TFT 6.5’s Tome of Traits will get nerfed again in Patch 12.5

Cheating out tailored traits just got a lot harder.

Image via Riot Games

A minor but important Teamfight Tactics nerf will hit Tome of Traits again, preventing players from manipulating its outcome.

Tome of Traits was first hit with a significant balance change in TFT Patch 12.3, creating tailored Emblems for the number of active and inactive traits a player had the previous round. Patch 12.5 will continue to adjust the TFT Set 6.5 Tome of Traits with a nerf, increasing the number of active traits needed to get a tailored Emblem.

Here are the adjustments getting applied to Tome of Traits, revealed by game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu during the 12.5 Patch Rundown

  • No tailored Emblems: Increased to zero to five active traits (up from from zero to four).
  • One tailored Emblem: Increased to five to seven active traits (up from five to six).
  • Two tailored Emblems: Increased to eight to nine active traits (up from seven to eight).
  • Three tailored Emblems: Increased to 10 to 11 active traits (up from nine to 10).
  • Four tailored Emblems: Increased to 12 or more active traits (up from 11 or more).

Most players won’t notice the nerf to Tome of Traits, according to Mortdog. But the change is significant to players who have been attempting to manipulate specific tailored TFT Set 6.5 Emblems. The Tome of Traits breakpoint was increased by one across the board as a stopgap towards manipulation. 

Patch 12.5 will also bring about an overall reduction in TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augments. Combat Augments are getting hit with nerfs, while a number are shifting tiers. Rek’Sai is getting some big changes, and the Innovator Dragon is getting a buff.

All changes are subject to change prior to the release of Patch 12.5 on March 2.