scale with ability power and her resist steal percentage was removed. Her heal changed to 150/200/350 with ability power scaling, while resist steal has been removed
  • Rek’Sai (New): Heals for 250/350/500 health that scales with ability power if she has already bitten her target


  • Ekko: Starting mana nerfed to 60/120
  • Gnar: Gnar’s boulder increased by one Hex
  • Lucian: Spell damage buffed to 185/295/315, along with armor and magic resistance increased to 30
  • Malzahar: Spell damage nerfed to 600/825/950
  • Morgana: Spell shield adjusted to 500/600/750, decreasing three-star stats while buffing one and two-star stats


  • Ahri: Starting mana buffed to 30/50 and the angle of her spell orbs was changed from 20 to 10
  • Alistar: Spell damage nerfed to 150/250/1000
  • Braum: Spell stun duration adjusted to two/2.75/eight seconds, improving him as late-game frontline unit
  • Draven: Range increased to four and now has innate 25 percent armor penetration
  • Draven: VIP bonus armor penetration nerfed from 50 to 25 percent
  • Vi: Spell damage adjusted to 125/200/450 and her third cast damage adjusted to 250/350/900


  • Tahm Kench: Devour damage on crowd control immune targets increased from 35 to 50 percent
  • Galio: Spell maximum health scaling increased from five to six percent

All TFT 12.5 Patch Rundown nerfs and buffs are subject to change prior to the official release of the update on March 2.