TFT Tome of Traits rework coming in Patch 12.3

The rules are clear now.

TFT Set 6 Tristana
Image via Riot Games

The Teamfight Tactics item Tome of Traits will get a rework with a slight nerf in Patch 12.3, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Scheduled to take place within TFT Patch 12.3 on Feb. 2, Tome of Traits will have a clear rules chart indicating the number of tailored traits a player will get to choose from upon cracking open the item. The rework “is intended to be clearer to players, but also a slight nerf,” according to Mortdog.

A Tome of Traits within TFT Set Six is granted through the Hextech Augment Ancient Archives or as a random drop from a golden Orb. Determining the number of tailored (active and inactive) traits is based on the number of active and inactive traits from the previous round played.

  • Zero to four active and inactive traits: Four random traits to choose from.
  • Five to six active and inactive traits: One tailored trait out of four options.
  • Seven to eight active and inactive traits: Two tailored traits out of a choice of four.
  • Nine to 10 active and inactive traits: Three tailored traits out of four.
  • 11-plus active and inactive traits: All four choices are tailored traits.

The previous rules were revamped, according to Mortdog, since they were “confusing and unclear.” Players will now have a specific chart to go off of, potentially offering players better choices when it comes to cashing in the Tome of Traits. But the change is a slight nerf overall since a guarantee of two tailored trait options is only offered when there are seven to eight active and inactive traits from the previous round played. 

Nerfing Tome of Traits also affects the TFT Set Six Hextech Augment, Ancient Archives. The Gold tier Augment “may need compensation soon,” according to Mortdog. It’s unknown at time of writing whether any compensation toward Ancient Archives will take place on Feb. 2 via Patch 12.3. 


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